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Climate Change = Particle Acceleration Speeding Up Time

I am tired today because I stayed up late thinking the tornadoes were going to tear down my whole town.

How do you think they took down the giants and the dinosaurs..

Climate change.

They know who is intolerant.. They have been setting people up for the fall.. The fall of humans some humans.. Even society as we know it..

You must feel pain.. You must release. You must eat all food in the food supply with no discrimination.. You must stay home and stay safe if possible..

If you don't feel anything.. That's a dangerous place to be in

Constantly treating your disease set you up for a died suddenly. You pushed all those opposing forces back in your body with your medicinal creams.

And remember is not just having pain... Because that's just half of the equation.

What are you doing in response to pain..

That's the other half of the equation..

If you feel no pain.. You're a ticking time bomb..

And if you know that treatments and other types of remedies are detrimental.. what's your plan in weaning yourself off of those addictions..

If you have no plan weaning yourself off of cannabis or other addiction..Simply having pain is not enough..

Because that's basically ultra low frequency not supported with food and rest and repair..

And that's dangerous.. When you can't hear ultra low frequency and you can't feel pain.. That's a dangerous position to be in.

And when you're using remedies in response to pain as well as starvation.. Is no different than not feeling pain at all..

That's how the system got all of us...

I figured out pain was the power.. But so is all food..

And you had to feel the pain of release.. And then you realize diverse company is detrimental..

Because one day that monster's going to wake up.. And you won't survive..

Simply having more fat to you is not enough.. Because what kind of life in your body are you hosting.. And will it work against you when all the conditions are right.

Moles Around Your Lymph Nodes

Google where all of your lymph nodes are and then think of them as an Oasis. Some Oases have more water, therefore more diverse life and some just have enough moisture when all the conditions are right.

I noticed the last few years my armpits and under my mammary gland a lot more sweat, moisture and hives/rashes occurred during some high ULF days and lucky for me, I never used any creams or steroids or anti-fungals to push them back in.

I just let them express and dealt with the pain/itching, even if would drive me crazy. For some reason, this morning, I decided to look under my mammary glands and wow did I see a veritable array of little dark moles dotting the horizon of my chest where my lymph nodes reside.

Now, a "scared" person would think they have melanoma, sarcoma, skin cancer, etc etc etc. Nope, not me. I have NO pain (no prostaglandins trying to push out disease), no redness, or different color or even black moles. Just little dark brown moles like freckles.

Now, we all know women are afraid of breast cancer, lymph node cancer, cervical cancer, etc. Well, Cancer is an opposing force allowed to proliferate and become organized until it either develops into a fetus when all the conditions are right, or something to cut out.

Well, opposing forces also come out to be like freckles, little tiny growth, or moles that some employ doctors, who say they want to monitor those moles, but NOT me.

No one is monitoring me or anything as I am monitoring myself and I am aware of my own release and retention process and I am NOT immune to diverse microbes. Those moles will NEVER turn into any diagnosable condition because I NEVER TREAT DISEASE PAIN OR SUFFERING OR USE CREAMS, GELS OR USE OPERATIONS TO TREAT THE LIFE IN MY BODY.

All cancer and disease comes from treating disease until that disease turns into the monster which eventually, takes over and destroys the host, which is you.. I am not saying to call any life in your body parasitic because you have no idea what is parasitic or not and most people who come from that standpoint of a parasitic targeted approach develop more opposing entities or "parasitic entities" that do get out of control.

Do you know why I am not concerned with Cancer or disease, despite my exposure to people, even my husband who is an opposing force?

I sleep, eat, feel pain and I never treat disease. I feel it, feed it and release it. I get up so early and release demons so even if I had a schedule, I could still adhere to the schedule and if I became "sick", i would rest and release.

Facing the "demons" within is not easy and it takes patience, time and understanding all life is to be respected, not attacked, but if you do not understand life, and how to manage life, most humans will attack the life in their body and wonder why they end up suffering astronomically until they have no choice but to use the system to end their suffering, indefinitely.

My fear is.. Next week.. HIGH ULF Will develop such astronomical growth that some people don't have an adequate release process.. And their narrow blood vessels and veins and intestines will resist the growth, like a rubber band at its max limit, so much, that the vessels break..

That's why you can't afford to treat your disease.. Or withhold food from yourself.. Or get into the habit of getting everything cut out of you..

Infection is: The body is not allowed to release.. And the pouches in the body holding the growth are at its maximum limit..

People don't survive sepsis and other types of stuff, from astronomical growth.. Sometimes that growth happens overnight relative to the conditions of your environment.

That's why you're seeing turbo cancers.

There won't be anymore cancer in the future because when you get to that point, when people start treating so much disease.. And that's monitored in the medical and holistic system, you are setting yourself up for a died suddenly.

You can see who's buying all the remedies.. You can see those who are intolerant to air food and water .

It will just take a higher/lower frequency for the system to take out those who are intolerant.

You're letting the system know you have so many parasitic energies in your body, that all it takes.

is another frequency change and that growth will destroy you.

