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The Shamanic/Herbal Luciferian Truth Movement Shone a Light on the Deadly Tribal Family Mentality

The Shamanic/Herbal Luciferian Truth Movement Shone a Light on the Deadly Tribal Family Mentality Developing Serial Killers and Sexual Predators in the Population

Not only did they identify those in the mainstream but also within themselves and their own movement.

The truth movement became who they despised the most. And now they are the predators on the hunt.

 That includes the health and wellness world hunting for cancer. Trying to disable disease.

Before you accuse others you better look in your own backyard.. Because what are you breeding into the population.

And if you can't see this.. It's too close to you. Because you're in it.

You are it.

And right now women are the targets.. Women who think of themselves as disposable will be disposable. Women who finally learn how to protect themselves will survive climate change.

And wer are also watching women develop predators/victims in the population..

Women have a chance to turn that shit around literally.

My world. If you can handle it. Can temper aggressive sexual urges so you don't become predatory and destructive. Release those fucked up demons.

But the government cannot force anyone to go through pain and suffering and have a type of "sexual exorcism"

So that's why we're in climate change. Intolerant people will be phased out.. But we still have to deal with what we have developed in the population.. And the future is coming fast because it's here..

My world.. Is the future.. Because there is nothing else.. Except for death and suffering endless suffering..

But it requires pain and suffering.. But i'm telling your sex has been weaponized against the population..

And it turns people predatory.

Overly sexualized people become extremely predatory.

That includes all sexual orientations. I don't discriminate.

And that also includes the family.. the manson family.. Tribal mentality.

Tribal mentality can refer to a psychological phenomenon where people identify strongly with a group, such as a social, political, or ethnic faction. It can also refer to a leadership philosophy that draws inspiration from tribal communities, where members share a common purpose, identity, and values.

Tribal mentality is deadly if you don't fit within certain very rigid parameters.

That's why you have the natural killer T cells that go and search and destroy.. That happens in the population with children and adults who have been radicalized to destroy anything different..

And parents teach intolerance to their children.. And so that's why we have had serial killers and dictators in the past.. And even today.

I can already see what some of these kids will turn into in the future.. I just look at the parents.. And I wince..

All we could do is watch it play out on facebook.. And the system will have all the evidence that it needs of why they are doing what they're doing..

We are not in kansas anymore toto..

You're in the battle of your life

That's why I wouldn't encourage your daughters and sons to have children.. First of all , will they even survive climate change..

And then what are you breeding into the population.

Sometimes predators are your friends and family and people you know. Grooming the family.

This was based out of cleveland ohio.. Pretty recent.

This guy was a sexual predator.. He was killed in jail.. And he held these girls captive for years..

When men or women are driven by sexual urges, especially now.. The most naive are targets..

Those are your girls and your boys.. Who have absolutely no street sense.. And mommy and daddy are oblivious and potential even radicalized.. group mentality bringing in strangers..

You think the government is so horrible.. You better check out your own backyard and what you are producing in the population.. But most parents are unaware of how deadly their own children are because their children know how hide their alter ego and not show you the other side.. So now parents have to get fucking smart. And not think their kids are angels.. Some kids are little terrors And mommy is too unaware to notice it.

But i'm telling you sex has been weaponized against the population.. And now we have sexual predators motivated by aggressive sexuality and children are in the cross hairs.. And sometimes even children are serial killers.. And they grow up to be adults you have to be fucking aware of


10 Year old Admits to Killing Adult Male at 7 Years Old.

There's already so many of these bred into the population.. That's why it's so scary.. Just like the vietnam war.. You didn't know who the enemy was. Because they could have been mothers with children carrying explosive.. Because she was forced to do that.. So you can only imagine what kind of children are out there hunting people when given the opportunity.. The pharmaceutical's industry and some other things bred serial killers in the population..

There are fucked up parents out there who antagonize their children purposely to turn them into deadly people.. Corporal punishment along with malnutrition and a screw loose in their head.. Yeah you could trigger a serial killer in a boy or a girl.. And sometimes you wouldn't even know what you're developing because everything happened in utero due to so many different conditions..

You don't know what kind of shit goes on out there.. And so now even children are suspect. So no i'm not impressed your have children. Because what will they be as an adult..

 Someone to institutionalize later? Or will they die suddenly.. When the system changes the frequencies..

The system knows the algorithms to get people to act upon their urges.. I feel it. Other people have felt the same thing during certain times. The System is activating certain people to act upon their urges.

