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Evolution or Benedict Arnold.

Evolution or Benedict Arnold.

So when you only have you to take care of you stand a better chance versus trying to take care of the world.

So there is nothing poison anywhere.. Unless you're eating industrial waste or buying shit over the internet from third world countries..

If you can't trust the air food and water or yourself..

How are you going to survive??

If you just trade one stranger for another to take care of your dependents and yourself..

What the hell are you doing ??

If you can't evolve. Forget it. You're done ..

What I have noticed even some parts of the jewish religion are like creationists.. They choose not to evolve or if they choose to evolve they choose to die. And in resistance simultaneously.

It's one thing to evolve to die and embrace it and not try to resist it with supplements.. But there are jewish people who are actually resisting death with supplements and then saying death is. Ok..

But that's creationism.

Which means it doesn't matter if you're jewish or christian if you can't evolve

It doesn't matter if your atheist if you can't evolve

And so you're taking supplements not to save your life then you're taking them as a drug.

Promoting drug addiction. That's fucking scary.

So we have religions that are drug addicts. It's obviously they're not saving your life..

Some we have people who advocate drug addiction

And passing that down to their children.

Yeah you've been had..

Please don't claim your saving anyone's life.

You're just advocating drug addiction.

Drug addiction dressed up as energy healing and spirituality..

That ought to fucking scare the shit out of you..

Would people call me a benedict arnold because i'm now building a case against what I used to promote..

A trader/traitor is a person who premeditates chaos and knowingly infiltrates groups to implode the argument from within.

I just evolved.

Every argument I developed or REGURGITATED, ever since 2011 I literally believed everything that I was promoting.

I also put my money where my mouth was.

I also went up against the system and took the brunt of so much hate and vitriol and death threats.

And then I evolved.

That's fucking survival..

I didn't sell out to anyone..

Because look, I saved to myself. I'm still doing great despite how sick i've been the last three years. Someone would have died from what I had or they would have had some diagnosible condition. Or amputation.

And i'm not some media darling. Because the system will continue to dispute my information indirectly with trolls.

The system will play both sides of the fence..

All of us are on our own or we group together ignorantly being picked off one by one..

So when you only have you to take care of you stand a better chance versus trying to take care of the world.

So there is nothing poison anywhere.. Unless you're eating industrial waste or buying shit over the internet from third world countries..

If you can't trust the air food and water and yourself.. How are you going to survive.

If you just trade one stranger for another to take care of your dependence and yourself..

What the hell are you doing

When you want to make something great at the expense of something else..

And you are demonizing a person place or thing..

That's hitler mentality.

Hitler never gave people the choice.

You have a choice how you spend your money.. What you feed your body.

How you treat your disease.

No one is forcing you to do anything.

And the system is not demonizing you and sacrificing you to the gods..

But people are personally sacrificing themselves to the gods.. They have their own personal holocaust in their own body , mind and spirit and family and friends.

They give themselves and their children away to the system.. And then blame the system for why they had an undesirable outcome..

The difference between world war ii and world war three..

You are choosing to destroy yourself.

Because you have an immune system.

And you've chosen to disable it through your herbs starvation remedies and supplements and surgeries and oncology..

Nano technology has always existed.. You just never knew what the technological term was. Biological nano technology has always existed.

You have the choice to keep those demons within and blame the system.. Or release them and feed your body and stop being under the influence.

You're the one choosing to destroy yourself.

world war three is self induced.

the mlm people make money hand over fist selling you a dream.

2008 Was my first exposure to the holistic holocaust.

spectrometer/soundwave detectors/frequency meters

measure high frequency or short waves vs low frequency long waves

but ULF ELF or VLF can also be deadly

excessive high blood pressure is deadly unless fed with all food

low blood pressure is deadly unless fed with all food

extreme barometric rise/fall is high frequency of instability that causes died suddenly or diagnosable conditions or pain and suffering.

i would rather endure and feed pain and suffering from climate change than die suddenly or be diagnosed..

my black hair is NOT turning white.. i have a few white hairs, but mostly BLACK HAIR.


Gray hair is one of the universal signs of advanced age. More likely than not, at some point in your life, your hair will start to go gray. Some individuals can maintain hair color well into their older age, but most do not.