You must be able to release demons.. Not smoke them.. Not treat them.. Not attack them . Not reproduce them.. And you definitely don't starve them.

You must be able to release them.. If not, you're a walking ticking time bomb that the system can control.

They just have to change your atmosphere . You don't survive

That's what climate change is..

The climate will change and those who are intolerant will not survive the changes.. And those changes have been happening and that's why you saw died suddenly..

That's why you're seeing turbo cancers.. Vaccines are life.. Your friends and family are life.. Influenced by chemistry called elements.. Life can kill you if you don't understand how to manage it correct.

Technically the system is correct.. The therapies are not poison for its intended use.. You have to understand what you're dealing with. You can't afford to starve yourself of all food.

You're too distracted with migrants.. You're too distracted with the elections.. You're too distracted with trying to save people you can't fucking save.

And you have not paid attention to your own body mind and spirit and you constantly treat disease in a diverse world..

And you're making plans like nothing has changed in this world and think you'll survive plains trains and automobile.

You're in climate change. Do you not get it?

Starvation and treatments set you up for the fall.. The fall of society as we know it and some humans..

Climate change is progressive.. And if you survived it thus far without too much issue.. That's not going to last long.. Remember the deagal report. Remember the georgia guidestones.

I hope next week is a wake up call.. So you can survive.. Not everybody will.

Right now you're watching those in the activist world at such deficit.. They are scrambling around trying to figure out what to avoid..

They are trying to figure out what foods to eat.. They think that eating only organic is going to save them..

The train left the station for them. Those poor souls are so malnourished.. No matter what wifi and phones they put in a safety farriday cage box.. They're not immune to environmental ULF frequencies.

Like watching ants getting interrupted with water.. Scrambling around trying to avoid the ENERGY..

That's why you can't afford to be following people who are in starvation.. They give you no hope that food is the answer.. They are constantly taking away nutrition from you..

You can't avoid ULF.. You can't even hear it..

You have to feed for the frequencies that you dont even know exist in your environment..

But you feel it through symptoms.. pain and suffering..

And if you're constantly trying to avoid pain and suffering. You will starve your body..

Until the system flips the switch and you're done

Pain is the indicator.. All food is the answer.. And you must condition for release.

It's very sad watching all this shit go down.

Those that are lucky enough next week to shit your pants and throw up and feel something..

Count your lucky stars YOU are still alive.. I just hope you continue to live. Though,those who don't feel anything next week.. Well.. I'll call you superman.. But the system will find every way to bring even the strongest man to his knees..

I can only imagine what women are going through right now.. Even the strongest woman..

Because those who work out so much.. causing so much resistance..

What condition is your heart and brain vessels.. Can it handle a major frequency event..

Even the strongest men out there are not very strong when the climate changes aggressively.. He must have the ability to expand and contract with not too much resistance..

Or you will have breakage

the dangers of treats and treatments.

If you understand it from the water supply perspective.. Treating water.. You'll get where i'm coming from. Drinking untreated water people cannot handle the life.

The chaos theory.. If people around you are dealing with health issues and other things.. If you don't face them in your world.. And redirect them and release them.. Those storms you are surrounded by will cause irreparable harm..

Just treating your disease is not facing them.. When you treat water you're basically freezing the life or killing the life in the water..

What do you think happens when you treat disease. You killed the chaotic life in your body .. Yes it is relatively acceptable. Until it's not.. Until you can't be treated , because if they treat you again , they would destroy you.

That's why I don't treat disease.. I'm not trying to destroy myself over time.

Synchronized chaos. When 2 or more dissipative systems coupled together, developing a very predictable outcome, unless you know how to overwhelm the outcome and balance out those forces working against you.. So much energy in the environment you eat and release.. If you even can detect the energy.

When you give yourself a treat.. You're rewarding yourself with something to pull out a hormone to make you feel good.. Constantly giving yourself treats turns into addiction.. Constantly getting treated for cancer and everything else, it doesn't end up good.

Because one day there will be nothing left to treat.. Because the treatment will kill you.

HIGH FREQUENCY FOR AMPLIFIED PARTICLES = tornadoes amplified hurticanes typhoons

LOW FREQUENCY FOR or ULF for biodiversity= cytokine storms

No different than just sitting in either high blood pressure all the time or a low blood pressure all the time..


You have to understand the world you're dealing with.. You're not in kansas any more toto.

This is not a conspiracy theory.. This is science.. The system wants to get rid of all religions because they don't look at science.. So they can't get mad at me for posting this.. Because you had to understand science..

And then you had to understand adaptation and release and eating all food.. And reducing everything down to its lowest common denominator..

And understand your immune system..

And I understand resistance for a minute.. But you can't live in resistance..

At some point you must acknowledge the world has changed. And if not.. You are welcome to go above and beyond the call of duty.. And fly off into the hinterlands..

Radio frequency manipulation of biodiversity..

Delayed Tsunamic Infra-Nado Wave Action only "mother nature" can deliver

So if you don't feel anything or deal with anything that day.. Give it a few days.. It takes time for a wave action to make it to your doorstep if you're not at the epicenter..

