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Are You Aware of the Demons Running You? The System is Aware of the Demons Running You!

Oh yeah I was sick the last few weeks .. The demon was growing within.. My immune system made me extremely bloated.. Tired.. Hungry.. Probably even messed with my vision.. When you see me trying to find a way to get off of facebook lives.. Maybe I was giving myself a rest.. Maybe I was projecting how bad I was feeling.. Maybe it was trying to stop me from speaking.. I don't know..

All I know is I woke up feeling one way.. I released to demons and took a shower.. And now I feel completely different. Like night and day.

That's how insane it is right now.

Some of you are the demons of hatred and intolerance. And the system can't work with you. Because you choose not to work with the system.. That's why the system is doing what it's doing.. And you can't even reason with people who hate other people and cultures..

That's why you have to face your own demons on your own.. So then you have a chance to look at yourself and your behaviors.. Because it was the demon running your ass.. And until you are aware.. It will always be someone else's fault..

That's why skinny people will have a hard time with my information. Unless intellectually they get it.

Bigger people have so much diversity. You hope that the voice they have is them not their demons..

And you won't even know until you can recognize you hold demons within.. And they run the fuck out of you.

When I released that demon the last few weeks.. I was able to even notice that demon running my speech..

That's how deceptive demons are in people who don't even understand the world they live in .

That's why the family can be very deadly to the woman and the world..

Remember if the system has the choice.. They would rather you love someone to death.. Through marriage and family and consent.. Verses genociding somebody out of nowhere..

That's why they programmed you to have family and children and be so sexually active. You destroy yourself..

Skinny people need to gain the weight to recognize a demon within..

Bigger people need to realize they are run by so many enemies of opposing forces.. And if you can't even recognize your own hatred and intolerance.. You will breed intolerance and hatred in your children..

You are a host to so many life forms.. But you can't pick and choose which one is deadly.. If you strengthen your immune system, you have to give it the intelligence to push out that demon..

That requires food.

All food.

This is why I strengthen and open up my immune system. Not only to release the demons, but to also feed my body, my immune system the arsenal it needs to push out these little f@ckers..

Climate change has woken up everything in people.. When you speed up the environment.. Things that were laying dormant they wake up.

People's personalities change..

They feel something inside their body and they don't know what it is.

They get epiphanies even smarter..

They get teratomas..



Changes to the five senses

Died suddenly

aging process

Increase in weight gain

Highly sexual

Losing so much weight very quickly.


Full of love

Full of hate and anger.

Watch people's facebook..

Some people even pull back into their shell

Imagine everybody having a baby and it stays inside their body. That's what's going on right now.. we are bearing witness to people meeting their demons.. And it's not a pretty sight.

You have to release that beast.. You cannot attack anything inside your body. You have to feed it and release it.

You cannot attack anything in your body because it will only become stronger.. And then destroy you.

Oh I know i'm fighting something.. And my immune system is excellent and strong. And right now I look beastly and bloated.. And I am blowing my nose..

I could not tell you at all where I picked up this little demon.. It could have already been in me and all the conditions are rights.. I could have picked it up in mixed company..

You'll never know why you have a reaction to anything.. You'll never know where it originated from..

The only thing you must know and figure out is will you survive strengthening your immune system to release whatever demons you pick up or harbor inside..

The only thing that matters is will you survive your own immune system and this world..

The world is not what you think.. It's far scarier than some people even care to contemplate..

The fantasy is so much easier to deal with than the reality of what's going on..

That's why you have entertainment distractions drugs alcohol sex, etc.. Oh yes most of all.. Activism.

I released the demons via my immune system, not jj, only eating food, etc because I don't want any one cutting into me and cutting it out..

That's why the surgeons exist.. To cut out the demons.. Via oncology or labor and delivery, Or to fix up their insides because the demon's mangled the person internally..

Why do you think the horror movies all have to do with the catholic church and exorcists and surgeons and wicked nurses.. The catholic church knows what kind of demons are in people.. The medical system has to figure out how to control them.

