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People love to die, but hate death. OK.. sure, Jan. (brady bunch).

The Aim of the JJ world is to finally become whole again and finally "pay for the sins of your father, mother and you"..

All the surgical/alchemical violence against your body, mind and spirit so you can work for the "man" until he squeezes all the innovation and productivity out of you, your children and you will pay for with you life, is one large business.. The commodification of body parts and turning this business into a political, religious and scientific dogma is a multi-trillion dollar industry.

The best business model is when you corner the market of death once you stop performing, passed down from generation to generation. Built in customers..

You see how hard it is for me to "corner the market of life" when so many people love the death process... Built in self fulfilling process. Loving your demise, but actively against the "depopulation" agenda. Chuckle. You see the irony.

People love to die, but hate death. OK.. sure, Jan. (brady bunch).

Now you and your genetic line have a chance to become whole again. Use this climate change time wisely. It is giving you the gift of potential evolution if you know how to respond to it.. If not, you will be leaving this Earth repeating platitudes of "wisdom" and "quotes" to justify your belief systems.

There is more than enough love in this world.. Not enough balanced people to manage the love they have.. this is why love is all about dying and reproducing the same storylines fraught with typos and run on sentences. Then all the "love" turns into the "hate" of intolerance and self destruction.

Welcome to the world you live in.

I'm not afraid of death when it's something I cannot control. I do not allow any professional to tell me I cannot control my own biological climate. Remember they are part of the business.. All professionals make money off of their customers.

Nobody is benevolent..

When it's something that I can control I will do everything to stay alive not contribute to the death or anyone else's for that matter..

All pain is the body pushing out the weakness..

During this process you must feed it to continue pushing out the weakness..

You can become whole again and still contribute to the overall community..

One does not have to exclude the other..

How many people are on SSI or unemployment or on a pension and they refuse to become whole again.. So many missed opportunities..

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