Just because you don't feel anything doesn't mean others don't so remember animals children the elderly all of that will be affected..

Please prepare for worst scenarios IN the coming months.. And days and NEXT MONDAY..

The elections should be the least of your issues..

Now it is straight up survival..

Died suddenly will happen immediately.. As well as a delayed effect the following weeks.. Relative to how fast that wave action makes its way across the GLOBE relative to where the epic center is.. Epicenter of what.. The 3 explosion NASA will be doing as an experiment penetrating the ionosphere connected to the jet stream and also amplifying particles in the vapour of contrails.. And then CERN WILL ALSO be REACTIVATED on that day as well.. amplifying particle acceleration.. Because there are people out there who feel nothing.. And the system aims for them to feel something.. And they WILL have the services to support that..


Worst case scenarios there will be a lot of died suddenly like they told you, more accidents on the road.. Again , I will not recommend being out there.. I recommend staying home..

Everyone will make their choices.. When the lights go out do not be compelled to get in your car and figure out how everyone's doing.. You could be caught in a situation you cannot get out of..

Better make sure you have an eclipse buddy who knows chest compression.

All the different bodies people are finding and all the traffic accidents.. Not everybody is a drug addict or a drunk driver.. like people assume.. I know canton ohio has its share of drug addicts and drunk drivers..

But that's not always the case of why people die..

Some people just die suddenly.. Because of dying behind the wheel.. Then crashing their car.. Or dying and falling into a ravine and their body is found days later or they're missing.

Make sure you stay home.. Make sure you don't have more than you can handle at home because you'll have to deal with bodies if they don't survive.. Are you willing to babysit dead bodies in your house.. Even on your property.. Because you'll be compelled to pull them inside.. You're not going to leave dead bodies on your back porch.. Naturally humans want to bring somebody to safety.. And they might hurt themselves doing it..

You don't know people's medical history.. I would think twice before you have a party with people that day..

Ultra low frequency.. Will mess with people and animals and all biodiversity..

People have no idea what what they are potentially going to be dealing with next week.. And when the lights go out.. And the cb radio is jammed.. All you have is a scanner hearing doa .. And your phone line doesn't work.. And there is no internet..

You will see what's immediately in front of you.. And sirens.. But who's calling the police.. The OFFICIALS.. Because police will see dead bodies.. Some people will see dead bodies.. And they will radio in for someone to take them away.. Or they will quarantine a specific area or one large area..

That's why you don't be caught out there.. You don't know what you ll be swept up in.

Animals are very sensitive to ULF

That day.. Will be even more aggressive..

whining.. Pacing.. Clingy.. dogs and cats and animals hear ULF.. You know like dog whistles.

I listened to the first few minutes yeah you should probably watch this..

I watched the whole thing.. He doesn't even know if the rockets will be launched on the path of totality..

Which means.. Wherever they are launched.. Expect a tsunamic infra nado..

He doesn't know how ULF effects circadian rhythms biodiversity and immune systems. And even died suddenly..

CERN Already did their data collecting and they didn't gather the data they "hoped for" but all of that chaotic fall out will make its way to our atmosphere April 8

And I would not rule out earthquakes days or weeks, months later.. Which is why the oklahoma national guard is out there.. Expect a lot more car accidents.. Just like these science magazines keep warning you..

Again all of my warnings still stand...

No matter what, many people know and feel what's happening..

some people face danger and fear.. Other people stick their head in the sand and pretend the world is beautiful .. Even though it is.. How did we get beautiful. Because we understood ugly..

Shit's going to get ugly..

And if you're not prepared for that in your body-mind or spirit..

That's how people get traumatized.. And there is no return.. They are shocked to death..

In my opinion I would not invest in gold or anything else.. You need food..

anything when it comes to speculative can be shorted.

Amplified particles

HAARP too..

But that is part of chemtrails, contrails..

HAARP amplifies particles..

2 or more devices for synchronized chaos with dissipative effects.

If it's not cern. It is also haarp

Trying to keep track of it all is daunting

Here's the thought.. Maybe they are posting a state of emergency because they want you to be prepared and they give you a credible reason.. Are they really projecting correctly so many people to be at these events..? Who's counting..

Traffic could be a nightmare because of an accident ir a situation you have no idea what the original catalyst was..

Or are they seeing who's going to listen and prepare and stay home and stay home and stay safe.. And when communication is cut off.. And they tell you to shelter in place.. You won't be shopping.. And you won't know why the sirens are blaring.. Unless you're there.. But if you were there.. No telling what you'll be experiencing..

I wouldn't be caught out there.. I would do as they say.. Stock up on fuel water and food. Stay out of the public..

Because you could be marooned wherever you are for 3 days or more... You have to have enough food water and fuel.. For so many reasons..

This is when I don't really want to know what will happen out there.. Because once you know.. You'll get caught up into something you can't get out of..

Sometimes it's better not knowing why they're calling for a state of emergency.

Any tragedy such is this happening many miles away.. Remember the chaos theory.. A butterfly flapping its wings in one place develops tornadoes in another place..

This is not good for taiwan or japan or any other place in the world.

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