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Freeing Yourself from the Death Cult of Friends and Family and Constant Need for Company

I am free. I spoke from the heart. I didn't have to read everything.

But if you can't listen to my video for whatever reason you can read what I developed.. It's the information below this information.

Friends and family cost you money and even your life. The only reason why you are friends is because you have something of material wealth offered to them They don't care about your ideas.. Friends don't care about the future.. They care about what you have materially that they need from you..

Which is why you see who people gravitate towards when it comes to needing something.. Who they think is the controller of the finances.. Just like a kid knowing which parent is the push over..

Financial manipulation..

I have experienced that on so many levels.. And I recognize that manipulation in people.. Which is why I am not popular.. I call that shit out very quickly. I find women do that to men.. They manipulate them through their feminine wiles.. And their damsel in distress attitudes..

People only have friends when they know they're in major decline..

They need company during the hard times... They need someone to lean on.. They need someone to bail them out.. They need a shoulder to cry on.

They have no intention of keeping you alive.. they have every intention to make life so easy that you depend on them for everything . So they can use it as a control factor..

Which is why it's so important for you to understand what your husband or wife does in the relationship. If they make it hard for you to take care of yourself.. They still want that kind of control which I understand.. Recognize it. And still find ways to learn the things you need to. It's not horrible. Just make sure you don't be compromised from it

And that's fine if people do that , they will exhaust the resources until no one can give anything more.. They've exhausted and tapped them out.

That's universe twenty five.. All out rat extinction.

That includes kids and their parents..

Parents who are lonely, they have the children.. Who spend their money... parents buy their children's company..

If the kids didn't need the money and the parents weren't lonely , they wouldn't eat/need each other.

Which is why I like neighbors because they barter.. You barter..

Friends and family don't barter.. They expect .. They spend your money. And you have to keep proving your worth to them.

And that includes expensive items and your time even your life..

Which means if you don't have money.. You won't have friends.. Because you really cant afford them.

When you don't have money you'll see people's true intentions..

If you are showing to have some kind of money, They will find every way to separate you from your money.. they will find your weakness and capitalize on it. If you're lonely you can buy their company.

Which is why the elderly are the most vulnerable..

 Elder abuse is huge out there.

 I don't feed into people's sob stories anymore..

I just say that sucks for you.

I'm sorry that happened and I move on..

Which is why i'm okay with not having a lot of money and let my husband spend whatever he needs to..

Because nobody can take my mind away from me.

But people can take away your life and your items..

But I will always have my mind.

The most dangerous time for a person is when they finally can leave the cult of friends and family. And they stop paying for everything and taking from everything..

Once you prove you hardly need anyone in your world except for someone you're in contract with.. You become a dangerous person to them..

The people lost control of your body , mind and spirit and finances. When you're not there to pick up the phone every time they have a problem..

That's the most dangerous time..

 And they will find every way to bring you back into the cult to make you feel like you made the wrong choice..

When you finally don't have to prove your worth to strangers.. Or acquaintances..

That's another kind of freedom..

But if you are deficient.. You will need to pay for the entertainment and friends and family and be taken from and then blame somebody else.

The jay world is not for many people.. Hardly anyone..

The jay world is the future..

Right now the future is a very dangerous place because people are desperate.. And they're holding on to the past so hard they will squeeze it to death.

That's why I walked away from society..

I deal with very few people.. Very few.

I know the desperation out there and I feel it..

But again everything is a transition..

I'm just a representation of the future and the present.. I've already accomplished my past.. It was amazing.

And I like looking back and looking forward and staying present..

There are some generation x people who you need to pay attention to..

They are the variables.

And when I point this out.. People who are actively in these roles won't like me because I just exposed them..

You choose to be in those roles. I just communicate my observations.

I like being in partnership on relative equal footing..

I don't need to use my sexual wiles to keep my husband.. I don't even have to buy him. He doesn't have to buy me.

We have a situation that works ..

