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We have been entered into a great civil war..

We have been entered into a great civil war.. That's world war three.. Every culture will have their own civil war..

civ·il war


a war between citizens of the same country.

Two's a Company and Three's a Crowd (cancer)

Be not a cancer on this earth. Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.

You would think that I would go see a doctor given my intolerance to diverse company days later after my initial exposure to activated

immune systems in this activated environment. The reason why I do not see a doctor or naturopath is due to my desire of staying alive a lot longer than the average human without expiring from natural causes.

There are several factors contributing to the reasons why days later my immune system starts developing symptoms after hanging out with people for long periods of time.

To begin with, there are only supposed to be two influential forces within my immune system to keep the balance. One of those influential forces is supposed to work for me and stay loyal to me like a marriage manifesting in friendly warnings of danger or prompting me to eat certain foods at certain times as well as develop an exit process for unwelcome colony forming units of bacteria. High energy levels can also be construed as "working for me" at the time I need to produce high energy to survive situations such as crowds and mixing in with diverse company in the public forum.

My husband is like the friendly side of my immune system because the characteristics above remind me what I do for him as well as what he does for me. He warns me of danger, he develops exit processes for unwelcome entities and he reminds me to eat diverse food and he adds a lot of energy and influence when he comes home after many days on the road.

The other influential forces working for me, but I can characterize is working "against me" is the sleep/slow down/sickness process of release, retention and symptoms. I suppose you can call that influential force the balancing forces of limits. Those forces do not allow the immune system to go over the limits of the biologically acceptable forms of energy characterized as hormonal imbalances causing addictions and other undesirable situations.

Sometime, when the immune system is over capacity of diversity, the body must slow down, rest, sweat, poop, pee, and even develop rashes and other symptoms to process the development of the exit process or in HR (human resources) the exit interview.

My issue with doctors and shamans and healing people is the fact they intend to trap two or more opposing forces within, inevitably causing the person to be in a polygamous relationship with opposing forces trapped in their immune system coloring the perceptions of the original force, which is you.

Which is also why you get so much sexual orientation because of those opposing forces trapped in the immune system. I did mention that in my last book on the market right now.

The medical holistic energy healing world keep adding more sister wives/husband to the immune system until tumors/two or more/two more entities are NOW in control causing so much pain and suffering and even a full on possession of that human.

The medical holistic energy healing world of remedies and detoxes and medi/sin and herbal remedies eventually develop situation where surgeries are warranted because the entity, you, was never allowed to rest, release, and eat. And then you keep developing more offspring of viruses and of course children..

Even more importantly, all symptoms of release become weakened over time and then disabled with all the different modalities offered all over the medical/vet/holistic system.

That's called being corked up and died suddenly..

At some point some animals/humans are forced to go under the knife and carve out the polygamous entities fostered from an activated immune system, an activated environment rich in diversity.

Or the age so aggressively or die suddenly. You're lucky if you get to treat your disease..

But that only last for so long. Mother nature takes her due. Especially in this environment

With that said, that is the reason why I do not hang out in diverse company too often. The war between the microbes of diversity is a formidable war and every time a person gets treated, they keep adding another "sister wife" to the mix who keeps having more children/offspring until a growth, tumor/cancer sarcoma appears and then done..

That is why I do not see a doctor. I know my limits and I make time to release the "sister wives" I pick up from the public square.

And I'm 50 years old.. And i've done a lot with my life and i'm o k with sitting back and watching everyone else figure it out..

I am ok transitioning to the next world, climate change and WW3, without suffering too much and I put limits on my public exposure..

And I EXPECT when i'm out in public for a long period of time I will be sick just as long..

And I will survive.

That's the world we live in today.. That's the world I live in today..

Dying from natural causes is procrastinating THE release process until your body cannot handle the release and the system of remedies throws away the baby with the bathwater..

That's why you make time to be sick and if you can don't treat it but again that's up to you and your doctor . That's why I don't starve myself. That's why i'm not religious or political about my food

Food is what saved me.

Activated environments influence and activate immune systems.

Activated immune systems means that you are susceptible to picking up different viruses in your community. And then you'll have to go through the fever process and release process and feeding process..

I notice now when I am around diverse company. I will have to release those demons later.. Sometimes my body will incubate them.. And they activate later when all the conditions are right.. I go through a random fever process.. fatigue process.. Hunger process.. thirst process..

That's assimilation to diverse microbes in your environment without resisting evolution..

That's the price you pay for evolution and diversity.. You pay for it and you suffer for it and it is worth it if it's not too often..

When you resist immune system activation, that causes breakage and a potentially shorter lifespan..

Which is why I do not resist evolution.. Which is also why I limit diverse company.. I have to build up tolerance slowly..

"Random Fevers" happen, which is why you see a lot of died suddenly out there..

When the climate changes infection can happen with a snap of the fingers..

My immune system is open..

And I just had a moment of that and then I had chocolate ice cream and peanut butter..

Tumor entities

Two or more entities

Two more entities

Just a friendly reminder. I do not want to be forced to look at private messages of links or anyone else's journey of anything..

It's very intrusive.. If I wanted to look at other people's stories I would do it.. I don't need anyone prompting me to look at things.. I do no collaboration.

I have my own life to appreciate.. And you guys are enough for me.

Tavistock=truther community

All of your politics religion and science..

Activism comes from tavistock..

Every single movement out there..

That's why I walked away..

They work from your reactions.. They want you to target a person place or thing.. And it doesn't matter if it's a saviour or satan because they are interchangeable relative to your chosen perspective..

what if there was more than 6k years to consider?

our world is not linear.. there was a world before the old testament and the five books of moses.. ..

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