That's what the system is trying to guide reproduction carefully.. And so the system had to figure out how did a person develop a serial killer. A wife beater. A bully. A violent person Yeah they have to do their experiments. And so now they can see and detect those who develop tendencies in their children and in themselves. And that's why you have the group mentality..

 Because you can see how people develop themselves to be so radicalized to be basically deadly. Religious fanatics. Political fanatics. Science fanatics. The jim jones. David koresh.

Now watch all the different people out there so radicalized against whatever.. What do you think they're turning their children into?

Because children hear everything.. And when mommy and daddy target a person place or thing.. That child could take things to the most extreme because they're serving mommy and daddy. And in their mind they are serving the general good..

That's how fucking dangerous it is out there.

We are in some dangerous times.. Not everything is obvious.

And if mommy and daddy are under the influence.. They won't hear a damn thing or even detect danger in their own family.. And then even the parents are traumatized.

And children are crafty.. The children know a lot more than you think they know..

That's why it's so dangerous out there. Parents don't know what they're breeding in their children. completely oblivious to the world they live in.

If this is not an indicator.. I don't know what is.. But yeah.. Parents should be fucking terrified.

I've dealt with some bad seeds out there, some adults.. Even young people.. I can only imagine what younger people are like during climate change..

Maturing faster. Realizing their intentions away siooner. And there is no chance to redirect.. Because the climate is accelerated

And then you have the other side kids who have never been exposed to anything difficult or violent.. Are like little lambs in the population.. Once they are separated from the flock.. They have absolutely no life experience or street sense. They have to be kept in a bubble.. Because a predator will detect how inexperienced that girl or boy is in the public..

That's how easy it is for predators to snatch people.. completely oblivious parents and children..

Oh yeah.. Even in ohio we have had serial killers and kidnappers and sexual predators even out here..

A Woman Who Was Reported Missing A Year Ago Has Been Found Under Debris in an Abandoned Building Identified By Dental Records.

Women.. You need to protect yourself.. This is becoming way too common place .. Beautiful women become targets. . They could be mothers. They could be single people.. They could be wives.. Women. Now more than ever in this climate change.. You can't live the same way you did before.. You have to be scared. You have to tap into that fear. Because if you don't.. some women may not survive..Remember , we are now dealing with the fallout of the nineteen sixties sex and porn industry.. And right now many women are disposable.. Because they were never taught there's a darker world out there they have no idea or even aware of. So when a predator finds a lamb separated from the flock.. Especially out there in public.. The predator becomes opportunistic..

You can't afford to think you live in 1985 because even back then it was dangerous based upon where you lived. Now danger is across the railroad tracks.. Social media and even the public is like a catalog for some people.. Especially predators.. I wouldn't want to be beautiful in this society.. I wouldn't want to be beautiful or naive in the society..

It's deadly!!

Women have been taught they were disposable and are disposable.. Women have been taught they can't take care of themselves and they have to be surrounded by people to save them. Which is why many women are victims out there.. Their mother never knew any better. She came from a different time.. The daughter didn't know any better.. The granddaughter didn't know any better.. Until they learn the hard way and sometimes they don't survive it..

And I think that needs to fucking change.

And I'm telling you sexual predators are all over the place.. Regardless if this is the reason why this woman is dead.. But I can bet you that's the motivation..

 And during climate change they are even more prevasive.. So when you have a bunch of died suddenly people.. Serial killers especially the ones who target women will also be on the hunt..

The system sped up people's intentions..

Even predatory intentions..

These dangerous times aren't just people dying suddenly.. Or aggressive diagnosible conditions more frequently..

It's also the serial killers. Even children who are now shown to be deadly when given the opportunity.. And that's the scariest of all.. Because we don't look at children as to be serial killers or deadly until we actually see the evidence.. But during particle acceleration.. What could have been redirected during a slow frequency time.. Children don't get the time to redirect..

They become what they were bred to be right off the bat.. There was no time for intervention. That's why the system says maybe you shouldn't have children because you don't know what you are breeding into the population.

And there are a lot of unaware parents who don't understand how to read faces and backgrounds and behaviors.. And everyone wants to feel sorry for children until they start turning into little adults killing people. Or they turn into adults who kill people. But they hide behind shit very well.

You literally cannot trust strangers.. Women need not to put themselves in the position around strangers but sometimes you have to.. But then you have to listen to your gut..

That's why it's so important for women to be mostly self sufficient and relatively healthy, so she's not relying on some stranger to save her from something.. Because what she could be walking into could be even more deadlier..