That's the ultimate freedom.. Space and individuality in a contractual agreement.. With respect

That's why you'd be very careful connecting with people because you have no idea their intentions..

And if you are that needy you will be victimized by somebody.. You won't see danger for what it is.

You'll buy the salesman's story.. You'll buy the emotional pulls and the emotional entanglements..

That's why men get taken.. And why women get raped .

You need to be extremely aware of what's going on in this world

And extreme parenting will happen more and more often because of the religion of looking a certain way and acting a certain way.. Parents will take everything to extreme to fit in.. They will work their children to death because parents are desperate for social capital.. Desperate to have their child fulfill what they never fulfilled .

The children become the commodities to trade on the open market of friends and family

Because parents of course have zero boundaries when it comes to their children..

If you don't have to raise a kid count yourself fucking lucky.. You dodged a bullet..

Anything you'll do will backfire because of our society and the way it's changed..

You as a parent will not win in the society.. Everything is working against you.

Now make sure you survive and legally protect yourself.

If you suffered while having children , i'm so sorry , just make sure you take care of yourself..

You can't save your kids.. I mean I wish you could.. But there's no way to make them grow up as balanced as possible in a society that has been so imbalanced for such a long time..

Just do the best you can.. It really was not your fault.. It was the culture.

But you must be aware how society has changed to save yourself..

Again you've done the best you can.

Just recognize we're in a different world now

Now you know why facebook sensors biblical scriptures

Because it was meant to be offensive.. It was meant to kill people with love and kindness.. It wasn't meant as tolerance..

It was meant to slam people.

It was meant to slam something and change someone through scripture..

That's why facebook sensors biblical scriptures..

When people post them they don't come in peace.. They come through war through love.. They don't accept you for who you are. So they have to change you through scripture.. They hope to change you through scripture..

Or they want to keep you under control.. They want to keep their audience under control through scripture. It was never meant to evolve people.. It was meant to keep people unchanged.. And stuck.

Because the people who think the same will stay stuck.. The people who don't follow their religion are targeted..

And it becomes us versus them situation.. You just

started a war.. It becomes the believers versus the non believers.. And they will kill you with kindness

And it becomes a violent manipulative way to communicate..

And you are declaring war on somebody else..

All religions do that..

All spirituality does that.. Spirituality is the byproduct of war..

I know people think this is fighting words.. No. If you truly "loved" people.. You wouldn't try to cast spells on them with script.. You wouldn't try to hypnotize them with love.. No different than the atheist.

 No different than why would you take a vaccine to change your immune system..?

People who are against vaccines should really look at the words they put out there trying to change people..

But Jillian, you're trying to change people through your words.. Only if you choose to read them.

 Absolutely.. I'm introducing an alternative perspective.. And I can handle the vaccines if I was ever forced to take them..

I just have to work harder releasing those demons..

But I think introducing ideas into people's heads is far less invasive than jamming someone with a needle or throwing biblical scripture at people because it is violent.

The old testament and the new testament is violent.

Christianity and judaism have gone back six thousand years.. You had your day in the sun.

What else is out there.

And here's the thing i really like the people on my facebook.. I can separate you from your religion in your beliefs. I don't believe i'm liked by everybody on my facebook. And that's okay.. I still like you and I still support you..

 I don't have to hang out to prove it to you. I'm done proving anything to anyone.. Prove to yourself you like and respect yourself..

I don't want to change you.. I believe you're allowed to change.. I believe you can change.. I believe you can change your mind..

That's why I just stay on my facebook.. I would never ever confront someone and tell them who they are is wrong.

But I observe things out there and I must communicate..

But I stay on my own turf. I do have boundaries . I respect yours..

And I declare war on nobody..

I want you to live if you have the ability to deal with your own pain and suffering..

Every single one of you are amazing in your own right.

Love is also a religion, atheists.

I see a lot of atheists bag on christianity..

You might be against Christianity and the church and even other religions.

