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Antibodies Can Convert You To Be a Predator/Defender Due to Self Harm in the Remedies Surgical World

Climate Change has now turned everybody into a predator.. Because of the antibodies attacking the person and then the person projects and attacks other people.

It was all set up from the medical holistic energy healing world.. The system knew you held so many of those antibodies in your body and it would just Be a matter of time before they activated, once the climate changed..

Which is why I stay home and stay safe.. Most people are very predatory out there.. They will love and hate you to death.. And take away your pain and life if you give them the opportunity..

That's why you're in a surveillance society..

We're watching the influencers become extremely predatory out there. Defending an invisible enemy..

At this point, what's the point in the warrning you if you don't have a defense system to warn you..

I'm done warning everybody.. If you don't have the capacity to listen to indicators and have the instinct to save yourself. My warnings are a waste of fucking breath.

So again, if you want to be an influencer, warning people or want people to follow an influencer warning people.

Maybe they don't have the capacity to heed the warnings..

They never did.. Because even the influencers have failed to even heed their own warnings as they are taking all their remedies and surgeries. On diets afraid of air food and water.

I wouldn't follow any activists out there.. Because they act like predators.

The world is made up of two Kinds of people..

The ones who need the system to disable their instincts of survival. Because they can't handle the pain..

And the ones who must project their own pain and suffering of their own predatory behaviors always looking for an enemy, claiming they are saving you from some enemy..

And it's pretty much evenly distributed. Both male and female claim to be your saviour and satan..

all the remedies and voluntary surgeries and supplements are defending against "attacks" that never happened..

you were never attacked in your body, it was your immune system working the way it was supposed to.. YOU attacked your own body.. and you were trained to attack your own body by the system and culture of the medical/holistic industry..

when people attack themselves and deteriorating at the same time.. they hunt for the enemy..while destroying themselves...

when people get attacked by one person, anyone who "looks" and "acts" like their prior attacker is now going to be attacked..

the immune system is supposed to purge out the trauma so you don't go hunt for the attacker or anyone looking like them and you repair the damage and YOU NEVER GET INTO THAT SAME SITUATION AGAIN.

BUT PEOPLE NEVER LEARN.. AS THEY HAVE SHUT DOWN THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM MEMORY BANKS by suppressing their body's ability to purge out the demons/trauma and antigen and now they are harboring such trauma in their body while steadily blaming me or bill gates for harming them..

really???????? a phucking stranger??? while worshipping a new male influencer .. to "save" them..

i did NOT start this dumpster fire.. it was always burning since the world's been turning.. per billy joel.

don't blame the messenger.. consider the message.

So when it is all said and done..

It's the "meaner" parent who actually gave a shit about you.. Because you either were going to survive them or die in the world out there from people who were really out to get you..

Through politics, religion science, distractions.And love..

So if people don't like me it's a cross I must have to bear but you're not supposed to hurt me physically..

Hate me all you want.. Go get your frustrations out, out there.. But never hurt the person you don't like..

Don't you ever put your hands on anyone you don't like. Don't ever threaten someone you don't like..

Don't ever wish them harm or ill will..

Because it was never them..

It was always you.

and you are watching it.. matriarchs and patriarchs are dying..esp in this environment of people full of antibodies..hunting for the enemy defending themselves from "attacks".. that never happened.

Now you understand why the men were assa/ssinated a long time ago..

It wasn't just the black leader. It was also the white leaders.. And they were also men..

When men get absolute power they corrupt absolutely.. And they destroy because that's in their dna when they think there's an enemy..

Now go observe some of the male leaders out there in politics..

Looking for the enemy.. Even going as far as identifying who they think the enemy is..

And they hunt for their prey sometimes or are opportunistic..

Women who are also full of antibodies are also on the hunt for any one who doesn't fit the bill.. Who think someone else is the enemy, who's never even attacked them.. And women group into gangs of cliques attacking outsiders.. It happens in the schoolyard abd even an adulthood especially at work.. women are famous for ganging up on people at work.. If they don't like you if you don't work like them.. Yada yada yada yada yada..

And to be careful of the women cliques out there.. who can be just as deadly as the male cliques out there.

That's why I stay out of other people's relationships

And I don't run in groups.. Because it's easy to become a force of destruction.. Group mentality is destructive unless you're an academia researching what groups do to each other..

Which is why I have no groups.. I run no groups.

absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And i'm not targeting anyone specifically.. That's everybody..

You all have been part of some really vast experiment that is now finally done with..

The system has seen enough.. Now they're just showing you what you're doing to yourself and your own family..

friend or foe is CORRECT predator or defender? what are we breeding out there??

If i am NOT in your house shoving salt down your throat.. why the hate for me? oh.. you are full of antibodies attacking you, making you project your hatred for me (if you hate me)....

that is what Hitler did.. NO one was coming after him, yet he defended himself and the german race with genocide.. kind of like haters on facebook.. they hunt for their sworn enemy of whom they never met and start "k!lling" them spiritually... they group together and then sell each other antibiotics as a symbol of destroying the enemy, themselves...

now watch the died suddenly groups and the holistic allopathic people using re me dies on themselves and selling them to their gang members.. in hopes to quell the war, themselves.. to death..

so who is really the enemy out there? IMO people full of antibodies who turned themselves into gang members stalking their prey and scape goating them....