When you are in transition , the amount of black/brown/red/blonde versus white/grey will tell you which side you're hovering over.

I think I am finally convinced that going gray and white hair is immune system deterioration.

Now, the question is how much immune system deterioration are you enduring at that moment in time.

Which means that's a huge indicator some aggressive things are going on in the body because they're trapped inside the body.. Your lifestyle is what is causing deterioration.

The percentage between white and black is an indicator death is not far off if you don't keep up.

Every single time the climate changes that's another nail in your coffin if you don't support that change correctly .

Your hair skin and nails are huge indicators of destruction..

That's your integumentary system.

By the way making changes in your world is not in resistance..

Resistance means you are in activists against somebody doing something and you want them to stop it.. But you don't actively change yourself. You don't walk away from problem people you resist them. You invite drama into your world by confronting people..

The person who commented invites drama into her world and she confronts people. She's an activist in resistance..

I assimilate to my environment and I change the way I do things so I survive and I notice the indicators of what i'm doing is actively from those changes..

When you make changes you will see indicators of that change.. And you must be lucid enough to observe them..

Virus frequency.

And the bacteria who are attracted to each other.

Developing growth and yes spiritual awareness..

I'll be using COVID virus as an example..

But every virus out there is a combination of bacteria's when replicating cause disease influenced by different frequencies and environment And the person's lifestyle.

And they are not inherently bad because are part of your GENOME, however.. When they're out of control you have to find something neutral like salt to influence the immune system to break up the clumps.. If you start using bacteria's against bacteria's you'll develop a monster inside.. But if you overdo salt you'll freeze those monsters inside and they will become bigger And deadlier.

That's why you don't turn to detoxes or the holistic market..

You feed the body and released the demons..

But if you're taking herbs and so many different things to stop the body from releasing trapping those demons within those bacteria become so huge they destroy the person and then the person is forced to go under the knife and be tortured by the medical holistic system.

Then the person is forced to be under the influence for the rest of their life until they check out a hundred per cent.

You never attack anything... Your intent is never to kill any life in your body because it will definitely kill you eventually..

An analysis of the changes turned up a five-genus marker that predicted the presence of COVID-19 with high accuracy - Intestinibacter,



Romboutsia, and


When compared with flu patients harboring the H1N1 virus, there were seven biomarkers that differentiated the two groups.

THE HOLISTIC HOLOCAUST is when you attack disease with cannabis/cbd/holistic/allopathic/supplements/radiation/chemo and even starvation, you make the diseases stronger by making you weaker..

you might be in "remission", but that only lasts so long .. why? because your vital organs are weaker from all the treatments, thus your immune system is weaker..

the aging process is progressive from all the attacks on the immune system from the holistic holocaust that was in resistance to the medical/surgical system by scapegoating BIG PHARMA.

you played the same game Hitler played on the Germans in Europe in 1945.

Instead of the 6million Jews being sacrificed against their will, billions of people are volunteering their families to be sacrificed.

It's not just jews that are being sacrificed right now.. It's also gentiles.. Energy healing people.. Everyone who volunteers to destroy themselves with remedies and surgeries.

And starvation.

That's right no more discrimination..

People choose their own adventure. And you can't blame anyone but yourself..

Because no one forced you to take those remedies and buy those concoctions from strangers on the internet.

Or even fill that prescription..

You did it to yourself.

You lit that joint and you smoked it. You gassed yourself. You took drugs to stop your body from releasing.. You gassed yourself

You told everyone that food was poison.. Stay away from food.. You told people you couldn't handle food because it was poison.. Therefore they should question their own intake of food..

The system used you as a tool..

Now we're seeing the died suddenly because of what we have supported for so many years.

WHY did no one speak up for the jews in ww2,

the same reason why no one is claiming what I am claiming, which is you do NOT have to die, even someday..

people justify death in the name of their politics, religion and science.

i do not.

the system have most of the world gassing themselves, to death.. but not against their will..

mothers giving their kids to the hospital and holistic system.. Mothers giving their children elderberry syrup. Mother smoking pot with her children Mother's taking food away from her own children.. Even fathers.

the rise of the holistic holocaust is no different than the rise of Nazi Germany.. it is being justified and if you are part of that system you are paid so much money. By the time the people in the system realize how deadly it was to support Hilter/Holistic, it is too late..

the deed is done.