But love is the most DEADLY religion ever.. And it is represented in all religions.. And of course large and small families.. Groups of friends.. Influencers on facebook and youtube..

And all the activism ..

Love permeates everything..

It is the addiction of the most high.

That was the 1960s Porn and christian revival and cult mentality.. Of course all the marijuana and organic food gardens and spiritually..

And of course all the psychedelic drug use even the prescription drugs and marijuana yet again.

Charles manson told you that.

If you saw how christianity was used against the indigenous population, CALIFORNIA MISSIONS..

 And you saw how judaism AND hinduism was used around other situations.. such as porn and tantric sex..

Maybe IT IS time to walk away from it all..

Maybe it is time for a great reset..

I don't care what you believe in or what you choose to worship..

I care that you are intolerant..

And when you have personal intolerances to air food and water.. Your religion will be weaponized against people you disagree with..

And then people become violent.. And they intend to hurt people ..

That's what happens when you've been consumed by yourself and the world..

 People's defense mechanisms are on overdrive.. That they become the offensive.

And they serve to annihilate everyone around them through love and drugs and sex and family..

That's why there's so much suffering right now.

And that's why these children are out of control because their parents were intolerant passing those genes onto the next generation .

Then I have to be so careful walking around my society because of what you brought into this world..

And so that's why you need to stay home and stay safe for those who understand the world they live in..

The children are out of control..

You must be aware now.. That's why the system wants you to stay home.. Because right now the population is extremely unpredictable .

And I knew this three years ago.. Trying to convey that to the people I was around was brutal..

People laughed at me.. They called me crazy.

I don't think they're laughing anymore.. They've buried too many people

And people will continue to bury more people.. And still say i'm crazy.

And there will be more homicides and suicides and school shootings.. Not everybody is a government plant. Some people have been brutalized by their own family and they're lashing out later on in life.

Some people have been bullied by their coworkers and they go back and harm people..

People are snapping because of the intolerance in their world.. They don't know how to walk away..

So they go on the offensive.

Every Evolution and Upgrade/Sickness I Feel Amazing With Clarity of Thought and New Ideas and Freedom of Thought

I remember friends/family would think I was "bipolar" because I would have to retreat to my room, apartment or be by myself so I could get through the evolutionary symptoms so frowned upon in our society. Yes, it was "depressing" having to take a break from the fast moving society I lived in who expected me to perform at a drop of a hat and take part in the craziness called life in California. Parties, work, helping people, studying, preparing, partying and etc. People hate it when you need to take time on your own, esp if they "depend" on you for company, entertainment, money, and productivity. So when I finally emerged from my "cave of sorts" after sleeping, eating and resting and acting a little aggressive, I felt extremely euphoric, like I just conquered the world. Kind of like a biophysical reborn feeling and then I set out to accomplish so much in the two weeks I had until the next PMDD episode had to occur and it was the same all over again.

That was evolution happening every month because of not only hormones going nuts, or too estrogenic, but I also the body was pushing out the "demons" per se and rebuilding again and that was the reason why I felt "euphoric".

Since I do not know how many "demons" of viruses from my whole life and genes I hold inside, I expect that each change in climate will either wake up the "new ones" from public exposure, or wake up the deeply embedded ones from who knows where they came from. So, every aggressive climate change each week or each change in the seasons I expect to feel arm pain, I guess.

 The mystery is I have no idea if those viruses are residual disease from years past or newly acquired through the environment.. However, I do not get the "stiff neck" anymore, but my meninges/back of my neck does get a little swollen during aggressive particle acceleration but NO more stiffness like a few years ago.

That to me, is an improvement, which means to me that I am improving slowly but surely. I also do not get the aggressive back pain, only that dull ache when the body is pushing out stuff. And each time I blow my nose early in the morning I also leverage my lower immune system to push out stuff too.