That's why i'm taking the time now to learn things I didn't know before.. Because this is a time to do that for me. Other people have to start from another place.. But now I have to learn the things I didn't know before so I don't have to rely on strangers. If I don't absolutely have to. But sometimes it's necessary.

We are in the 1950s 60s 1970s 80s all over again

John wayne gacy.

charles Ng

Ted bundy.

Jeffrey dahmer.

charles manson.

Richard allen davis.

 richard ramirez

Bind torture kill guy.

The green river killer

Do I have to keep going on..

Salting in. Convert the food into vital organs and strong blood vessels.

Salting out. Also known as purification.. But you can also be too purified.. You never over purify yourself.

Which is why you must have salt in your food a lot of it so you can decalcify your pineal gland and everything else.. Break up all the plaque in your system.

Or you will have calcium deposits as well as cancer.. And a whole lot of excessive fat. Salt brings things together.. Called negentropy And also breaks up things that need to be broken up..called entropy

It is a perfect balance if you understand what needs to be done.

People use excessive minerals to do a heavy metal detox causing more opposing forces in the body.. Why don't you just have salt in your food.. To salt in and to salt out..

So you're not using detergents in your body.

Now, do you understand why the left-wing politics says the mother's life is the most important.

Women were subjected to major sexual slavery and servitude to the system.. They were destroyed by the patriarchal society.. They were destroyed by their own mothers..

The left wing movement understood this.. But then making women sexual with nothing to protect her from predators.. Well we developed monsters in our society which is why the porn industry is a multi billion dollar industry..

We went too far left and we went too far right..

At some point there must be relative equilibrium..

Or else women will be sacrificed to the system.. It's already happening..

Which is also why women in relationships need to respect their bodies.. Just because you said yes doesn't mean you aren't destroying yourself.. Just because you signed on the dotted line didn't mean you had to sacrifice every orifice in your body for whoever..

That's why the system is doing a great reset.. It's hard to breed out bad habits in the population..

And right now women are teaching their girls they're nothing more than a sexual plaything or a sidekick to somebody.. Or they must be somebody's mother.. And if they have a college degree it makes them more desirable to be someone's educated sexual play thing..

But mostly the system wants women to be somebody's sexual plaything.. Regardless of education.

Because that's how mothers raise their children nowadays.. You see it in all the photos.

It's pretty hard to put academics first when that girl's hormones are raging.. Even the men. And they're told they are nobody until somebody loves them or until they get married and have a baby..

The mother never taught them personal survival even in a relationship with a man or a woman.. Because the mother barely survived her own relationship. The mothers are under the influence.. Completely checked out addicted to all different substances.. And their social circles are more important than the safety of themselves and their offspring..

But she's willing to torture her sons and daughters to go through the same bullshit that she went through. Because she fell for the party line.. And so her daughters will get punished for her ignorance.. So will her sons. And it never ends.

So these girls and boys go into relationships using netflix as a guide on how to treat women and men and children..

They become overly sexualized and then suffering. While bringing in children.

You can't escape the stigma of pointing out the elephant in the room.. No matter where I escaped from.. What I was going into was much worse until I could finally redirect the intentions personally in my world..

Luckily my husband is fucking amazing.. And he has no need to destroy me..

And luckily we got together later on in life that we didn't bring in a child that would cause more suffering in the future..

What's made us last this long.. We had no children.

Because that is a fate worse than death on so many levels.. Especially during climate change.

It is hard enough to survive your community and world.. To bring in a child in this chaos is only asking for torture..

The surgical system is proof.. state sanctioned torture. Both children and parents are being tortured by the medical and holistic industry.

That's why suffering is astronomical.

That's why I wouldn't bring a child into this world right now.. You're just asking for the suffering.

But you can't tell women who are already trapped any of this.. They'll read this and hate me for it. They'll say i'm barren and stupid.. And think i wished I had a family..

I'm looking out on facebook.. And I see the suffering.. I see how hard people paint such a great life they think they have.. But they are suffering chasing pleasure and paradise. Desperate to be under the influence of something.. blaming someone or something.. And they can't figure out why their children are sick.

And they have to be stuck under the influence..

That's enough birth control for me..

More confirmation i made the right decisions even thirteen years ago..

Yeah, I was ahead of my time a long time ago.. And i'm still ahead of my time today..

I was given the gift of foresight.. And that is priceless.