The lay person has absolutely no idea what they're dealing with .. All your friends recommending you all the different remedies are making those demons inside people stronger and deadlier.. That's why the demons are so much stronger.. Because of all your herbal remedies concoctions and drugs.. Alcohol crazy sex..

And in this environment hanging out in mixed company is making everything stronger..

But people can't change.. Some people cannot change.. Many people cannot change.. And so we watched this huge demon become even more aggressive and that ia called a virus..

All of us had a hand in developing this virus. The climate changed and woke up the hive minds of this virus..

Climate change woke up the hive minds within.. And they are on the move.. People can actually feel and see these little fuckers moving in their body..

The climate has to change in order for certain things to survive and thrive..

Why do you think many people don't live in the jungle and the amazon.. Because the microbes would destroy them.

Little microbial demons need a certain temperature to live with.. And they also need help of the environment.. Called climate change.

Reality is brutal. That's why i've been so fucking crazy every day on this.. But now I have to save myself.. So I have to pull back a little bit.. And just write not speak..

I must save my energy...

By the way.. Imagine having a family of demons live within you. Imagine having your whole family of spirits colonizing microbes live inside your body fighting for space and food..

You think i'm a demon for even pointing out the family can be destructive..

Some of you are holding families of destructive microbes who have become intelligent and you've trapped them in your body..

That's how fucked up it is out there..

And it's not something you can pray away.. You have to release that demon.. Praying to it will only make it laugh at you..

You have to release those demons.. And if you have to use a doctor I hope you survive that process because they are still some of it left and you.. And it will only get upset when you attack it with a knife or any antibiotics or herbal remedies.

you think i'm kidding..

I hope you never have to meet those demons.. I hope that the one life you have because you're not willing to fight for your life is the best life..

But if you choose to meet your demons.. If you choose to go through the fight.. It's a pretty bloody battle.. It's a battle. Only those who have been conditioned to really fight for their life could probably win.. I couldn't tell you which blood type could survive that battle. Because everyone has the possibility to condition themselves if given the opportunity and infrastructure and information..

I choose to meet my demons and face them and fight them..

It's not for the faint of heart..

Remember you were programmed in a specific way.. Your whole family genetic line was programmed..

That program is dying.. Are you willing to reprogram yourself and live..

Or die with the programming that was forced in you..

That's the war you are in.. That's the war. Your children are fighting right now and I hope they survive for your sake. And I hope you can survive them not surviving..

That's the war.. It's not political.. It's not even religious really..

It's science..

Below are a pictures of the life cycles of opposing forces that live in your body that YOU trap inside..

You are living stranger things..

Remember, women have to and HAD TO go through this process of hosting a parasitic energy in her body.. And many times her own family forced her to hold parasitic energies in her body..

Women have been forced to do this for thousands of years.. And there are some pretty devout religions around this..

She's fucking tired.. And now the men will have to deal with this.. Men will have to understand what's like being impregnated with so many opposing forces..

Climate change just switched everything up..

The paranormal has everything to do with your immune system as well.. Your immune system attracts so many different types of spirits in the dead world and the waking world..

That's why all the orbs around certain people.. Their portals are open and spirits are flying in and out.. Some even attach themselves to people and torture them.. Play tricks on them..

There is now only a thin line between the waking world and the dead world.. You have to be stronger than everyone in the waking world and the dead world. Or the demons in both worlds will destroy you and torture you.

One last thing.. Some of you are like x men.. Even if you feel something it doesn't stop you too long.. You're strong enough to wrangle your own demons and control them.. You don't understand what other people go through fighting demons within..

There are men and women out there who don't understand what's going on.. They are the lucky ones.. The fight they fight is not as deadly or formidable..

But just because they're out there gallivanting.. And they are not breaking down or have any diagnosible issues..

Does not mean you try to keep up with them.. Because some of us have a longer fight than others..

Give yourself a break.. Don't try to keep up with a guy next door.

That will destroy you..

The key to innovation is pain.. The system knows how to harness pain..

The system made you afraid of your own innovation and power and they programmed you..