I post picture and even facebook reel montage of me celebrating that I survived yet another "disease" and on the mend and here is what I look like during that time. I know before and during my "sickness of sorts" I look swollen, I am stoic, sullen and HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE. But then, after eating, resting, sleeping and releasing "demons", everything is back to "normal" and my sleep patterns are back to "normal" and I feel more relaxed.

Every heart palpitation I feel during climate change is my immune system activating itself to release the old and bring in the new and I keep feeding my body to produce the necessary hormones to keep things as balanced as possible.

The reason why people go on hormone replacement drugs like Metformin, or other HRT drugs is because the person is starving, thus not producing the hormones needed to survive.

However, when people are mitigating food because of fear of symptoms like heart attacks and strokes, not only are they NOT conditioning for sudden events such as those (you cannot avoid blood clots if you have them from genes or newly acquired), but they are also depleting their body of the necessary resources such as insulin to regulate their blood sugars and their avoidance of salt doesn't allow their cells to purify and bring together their organs, thus fall apart.

So every major energy conversion I feel and survive and conquer, I feel on top of the world and i want to immortalize it with Facebook reels with 50 pictures of me with my new grown hair, smooth skin and clear eyes. I also develop new ideas from the new growth and sitting with the painful energy because it exercises to brain to make faster connections. Every single time you get a surgery or smoke that pot you deplete potential new neural pathways .

There's no fucking way you can survive when to keep depleting your body of memories and food .. There's no way you can fucking survive and you don't take a time for yourself..

If you have to be the hero to everyone, they will eat you alive. If you have to entertain so many people places and things the world will eat you alive.

If you must be worshipped by everyone you will be the human sacrifice.. And everybody gets an organ and a body part donated by you..

Yes, immortality is possible if you can handle the energy conversion, the lifestyle and change. Kids today have parents who are in denial and so it will be "impossible" for these to kids to grow up strong if their parents do not wake up and realize the environment and particle acceleration will condition them to survive climate change and make them strong, so as long as the kids rest, release and take it easy. Kids need to feed their brain with so much literature, words and food and sleep and rest.

This is not 1985 and all about the body.

This is 2024 and the brain is what is being exercised, and less sun because the sun is so amplified and symptoms are like running a marathon.. My arms did hurt a few days ago, but now they feel strong and solid, like I lifted weights without going to the gym.

It is a different world now..

wake up.

So let me leave these last parting words for you in this post..

Every visit to the doctor or herrbalist or taking away your symptoms.. You become less intelligent.. you become less adaptive.. You become more dependent on friends and family and you become more narrower in your beliefs.

There will be no way you could take in new information because of that..

And then you will be in fear of the air, food and water and the government and looping in old traumas of past indiscretions from other people..

And then you will worship death. And tell people they should die someday.. So join your crowd your group of friends your tribe so you all can die together a little at a time.

Particle acceleration has sped up the environment.. Kids can't play the same games their parents played fifty years ago..

That's why they're dying suddenly on the field.. At home.. At work. At school.

People are in denial about climate change.. I blame it on the marijuana.

The devil's lettuce.

Why do you think these kids are under a tree this year.

Because the sun is so aggressive it's burning ..

The great thing about living with someone who doesn't cost you very much money is you get the security of someone to watch over your things..

If I ever lived alone and I had to work forty hours a week to make bills.. I would have nothing expensive. I wouldn't collect anything of value .. I would live so simply at that there'd be nothing of value someone would think they can rob me of. I would have cameras everywhere..

And I would make it look like it was very silence of the lambs..

And I would act weird.. I would make people think I was so weird that they wouldn't want to mess with me..

Living in the world of triggered weirdos looking for the weak lambs out there.. You must think like them.. Because if you don't.. How can you be one step ahead of your society.

Street smart is everything.. If I ever had to go there, I definitely would.. I think someone said on my facebook that don't mistake their kindness for weakness because they could make you cry in a corner..

I'm kind of feeling that statement right now.. I completely get where they're coming from..

Yeah you have to be that way in this world. It is seriously a dog eat dog world..

I feel that statement..