And if you choose to gas yourself to death, your friends and family APPLAUD YOU.

They throw parties for you.

Buy you presents and give you LOVE.. LOL

THEY give you acceptance and pleasure and paradise .. and claim a mother's love is like no other..

And if you even question or recommend something different.. You will be frozen out of the mainstream.. You will be mocked and ridiculed..

Because the system aims to end people's lives as soon as possible and as fast as possible with everybody's ok.

I questioned the belief people should die someday..

And people wanted to kill me for that

Ironic isn't it.

no shit.

no, im not impressed with you.

You have to see what the system has done to you and your family.. It's too late for some , but it's not too late for others..

But you seriously have to wake the fuck up..

I basically unraveled the whole system..

But it doesn't mean you're gonna change..

Some people will have the ability to redirect these systems intentions..

But not everybody..

Those who don't survive are the lessons..

Those who do survive are faced with a fork in the road.

I respect the fuck out of you. That's what I do this daily.

But I know people think i'm a bitch and i'm stupid and i'm ugly.. And I don't have a degree. And I have no friends.. And i'm not loyal.

So you won't listen to me.

That was the intention.

And at this point it doesn't matter... If people intend to die it's fucking destructive dealing with people suffering..

Women. You are the path to evolution.. Some of you will keep the human race going , not because you had a billion kids.. Because you knew how to change to survive. And you listened to the indicators.

Women are the future.. Because the men refuse to change.. Until they absolutely have to. And you hope they survive that transition.

Some men employ women who will not change.. Some men will make sure their women do not change for anyone. And then these women attack the other women who try to change.

That's what you're up against women.. Is other women employed by the men to keep people the same and destructive.

Changing yourself for a very specific outcome with indicators is not resistance. Embracing disease is not resistance. Embracing all food is not resistance. Embracing pain and suffering is not resistance..

Speaking from your point of view is not resisting somebody else.. Observing the world you live in from your point of view on your page is not in resistance to somebody else.

When you actively dispute somebody else ON THEIR PAGE you are in resistance..

When you go on someone's page IN DISPUTE you are in resistance.

And you are also a troll and that's ugly behavior.

Embraced the change if that's your argument. My information changed you. And you are in resistance ..

Embrace the change.

if people do not stand up for themselves and speak for themselves, they sure as hell cannot speak for anyone else..

And even if you can speak for someone else because you were given the legal right to do that.. Are you truly representing somebody else very well..

We seriously can only represent ourselves..

The legal system says you as a lawyer represent a case to develop credibility/doubt in any one's argument for or against you..

And you must have evidence and prove intent and even prove correlation equals causation.

If you don't have that you cannot speak for anyone else. And you have to go through a lot of schooling to represent somebody else.

Only you can represent yourself.

Speak for yourself.

Because you can't even speak for your own children or animals.. You do not even know what they know or do not know or feel or do not feel.

You can only speculate..

So every argument out there is credible.. And I can assure you most of you don't even understand the sciences behind all the arguments..

You just come from belief. .. And belief has been proven to be dangerous..

Just remember.. Science is never settled.

So shut up how right you think you are about any belief around science.

Science has never been settled.

But right now.

The systems intentions is to scale down the population.

Some of you are employed to do that.. You are employed to help the system scale down the population.


Responders save lives

That's it.

If you're not a first responder..

You're not saving anyone's life. You're destroying them.

This is why I stay on my own and do not socialize, as much.


Responders save lives

That's it.

If you're not a first responder..

You're not saving anyone's life. You're destroying them.

even if people give me the permission to "destroy" them, I won't.

my husband and I are in contract to help each other survive and we have rules of engagement so one or both do not end each other's lives "prematurely"..

We are the complete opposite of each other. So we have balance. If we were so much like we would destroy each other. We are the complete opposite with a common focus. And still allow the freedom to be

I questioned the belief people should die someday..