If somebody a stranger.. Gives you the gift of foresight.. If you recognize that as a gift.. You are a person beyond your years..

It's not hard to identify the patterns if you're sober..

But remember this. The system gave you patterns to follow to keep you distracted.. But you had to be aware of other patterns in your world.. You couldn't stay stuck on just one set of patterns..

You had to be open to see all patterns around you..

To be around someone who has your back one hundred percent. You have to have your own back one hundred percent.

You had to be somewhat self sufficient.. When I met my husband.. I had a job.. I had money in my pocket.. And I was looking for a partner. I had no kids. I had no major issues. And I was looking for someone to share my life with. I didn't have any major baggage or expect anyone to take care of anything. I had something to offer to him. And I had at least two thousand five hundred dollars to my name to start a new life..

And I had a job. I had no kids .. I brought something to the table.. I didn't take away from him.. I added more to his life .. I didn't take away from his life..

Women.. You cannot expect a man to save you with your children and anything else if you haven't already proven you can do things on your own when need be..

It took me thirteen years to fight for this type of relationship.. And it was brutal. And I had no kids to get in the way.. And I solved my own health issues.

That's what I'd be very careful choosing a man so early in life and having children with them.. Which is why it's brutal for parents to marry off their daughters at such a young age.

 Because they might end up being a single mother.. If they even survive childbirth. Given so many women are passing down deficient genetics to their offspring.

 Searching for prince charming forever..

It is optimal to have a partner.. But make sure it's a partner who has your back one thousand percent..

And if you have children.. and you are bringing that into a relationship. .. It will be harder and harder to find the right person for you.. Because inevitably you will want somebody to take care of your kids.. And you haven't even developed yourself.

That's why you be careful marrying your girls off at twenty and thirty.. She will get pregnant so early and then potentially be single in the future. And she will be the one to suffer.. Because it's socially acceptable for the man to leave.. Maybe he was smarter

How many single Mother's out there got married too early.. Had children way too early.. And now they are suffering..

How many thought that they found their prince charming at twenty one years old.. only to be a single mother later on.. Hating men.. And then trying to make the best of it..

That's what happens when you advocate aggressive sexuality and politics to women's vaginas. The parents become the slave to the system.

And then it is astronomical suffering forever..

So I'm not impressed with hot chicks having babies at twenty one and nineteen.. I'll talk to you in ten years.. Or maybe I wont.. In this climate they might die suddenly..

But the system warned you.. The died suddenly group should have been an indicator..

But you know how people are.. They don't think anything will happen to them.. Because they're special

The luciferian truther movement supports died suddenly.

If the truth kills them so let them die..

Maybe they're talking about you. Truther people.

if you are a "truther" you are a member of the Luciferian Illuminati truther movement..

people are dying with the knowledge with no ability to support the light..they are food intolerant..

Why do you think you have access to that knowledge that you think is so extraordinary and it is.

Because they want you to spin your hamster wheel so hard exposing the truth you don't survive the light.. You do not survive the truth yourself.

The irony is most truthers are under the influence... It doesn't matter if you know the truth if you don't survive the truth.

That's luciferian..

And so truthers will die in a blaze of glory and light if they don't learn how to sit in darkness and get off the drugs alcohol. treatments..

But it's more fun exposing the truth than surviving it. And face their own fucking darkness..

That's called porn.

So many people in the conspiracy world have passed away in the middle of their truthing.. And they bought into the drugs and alcohol to assuage their pain and suffering..

 But they're saying the system is trying to kill you. Well , I think you've done it to yourself.. Even the mainstreamers do it to themselves.. And then join a bandwagon for a minute until it's not trendy anymore..

What was it all for. If you don't fucking survive..

That's right, it was all about pleasure and paradise and fun.. Untll it becomes extraordinary suffering and then you are forced in to rest in peace.. And if you are lucky: died suddenly doing what you love to do..

See no suffering.. Died suddenly alleviates the suffering..

What's the problem with died suddenly if you can't handle suffering anyways..

Ironic isn't it.

So when someone recommends you a remedy regardless.. They're giving you a way out to die suddenly in the future..

The system employed beautiful people and your family and friends to give you a way out of suffering .

That's called died suddenly.

every food mitigation protocol and drug and alcohol is another nail in your coffin..

Then all out extinction of you.. That's called died suddenly..

Extensive fertility develops died suddenly.

So many people in the truther movement do not survive their politics.. They are dropping like flies..

Even more so in the future.. Because the system will not let up..