I never wanna go there but you have to know you could if you had to. And I know I can.

Because the out of control youth right now are so deadly to everything you thought was safe and good.. And you can't be on the offensive.

But you defend yourself one thousand percent..

 And luckily we have stand your ground here. I never want to go there.. But times are calling for a lot of different things that we have to face..

I'm glad I live in ohio.. And I don't look for trouble. I avoid trouble like the plague.

Or is this a coincidence.. Since so many people his age are dying suddenly in climate change..

The system will gas like people into thinking more conspiracy.. Boeing is taking a break..

You want freedom

Walk away from your friends and family. Be so independent that going to work is a breeze. You go to work and you go home to an empty house and food and your own space.. Maybe come home to a person who is relatively independent, who doesn't crowd your space..

People don't really want freedom.. They don't want the responsibility of freedom.. So they have to be a slave and be accountable to somebody else.. Even if it's voluntary.

Divorcing yourself from the old world is a shitty messy deadly experience.. That's why you must understand the law so when you finally do walk away , you don't lose everything.. It's a graceful transition even if it is messy.

When you are full of love. It confuses people who are full of shit.

Love is shitty smelly messy and deadly. Of course they are confused. They see their own reflection in love.

People's actions speak louder than their face and words.

I'm not in denial of the reality of the world.I live in.

 If you don't conform, people don't like you. It took me many times to figure that out.. I resisted that information..

If you conform you're only good as your last confirmation. And you have to keep proving yourself.

Eventually people die from that.

Just like actors are only as good as their last movie.. When you have to perform for other people.. The dance never ends. And they will keep you dancing until you die suddenly and then they will take your watch.

Make sure the people you perform for are worthy of your performance.. Make sure you can afford to do that. Sometimes the dance must end so you can save yourself.

And you will see people gaslighting people into reacting for or against something because they have to keep that train going.. Without that train they can't survive.. Which is why people get stuck on that train.

Because they feel responsible for the people around them.. And there is no contractual agreement to be responsible for the people around them.. They are in emotional entanglements.. Addictive emotional entanglements..

Foreign entanglements.

That's why you live among dangerous and jealous people because they need you to keep them alive.. Once they know you can survive on your own without them..

You become the enemy.

And that's the hardest lesson of all.

That's why the contracts you enter into must be to your favor as well as the other person.. And they must be ironclad.. Not emotional verbal contracts..

Contracts written by the law.

Because friends and FAMILY can turn into enemies just like that..

Once one stops proving they are a "friend".. Then you get pecked to death. Until you leave the cult.

And you better hope you can survive on your own. Because you will be on your own.. Or else having to pay homage yet again and kiss somebody's feet..

Now you are back into slavery.

Once you set yourself free, stay free.

Don't enslave yourself again.. But if you're that deficient, you will.

I would be more concerned with the proliferation of marijuana than I would of chemtrails and climate change.

The system is waking up the beast and you must release not silence it.

Gene silencing is a negative feedback mechanism that regulates gene expression, metabolism, and cell fate throughout an organism's life. It can be defined as an epigenetic modification of gene expression that inactivates individual genes or chromosome regions. Gene silencing can occur at the transcriptional or translational levels.

Overall, these results show that the cannabinoids CBD and THC have an inhibitory effect on lymphocyte activation, which is associated with a reduction in the secretion of the inflammatory IL-17 cytokine and an elevation in the secretion of the regulatory cytokine IL-10.Feb 4, 2019

I don't care what you do. You just have to understand the other side.

The other story the system isn't telling you..

Cannabis suppresses people's immune system and then they are rendered with no protection and even no more memories..

So when the system promotes aggressive sexual reproduction and then children are in much deficit and also suffering and in pain.. What's the most humane way to end the suffering..?

That's why you have the cannabis and porn industry.. People leave this Earth in pleasure and paradise.They will suffer eventually, but then it won't last long because died suddenly or morphine or hospice takes them out as gently as possible..

