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The Rich Maintain Disease through Foundations and the Poor Sustain It

You were part of the Jilly Juice world and YOU STILL ARE GIVING PEOPLE MONEY FOR ANOTHER CURE..

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.. have you not learned a damn thing about cures.. hello.. trendy trendy people destroy their community.

that is why we are in a depopulation agenda.. selfish parents.. trendy parents..

you can show them another way but their intentions all along was to find another way to pass away pain free..

well.. climate change will help you.. died suddenly..

be careful what you wish for.. we thank you for your service.

this is the new ww2, but people are given the choice and it is done as "humanely" as possible.. if possible..

run away from all cures if you want to live.. giving to organizations so people can pass away "pain" free is misleading or else why would the system need another cure ..

the phucking cures don't work and people are still suffering, astronomically.. and YOU have never done a thing to help your community except perpetuate, sustain and maintain disease and suffering..

if the cures worked, you wouldn't endlessly keep ra/ping other people's bank account for more money...riding on their sympathies and guilt for sustaining disease..

charity is a rich person's game for their own absolution.. and the poor man does not know any better..

that is SILICON VALLEY, THAT IS THE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS' WAY OF LINING THEIR OWN COFFERS. and then they exploit their children, for good measure.

Remember, I came from that world. I lived that world.

You have a chance to save yourself.. But silicon valley engineered balancing both sides of the equation..

Which side do you really stand on.. Only you will know.. I see people in my high school/junior high school class holding so many fundraisers for biotech companies to develop another cure/another disease.. and guess what, my peers in silicon valley are whales, or at least some of them and they give thousands and thousands of dollars to their peers to sustain and maintain disease..

the rich maintain disease and the poor sustain it..

how many people in my high school class/junior high class are willing to take a stand and risk their "standing" in the community..

not many.. social capital is too important.

how many of my peers in silicon valley work for major major fortune 500 companies, part of CNN AND FOX.. and other mainstream media entities or alternative mainstream media entities.. many.. but do you think they will go against the guys/girls they play golf with or sell homes to.. or risk their playdates????

how many in the conspiracy world who work for alex jones question even the holistic system of supplements?????


ha.. nope.

the world is a stage of money and greed.. it is plainly obvious..

thanks for your service...

i hope a few of you hang around and keep me company because their kids will be doing the same thing..

and watching history repeat is annoying.. the J world is all about a call to action without violence.. NO more marches and caveman bullshit..

intellectual call to action...

develop a refeeding wing in the hospital system and reverse the damage done. Yes, PEOPLE WORE MASKS BACK IN 2020 BECAUSE PEOPLE WERE COMMUNICABLE AND THEY HAD TO TRANSITION INTO TAKING ON OTHER PEOPLE'S MICROBES.

STFU ABOUT the masks back then.. seriously, you have NO idea how biology and physics work.

if i cough on someone, they could catch an aggressive microbe.. it is NOT rocket science..

y'all are afraid of va ccines but won't wear a mask.. the va ccines had what the masks were shielding you from..

so stfu do I need a mask NOW.. no, because I am acclimated to the aggressive microbes released during frequency shifts.

and if I catch a disease or develop a disease from high radiation, i know exactly how to respond to disease without further harming myself in the medical/holistic energy healing world.. Money and wealth is wasted on the rich and the poor..

They have no idea how to convert money.. Just waste it If NO one takes on my challenge..

then the silicon valley people are no different than APPALACHIAN hill billies stereotypes.. and all points in between..

now everyone has a chance to compete on a level playing field.

Appalachian folk are hard working, and they eat a very nutritious balanced diet and they are hardy folk.. of which silicon valley lacks AS FAR as a balanced intake of food..

both y'all need to learn from each other..

I just threw down the gauntlet. Well.. You will learn not to talk about your evolution to other people who refuse to understand.

Many people don't understand sickness is necessary. If you treat every sickness.. It won't be a happy ending for you.. The outcomes after each treatments become worse and worse..

And you know where that will end up..

So my mother was right.. It is okay to suffer in a little bit of silence.. Or say it in places where nobody will recommend you to go see a doctor.. I say it on facebook.. That's why I turned to facebook.. That's why many people need to turn to social media and block people who are extremely aggressive.. That will be your outlet.. And then you can be representation.. With no one trying to virtually treat you..

Climate change is fucking people up but not everybody feels it..

Until they do.. But even then they'll never admit it..

But at least you know..

I can't wait for the day.. People get sick and no one recommends a doctor.. People just say go to sleep.. Eat some food And relax.. You don't have to go to that job.. You don't have to go to that party.. You don't have to go to that outing.

You take care of you..

Since that is not mainstream..

I will develop an allowance a world where that is okay.. Where it's o k for people to take care of themselves without going to see a doctor to do more damage to them..

Where food is okay to be used as a repair.. Not more surgeries oncology or trauma..

Sickness is not a curse.. It's only a curse when you keep getting it treated.. The outcome becomes a curse..

But this is what people were told how to show their love and concern..

You must be stronger than the ancestors and the traditions if you want to live. And survive climate change.. Regardless if you believe it or not.. Or feel it or not.. Just because you treat your sickness doesn't mean other people want to..

We don't want to end up needing so much treatment. That we don't survive the latest treatment.. That's called hospice.. When they can't treat you anymore.. So people's future.. Either a died suddenly.. No suffering.. Or end up in a nursing home.

Neither is appealing.. That's why I don't treat disease. I feed it and I rest. And I don't give into peer pressure. This is why I stay home and I stay safe.. I don't have to wear a mask anymore..