And people wanted to kill me for that

Ironic isn't it.

no shit.

no, im not impressed with you.

If you are suffering go to the hospital if you cannot handle it. But no one out there can save your life.

I don't care how pretty that girl is with her remedies and surgeries.

She's not saving your life. He's not saving your life

One exception.

Only a first responder in a time of an accident could potentially save your life

But all these spiritual gurus dancing around selling you s*** and supplements.

They're not saving your life.

And when you close up your body holding all that waste material in because you're afraid to release.

You're literally gassing yourself to death.

The holistic holocaust.

Nobody out there ia saving your life.. Only a first responder could potentially.

I told you.

I knew people were gassing themselves to death because they were so full of shit and not enough nutrients.

And they were too extreme on either ends. Overly abundant or way too skinny.. Resistant to climate change. Afraid of air food and water. Treating themselves to death.

Biological process that adds methyl groups to DNA molecules, which can change the activity of a DNA segment without changing the sequence. DNA methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that regulates gene expression and tissue differentiation

Methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) that is a primary component of natural gas. It is made up of carbon and hydrogen and is colorless, odorless, and highly flammable.


Climate change and global warming is basically greenhouse gasses choking the people who can't handle it..

You have to feed for climate change and greenhouse gases.

You can't afford to be treating yourself to death.

I told you starvation and your shit was killing you.

poop cult indeed.

sepsis is a concentrated form of waste material choking the person to death aka clots and aggressive dna methylation.

all of your remedies are choking off your escape hatches..

And then that waste material gasses the person to death..

People do it to themselves and they employ mercenaries of a system to do it for them.

Yes, waste material from a house or business that enters a septic tank is considered effluent, liquid waste, or sewage discharge. The waste material is made up of three components:

Sludge: Heavier solids that settle to the bottom of the tank

Scum: Lighter materials like oil and grease that rise to the top of the tank

Effluent: A clear liquid layer in the middle of the tank

DNA methylation may contribute to sepsis-induced immunosuppression which, if persistent, will cause long-term adverse effects in neonates. Conclusions: DNA methylation marks can serve as a biomarker for neonatal sepsis and even contribute to differentiating between early and late onset sepsis.

i told you.

poop cult indeed

Trump's america is also Liberal America

Because both sides fail to understand each other's point of view.

They could not provide an intelligent argument for each side of the issue.

And when you call yourself a liberal or a conservative.. You have just told everyone how intolerant you are to the other arguments.

For all the MEAN people who love the government putting people in debt because they wanted to pursue an education..

I want an educated society. I really hate living among ignorant people who are wilfully ignorant.

An educated society is a peaceful society.

In the age of information ignorance is a choice.

And right now beliefs are fucking deadly. And just because you believe one side of an educated argument doesn't mean the other argument is not valid because it is.

Education is one thing..

Discrimination is another.

I don't tell you what to believe or how to believe.I just give you the information.

If you truly don't know all the arguments can you afford to mock other people's arguments..

No you're just a bully. There are also liberal bullies out there as well. And they feel justified.. And they would have no problem genociding somebody else. No different than the conservatives.

And I can argue devil's advocate every fucking day..

Because I know why people do what they do. I know why they believe what they believe. Because I stood in the shoes of those people. The people arguing their point of view..

I played the part. I understood that world. Because I care about humans.

When you care about humans, you'll stand in their shoes because you argued that specific point for a reason.

Because you cared about yourself and other people.

And you can still take a point of view and still understand the opposing point of view.. And

still argue intelligently without attacking anyone..

You can question the industry..

The people In the industry will question themselves.

And you can separate the industries from the people and give people the choice with information..

As far as educational loans.

And not everybody could afford tuition right off the bat..

Not everybody could do five different jobs and go to school Full time..

Not everybody was rich. Not everybody had mommy and daddy paying for everything.

Student loans were given TO YOU by the government. You had to have the desire to go to school and educate your ass.

If you had no desire to do that.

Shut the hell up

If mommy and daddy paid for your education shut up.

If you had the ability to work 5 jobs and go to school at night.

Good for you. Here's my violin if you're so upset.

Get over it.

The government gave you the debt

They can also forgive you of the debt.