And so I respect my life. And I can handle the pain and suffering.. Releasing those demons.. And I have no idea how many demons I hold within.. So I released aggressively on facebook through the written word and I feel the energy.. And I eat all food and I stay away from most people. I can never make anyone feel the pain they don't want to feel. But if they have the capacity to and they can handle the pain and suffering little by little..

They might have a chance to save themselves.

Russell crow says that children took out a major chunk of his life..


just remember: the pen is mightier than the sword

learn how to use your words to defend your lifestyle or beliefs.

I just noticed that it could look like the penis mightier than the sword.. no shit

people weaponize their own immune system defenses system against themselves, they become destroyed by that opposing force..

cancer is from a weaponized immune system radicalized to over protect the body into destruction.

Aggressive immune system activation from every therapy and diet and supplement is a weaponized immune system activation radicalized into destruction. People are the architects of their own destruction . And they celebrate it.. Some get paid very well for it.

Which is why generation zombie is destroying not only the parents but the whole infrastructure so we can develop the future.

You have to save yourself.. You and your kids are long gone.. It doesn't mean you have to die.. I don't know how you're going to help your children..

You just have to learn how to adapt and overcome and survive..

Parents have a better survival potential than their children.

But then everything is relative.

instead of punishing animals with surgeries, arrest those who profit off the suffering of animals by breeding them for money or irresponsibility..

Take away the breeders you'll see a decline in the suffering of animals and humans. I guarantee it.

But that's another conversation most of you are not prepared for.. Bleeding heart liberals and republicans capitalize on the suffering of each other and animals

Again I get to be the asshole to everyone... No one else is going to f****** say it..

Yeah the emperor has no clothes.

your participation in the suffering of animals is buying/adopting them to begin with.. those animals are money to many industries.. esp the vet system..

i enjoy watching animals in the wild.. not hold them captive for my own entertainment or slave.

if you don't think i was an "asshole" before.. well, i just confirmed it.

bye old world..

The system is changing the climate.. So animals and humans who can't handle it will die suddenly..

We left the system no choice but do this..

People enjoy their slavery and they enjoy enslaving animals and children and each other.

And it is astronomical suffering.

Believe me I learned a very hard lesson.. It was an 8 year lesson and I can speak from experience.

And I will never repeat those mistakes ever again..

I will not put myself in the position to lord over any animal or child and be the cause of their suffering..

No matter how state sanctioned it is.

Evolution means facing your own monster within..

the road to hell is paved by "good intentions"

That's what I walked away from basically everyone and everything.. Everyone suffering looking for a hero

hunting for satan.

Bye old world

All you can do is just watch it.. All you can do is watch people destroy themselves and each other through the good intentions.. Thank you for your service.

i see the future: for approx 25 year olds

the hot chick baby mamas in small/large towns will be taken down by disease/die suddenly or they go to college and become radicalized left/right wing liberals agitated by their professors, and also die suddenly once they "calm down"..

But that is if these children are lucky enough to see the future of these choices..

Some of these kids will die suddenly because parents refuse to change..

The parents were capitalizing on their childrens' success and education.. And the kid doesn't have it within them to survive climate change. Mama can barely survive it herself because she's under the influence..

that is how the system will take down gen z and their children..

unless you change..

the indicators are screaming..

I am neutral but I am not trying to neutralize anyone..

I'm showing you the future unless you finally figure out how to change

 mister scrooge

(Bob) marley's ghost..

What does Marley's ghost symbolize? Marley's ghost and his chains symbolize what Jacob Marley cared about most in life: material wealth. At the point when Marley's ghost appears, material wealth is also what Scrooge cares about the most.

Now look at your friends and family with children.. Look at what they desire the most.. Social capital and money.. And their children are expendable..

And I don't expect you to like me for seeing and saying this..

At this point you already think i'm the asshole anyways

the irony of it all.. the right wing 9/11 truthers are becoming the new left wing liberals.. lol

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