Good luck

By the way... I am developing a platform where there is a wing of a hospital that does not treat your disease.. But they will help you learn your whole alimentary canal.. So you can stay home and release the demons and eat.. But if you have predisposed issues that need to be looked after they have the infrastructure to support that.

That doesn't exist right now.. It will take a patient out there to develop that platform.. And if you're not strong enough to develop a platform of asking a doctor to give your life back..

People will do it on their own.. Or they will see a doctor to destroy them..

It will take an amazing lawyer and patient to fight the system of death and give somebody an option for life.

Many unevolutionary baby boomers around me.. Remember they're the most populous generation..

So many wild cards of genx are around me as well.. And many are suffering.. Or they're still tied into the system until they get kicked out for disease or sudden death..

So many millennials who are too concerned with their image and infrastructure will not go up against the system.

So.. It will be interesting to see who finally becomes david against the goliath of the death system..

I wish I could do it.. But I don't have enough medical records and treatments.. And whoever does go up against the system..

Could they survive the stress?? And the ridicule.. Because you know people will riidicule people who are trying to save their own lives..And you are brave enough to question the whole fucking system not half of it..

Just questioning big pharma and not holistic energy healing people.

That is not enough.. That's half assing everything..

That's why I can only suggest potential options for people..

And a good fucking lawyer will find a case and a client.. And then it's game on..

And I will cheer from the sidelines.. You don't need me..

You must understand refeeding!! The hospital system knows about refeeding..

You as a patient must fighr for your fucking life.. If not..

Thanks for your service.. Generation x.. You are the wild card. Boomers have an issue with evolution. Millennials are too worried about social capital. Silent generation.. They're in the nursing homes..

You want to provide evidence and build a case against the system of harm done to you AND YOUR KIDS, if they don't help you regain your life through the refeeding process..

All your medical records is the proof..

All your past surgeries.. All the prescription drugs and the diets that led up to your situation..

And you were never given a choice really..

Looking at the inserts and the back of the bottle is not enough of a choice.. When you're told if you don't do something you'll die.. When you're making choices under duress.. How can that be somebody making a sound choice.. How many people have been forced into operations and surgeries and other things. Because they were told they would die if they didn't do it.

Right there would make any contract null and void..

lying by omission is still lying

It's up to the medical system to correct itself. It's up to the doctors to correct what they did to people.. They must employ the nurses to be on board.

A lawyer... Would know exactly how to work this.. A good fucking lawyer..

If I was a lawyer I would do this.. But you can always study one thing at a time.. And i'm not greedy.. A tiny piece of the pie is what i'm after. But that's about it. Even then..

The ball is in your court sharks.. There is money to be made if you know how to position this..

Lawyers you are in a unique position.. To save the fucking world.. You've been sucking on the teat of the world for such a long time. Maybe now you and the doctors can redeem yourselves..

Duress the act of using force, false imprisonment, coercion, threats, or psychological pressure to compel someone to act contrary to their wishes or interests

Remember.. Voluntary Surgery is doing harm to people.. I don't care if they're under the influence.. Using psychological pressure to compel someone to act contrary to the wishes or interests.. None of these surgeries were necessary.. But you psychologically manipulated people into doing things against their bodies wishes.. Using psychological manipulation.. Fear..

Taking antibiotics is taking something against your life. That is doing something contrary to their wishes and interests.

Do no harm is the Hippocratic oath.. And the whole medical system has done harm to people.. Look at the nursing homes and the morgues.. and all the people suffering under the influence because they're suffering. Now when the frequencies are turned up.. I have a slight headache.. heartbeats fast..

It's like you're grabbing your head.. Because of the frequencies..

I just keep feeding.. Resting.. Everyone else will have predisposed issues come up.. And they will have a choice.. ..I hope they choose Wisely Even if I treat my body and force it not to feel stuff.. In this environment a major diagnosible condition will develop..

Then it's aggressive aging.. Morbid obesity.. Or complete emaciation.. And then no tolerance for change.. Because the pain will be so great.. People welcome died suddenly..

I'm not doing that.. I will not sacrifice my life so I can fit in with a bunch of people who are already too far gone but don't even know it.

So I suffer with the change in climate.. And I eat I relax.. I sleep.. I release the demons.. And life is great.. And then I don't consume very much as far as material goods and selling an image..

Because now my humanity is back..

I will not be tempted to treat any kind of uncomfortable feelings when the climate does change.. And it's changing a lot lately.. Regardless if you believe it or not.. The trend that i'm on.. For every year.. Every sickness.. Every feeling of uncomfortableness that is not treated, adaptation to evolution and climate change becomes easier and easier..

It was horrible last year.. It was horrible the year before.. As far as dealing with july fourth sickness..

It's better this year.. Everything is relative..

Next year.. When the climate shifts again. Even more so in between now and next july fourth.. When you are cured.. The energy in the environment still cannibalizes the person..

No real evolution and no real intake..

It's like being constipated.. With anorexia..

That's the world today... People who hate change.. Are anorexic constipated people.. They have to be.. Because eating food is painful.. And releasing is painful..

Carrying mister hankee is more painful.. Don't let mister hankee turn into multiple personalities torturing you.

Release the demon safely.. And effectively..

I will be very seasoned and conditioned for aggressive instability.

You're in a conditioning process... These are the games..

If you wait to pack on the pounds.. If you wait to not treat sickness..

You might not survive procrastination..

Again, if you're strong enough for this environment, and you're not under the influence for under a doctor's care. Some people have to condition themselves to get up to that level..

Believe me I wished I was an appalachian dude sometimes. They are very strong people.. It takes a lot to shut them down.

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