The key to my innovation was feeling the pain.. And no one had to put their hands on me.. I just faced everything.. I didn't run away from the pain..

The moral to the end of season four of stranger things.. The people you hated the most.. Were the ones that were trying to protect you..

Be careful who you hate the most..

Eddie munson.. Was a hero in stranger things.. And the jock, was just another schmo antagonizing another weaker person..

All of us are trying to protect each other through the most fucked up ways. If you don't have discernment, it won't matter who you listen to..

You stopped listening when you started hating and loving.. Love also makes you very blind..

Lucas figured out popularity is a death sentence.. he thought he wanted to be "normal"..

Not so much.

Jason.. In stranger things.. The jock.. The vigilante jock.. Represents.. Oblivious mainstream people making things worse.. With good intentions. Trying to save the planet. But making things worse.

This is my demon speaking to me through me..

i will only go on once a week..

that is enough time to observe myself and the world and report on it..

daily is just too much, now.. the environment is getting more aggressive..

hopefully, you can read my book, and watch the last 20 plus videos.. save yourself.. mourn the dead and move on.. save yourself.

I'll see you next monday..

It's time to pull back..

This is my demon speaking to me through me yesterday..

I think now I can probably take a break.. I've said everything that needs to be said.. About demons and angels and families and pregnancy and died suddenly and supernova and energy.. Politics religion science and even the microbes and hormones.. Even the medical holistic system..

You have a chance to stay home and stay safe.. If you're that greedy for money and social capital, you'll pay for it with your life.. The environment is unforgiving.

Mother nature is on the war path... She doesn't forget.

Pay your bill. Pain.

out of control immature dendritic cells turn into CANCER, if it is NOT regulated by histamines and prostaglandins..

people taking anti-histamines and herbs to disable their immune system not only encourage fast moving cancers, but also, died suddenlies..

you and YOUR whole family have been conditioned to disable your immune system functions, which is why people cannot handle the pain and suffering of release and retention, therefore think I am you live in your philosophies and platitudes programmed into you by the system..

2024 will be full of "I told you so's" .. but even then, it won't matter.. many many fast moving cancers in higher and higher frequency environment as the holistic women/men tell everyone to vibrate at a higher frequency as they are starving...


when starving men, women and children vibrate at a higher frequency, that is called, died suddnely.

supernova.. a dying star explodes into a black hole..

One Star's End is a Black Hole's Beginning

Most black holes form from the remnants of a large star that dies in a supernova explosion. (Smaller stars become dense neutron stars, which are not massive enough to trap light.)

watch Youtube as the stars and influencers are vibrating aggressively and you are seeing their light shine so aggressively... until one day..


if the light must shine so brightly, the darkness will overtake..

learn how to pull back.. your light does not need to blind the whole world..

2024 your light will shine so bright until died suddenly, or you might learn to chill out and sit in the dark a bit.. give it a rest..

Watch the religious folk throw scripture at everyone even more frenetically in this environment.

It becomes too much..

Watch everyone's programming go fucking haywire this year..

If money is your god.. That gold will blind you.

If you must be surrounded by friends and family and religious converts.. They will also blind you and feed on you and then died suddenly .

People forget they're in a microbial world war..

Once you get a growth diagnosis, if it is NOT tested soon (biopsy), who is to say it won't be cancerous, if it not cancerous, in the future..

Your release process must be just as quick as the growth process, if you are bigger.. or else, TURBO CANCERS.

Any type of growths, now or in the future are indicators you are harboring so much life within and your immune system release process has been atrophied..

time to see if it is worth conditioning to release without medical intervention/holistic intervention..

if you are not familiar or are scared.. i am so sorry.. i hope you have time to enjoy your life..

this info is not so much to encourage everyone to do what I have been doing, but to give more insight to those in the j world what is going on.. you will see evidence of what I am talking about.. you feel it, see it, and have experienced it..

and once you see it, you cannot unsee it..

this is generations' x's time...

who will survive?

the middle children/generation x will determine the future...

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