If the truth kills them so let them die..

Maybe they're talking about you. Truther people.

If people feel abandoned because you walked away.. They were using you. And they weren't done sucking you dry

When people cling so tight to whoever.. Or whatever.. They're using it.. And they will find every way to keep things around.. They're too afraid to set themselves free or you free. That's vampirism.. That's family and friends. Blood sucking parasitic energy.

It's when someone can handle loss and change.. And they can evolve to the next thing.. They have a chance.

If you can walk away from california.. And live minimally.. If you can walk away from the trappings of wealth and friends and family.. If you're only down one person next to you that you are willing to take care of through thick and thin..

 My husband is my person. I am so down for him. Through thick and thin. And he's earned that right. My gut told me he was and is type of person to invest in. And I made sure he was.. We might have our differences but he is definitely giving me the freedom to be who I need to be. Even if I had to fight for it.

Because his survival and my survival depended on it.

If there is that one person who has your fucking back one hundred percent.. And you have their back and your back one hundred percent..

You might have a chance to survive..

I walked away from california.. I walked into the unknown..

I walked away from california at least three or four times.. Until finally I was able to stay away from california and everything it represents.

And I fucking survived it.

Those who master the art of walking away could survive climate change.. Because that's what it will take to survive..

Walking the fuck away.. If you're backed into a corner, fight.. Fight to win.

But true survival is walking the fuck away.

If people feel abandoned because you walked away.. They were using you. And they weren't done sucking you dry

If you plan to die anyways.. If you believe you should die .. What's the point eating organic.. What's the point treating your disease.. The system is making money off of your beliefs.. They're converting your body into cash. And you are completely okay with that. You already gave your permission for them to destroy you. They're just making it fun for you.

Completely mixed messages..

I don't know if i can take you seriously if you're an activist against air food and water.. If you have a problem with religions. Or atheism..

You already told the system you plan to die anyway.. You just want to be a beautiful corpse on the way out the door..

Be careful what you wish for..

And that's why the j juice world is down to just me.

I did the work. I can prove I can save myself during climate change. It will be up to others to prove they can save themselves..

So I even left the truth movement..

And it was just another religion.. Another distraction.

That's the j world.

I have the ability to change my mind and survive climate change..

I don't resist a damn thing.

I don't love what's going on.. But I intend to survive it. Even if you don't.

Because you chose not to. Your religion and your politics and your friends and family were way more important than your own life.

That was the intention and the purpose.. People trapped in the trappings of wealth of friends and family.

I had to walk away.. I had the strength to walk away..

Some people will have the strength to walk away.

Others will not..

That's why my information is not for everyone

being correct about anything is pointless if you cannot change or survive being "correct"..

If you plan to die anyways.. If you think your body is a vessel and your soul is forever..

There's nothing to resist.. You have no politics.. You're not any religion.. You expect to pass away.. So it doesn't matter what people do to you.. Or not do to you.

You expect to disintegrate into the universe.. Which means you won't even protect yourself even in public..

You'll take no precautions.. You'll assume everyone will protect you..

And you know inside no one gives a shit out there.. Because they are too busy trying to protect


So if you plan to die anyways.. You won't care what any one does or says.

Because it won't matter.You'll be dead one day if not sooner..

And if you plan to die someday.. Your opinions about anything are irrelevant..

You're just a ghost waiting to die.. You've told everyone you are a temporary person.. Not to take you seriously. Because you don't even take yourself seriously.. But you'll be used and abused by the system and everyone around you.. And then you'll resent it.

But you already told everyone that you have absolutely no respect for yourself.. You don't plan to live.. You expect to die. And you'll make sure

everyone knows this..

 And people will treat you accordingly.

They will take advantage of you because you allow it. Because you plan to die some day. So don't take you seriously. And don't take your life seriously.

That's why there are victims and perpetrators because you send off mixed messages..

Professional victims..

My world is so ahead of its time.. That's my suffering.

Watching everyone destroy themselves and call it life and healing..

You told everyone you are temporary.. The system will treat you as such.

People who enslave themselves are so patriotic they say they're fighting to free themselves.. Because they jailed themselves.

Freedom fighters are pushing for their own died suddenly.

They refused to change. They can't handle air food and water.. they are under a string of remedies and under so many diagnosible conditions.. Yeah they are in jail.. Their body won't release anything.. And they keep attacking themselves.