Y CHROMOSOME and y shaped antibodies can switch back an forth.

women who have boys can also switch from being a defender or predator, as I have experienced both men and women play both roles in the J world with me and against me..

all the gangs in the 80s were experiments, too..

i noticed the women who had girls were all about LOVE love love and women with boys, a lot rougher to deal with.. teetering on just as dangerous as the predators they developed if their son turned out to be an aggressive predator..but Not all the time if the mother can step away.. And realized what she created in this world.. It wasn't her fault she was a victim at the system.. As was her child..

i can also detect predatory behaviours now in kids as the environment is heating up, etc..

don't get mad at me for pointing it out, get mad at mother nature.. that was her defense process..

i did NOT start the fire.. it was always burning since the world has been turning.. per billy joel..


Immune cells can switch from ‘gang members’ to ‘police officers’

by Hayley Dunning

10 July 2018

It left it up to your interpretation..

However, how did matthew perry pass away.. He drowned in a bathtub.. A hot tub Hence the friend's theme..

People are dying from too much plaque in their arteries and capillaries or dying suddenly.. A flood of mucus (flood theme) While falling apart.. Losing teeth hair skin nails..

Mycoplasma fermentans causing lyme disease and teeth falling out.. The kid was bitten by a bug in the forest behind the house and then his teeth were falling out in the movie.

And animals are smarter aware of who they are.. And maybe even getting back at the humans for harming them through the veterinarian system. hence all the deer Stalking the humans..

And NASA couldn't afford to give you a straight answer. Because you would not be able a handle the truth.

Everybody is your evolution..

The system wants everyone to be exposed to diversity.. Some people will get paid to be a carrier. Other people will volunteer to be a carrier.. Some people will be a carrier because they were exposed to carriers..

No matter what the system will develop herd immuniyy by all means necessary..

And you're supposed to survive it and if you can't.. You couldn't handle the world anyways..

People who stay away from diversity are intolerant.. So diversity will come to them..

Oh boy

You must be the one to control how much you can handle..

No matter how many therapies you get, your body will still develop antibodies from human and animal exposure..

Can you handle that deluge of fertility?

Why do people die.. Too much fertility trapped in their body..

The host couldn't handle it..

Climate change causes fertility which then causes people to attack each other.. Developing defensive antibodies they can't defend themselves against.. Their own immune system attacks them and destroys them as well as somebody else if they are giving them the opportunity..

When a society is not under attack by a person place or thing..

You won't need so many Y SHAPED antibodies developing y shaped chromosomes..

Eve gave birth to adam through her defense system..

That was the only way males could come about was through her defense system..

The story of adam and eve that eve made from a rib was actually a lie.. It doesn't make sense scientifically..

Patriarchal societies want everyone to think that men run the world.. And while they did balance out both the offense and the defense..

Men will do themselves in without some estrogen influence..

But men need to have some of that female power within themselves to save themselves.. Or else they destroy the female they are with.. Even though it's with her consent..

Which is also why they encouraged male and female marriages. So the men can be restrained by the women through morality.. But what happens so many times is men destroy women through domestic violence and rape and making her have babies.

How do you set women free from these types of expectations.

When the system plays hormone manipulation because that's how shit works..

You can have two females and one has more testosterone than the other. For balance..

You can have two males with one male holding more estrogen than the other..

Everything is about balance..

Balance out the estrogen and testosterone within the immune system or in a relationship..

Now you see how the world works..

Balancing chemistry.

And there's no reason to resist this because it's about evolution and longevity and carrying on the human race without extinction level events..

We've done this too many fucking times.. You've got to be tired of doing these great resets or experiencing them..

When men can convert from being a defender to becoming a predator, the ANTIBODIES of defense become antigen of offense.. aka DISORDER

THE MACROPHAGES allow the pathogens to replicate

Charles manson was born during a high testosterone period in his mother plus he was radicalized during his formative and adults years to hold sway over the females and control them..

why are so many men predatory.. it is in the y antibody/chromosome because they were under attack in utero..

Pointing out the harm in pHARMa but not seeing it in ReMeDies also makes absolutely no sense.

family, strangers, friends, children are the antigen working against you causing you to develop antibodies.. a defense against them..

when you harbor them in your body without releasing them properly they turn into family, cancer, disease, chronic illness and autoimmune disorders ie chronic pain sufferers, inevitably sudden death.. drowning from their overactive immune system.

which is why.. i stay home.. and do not socialize.. not right now.. not in this environment.. if I must work.. I rest and release and eat vs socializing.. imo.. but you do what is best for you..

imo i would NOT travel this next year... but again.. do what is best for you..

may the odds be in your favor..

when you can defend and procreate yourself, you will have a balance of both x and y.. but mostly x, with Y defense systems..

Posting about letting fevers run their course cos that’s the body doing its thing then also posting about re-me-dies for coughs/sniffles etc makes absolutely no sense at all.

y chromosome = predator or defense

antibody (y shaped) =predator or defense

autoimmune disorders are the antibodies in such defense they are predatory against the host..

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