And then claim they are trying to free themselves from the slavery of the left or the right.. And they are forced to be a democrat or republican.. Or a libertarian further enslaving themselves into a predetermined OUTCOME

And they look for a hero and hunt for satan.. When they had the key the whole time..

But there were too busy looking out not within..

Culture is predetermined..

That's why biotechnology exists..

The system can develop any culture they want.. And if you're not lucid enough to understand this.. You will fall for everything

illuminated ones=truthers

all the chemtrail activists/anti vaccine/anti gmo

anti nwo are the illuminated ones

the mainstreamers are still in the "dark ages" oblivious.

the Jilly Juice woke up your immune system in 2016 and conditioned some people to potentially survive climate change.. and yeah, those who survived heart attacks and strokes in 2016 because we activated your immune system, most likely would have died during climate change/pandemic of 2019..

having a diagnoses is not inherently bad.. all the treatments for diagnoses is what people have died from..


that includes all the elderly women selling young hot women all the herbs and supplements to everyone and children..

paving the way for future died suddenlies.

traditions are def killers in a luciferian society.. And there are so many traditionalists out there..

starvation/operations and herbs and lack of rest and sleep is why died suddenlies...

kids are growing so fast they do not have time to reinforce their blood vessels and vital organs because they must keep up with their friends and family.. so kids are either over abundant or so skinny, the wind blows a different direction they do not survive the light..

Innately my world knew what kind of devastation you would be facing in the future.. I knew the dangers of religion and politics and the dogmatic scientists.. Even the truth movement.. That was another psychological operation..

And it's pretty much too late now.. How many people out there are willing to change anything..

Slim to none..

They love exposing the truth but they won't survive it.. That was a psychological operation .

They knew you couldn't afford your lifestyle even in the light.

Elderly women will take their daughters down.. Fathers will destroy their sons and their daughters.

Because you refused to change.. Even hot women with daughters and sons won't change a damn thing.. Why should they. They are free. No one can tell them anything. The system knew how resistant people are to change.

That's why they changed the environment. And they don't hide it from you. Good luck trying to stop it

you cant

That was what sharon tate represented in the manson murders..

Hot women having kids diluting their genes.. And then acting like a damsel in distress.. Begging for everyone to save them from their own mess of a life..

Using religion to guilt people into helping them. Using politics and killing you with kindness to guilt people into helping you and worshipping you.

 using religion to justify whatever you want.. The system pulled out all the stops.

The system did a number on hot girls.. the system did a number on women in general..

And it doesn't matter pointing it out if you can't fucking survive it.

Blonde girls.. Brown girls.. The system messed up the women in our society. And now these girls are suffering.. They are trapped into taking care of so many children and grandchildren.. Even all the animals they must save..

It's so fucking sad it really is.

It's like watching a train wreck..

And no matter how much help you give them , it's never enough.. It will never be enough. Until they suck you dry.

That's why if you have the strength walk away now. Because it will never end.

The suffering will not end until somebody dies suddenly.

And if you point this out to anyone in that situation..

You will be called satan..

You will be insulted..

Everyone in their world will attack the fuck out of you calling this situation out.

Because these poor girls are trapped..

And they are suffering astronomically.. And I really feel for them. Because no matter how much you help them

It will never ever be enough.. It will never end..

And so the only way to save yourself is to walk away from people who are suffering astronomically..

 Only licensed professionals can end someone's suffering and and strategize not going bankrupt from malpractice. You can't force people to suffer to live.. So you let them die suddenly or bring in a professional to take them down as humanely as possible..

Because they don't have it in them to save themselves.. If they did they wouldn't be in that situation to begin with..

And that's the saddest thing of all.. Watching the old world fall apart..

That's why you don't diminish died suddenly.. Because there's no more suffering..

I learned the hard way.. People's suffering will destroy you.. And so until they die suddenly you can't get away from that trap..

If they don't have it in them to survive the suffering and help themselves.. The need will be endless..

And they will drown you.

That's why I walked away from society.. And from friends and family.. Because I knew the need will be so great I would be fighting an up hill battle trying to take care everybody.

I had to save myself.. So I walked the fuck away from desperate males and females..

Help yourself. Stop trying to keep up with your neighbors.. Stop being so damn materialistic.

every remedy, surgery, herb, elderberry syrup concoction, and treatments will pave the way for died suddenlies.

the elderly women promote this, the beautiful men/women promote this, even your licensed professionals and activists truthers promote a cases for died suddenly and call it healing.. no more suffering..

aint that the truth.

juicing your way out of cancer = died suddenly

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