It's not your debt if the govt gave it to you.

What the government gives they can take away!!!

The only way you had to qualify for student loans was based upon what you made and what your parents made.

They didn't look at your credit or anything.

You are a republican you should know this!!

So STFU around this

You guys are tiresome. And your arguments are crap

Maybe if you actually went to school , you would know this..

Maybe you should have RECEIVED a student loan to a further your education about how shit works..

Not everybody parties every day and has a billion children and expects everyone to take care of them but then you shit on people who further their education.

I'm not speaking to anyone specific. But I see the arguments out there . I see people shitting on others who want to further their education.. And student loan debt is crazy.. And the compound interest is what was killing everybody.

And it was given out for a reason.. Because the government wanted to educate those who wanted to be educated..

And if the govt decides to forgive the loans.. That's the government's choice..

My body my choice

That's government money that's the government choice.

Oh but it's your tax dollars.. My tax dollars pays for drunk drivers and people who party with a billion kids who have issues with air food and water.. criminal activity.. All of your needs and wants and baubles..

My tax dollars go for paying for your pleasure and paradise and ignorance.. Keeping the roads clean from all of your bullshit.. Fixing the signs because your daughter's and son's crashed into them.

Yes, my tax dollars do pay for policeman salaries to protect the neighborhood from your children who steal from the neighbors and crash their cars and rob stores because they never received an education.

My tax dollars pay for firemen.. First responders. When your kids are having drug abuse problems.. My tax dollars pay for narcan. To save your kid from overdosing.

Yeah, my tax dollara are hard at work taking care of all of your problem family. My tax dollars pay for all the activists out there tearing up the whole neighborhood because they have an issue with how things are done..

my tax dollars fund public services... Services that I don't even use but it's for the good of the community. Because I live in a society where I give a shit about the people in it. I want them educated.

I don't want to live among completely ignorant people but it seems like people are wilfully ignorant..

If you want to have an argument about tax dollars

My tax dollars pays for your children's education.. That you scoff at. And I have no children.

Tax dollars fund government activities, including public services and works like schools and roads, as well as programs like Medicare and Social Security. Federal government spending can be broken down into two main categories: mandatory and discretionary.

Yes, tax dollars pay for police salaries, but funding comes from a variety of sources, including federal, state, and local governments. Local sources provide the majority of funding, but the amount varies depending on factors like crime rate, city size, location, and wealth. In recent years, local police spending has become more reliant on federal funding.

Yes, local, state, and federal tax dollars pay for most fire departments, including salaries and equipment. Full-time firefighters are paid by the municipality they work for. Fire districts may also fund daily operations with a fire levy, which is capped at $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value. Bonds fund capital items like fire stations.

Using federal SOR grant dollars, states have purchased nearly 9 million naloxone kits and helped reverse more than 500,000 overdoses. Dec 21, 2023

America has been used as a tool.. We are being used as a tool.. What happened at kent state during the Vietnam war was based upon americans dying overseas. And yes the students had a valid argument

What's going on at these college campuses TODAY is based upon the war in gaza..

Not americans going over seas.

And people are targeting jewish people.

Yeah this is pretty bad.

You see people trying to compare apples to oranges..

Sorry.. Your argument doesn't quite fit the narrative

It sucks people are dying in Foreign Wars but why is that the fault of the colleges.

It's literally out of your hands.

The students need to protect themselves. The students need to further their education.

When there are wars you can't save everybody

You can only save yourself

This is why america is failing.

Many of the people in it are doing it to americans.

They failed to understand their fellow man. They could give a fucking shit about anyone but themselves.

Understanding people isn't bailing them out and making their life so easy they have no impetus to do anything..

Understanding people is realizing where you have no power over someone else's life but you give them the information so they can pull themselves up by their own bookstraps.

And if they can't then the government must intervene and develop a public service that is paid by your tax dollars.

And so i'm finding it very interesting that I see republicans have turned liberal and liberals have turned republican.

And they both are annihilating each other. And they are nasty to each other.

And so now I see bleeding heart republicans and bleeding heart liberals annihilating each other.

I built a case against those in the anti vaccine world and anti chemtrails world who think the air food water is poison, but you're willing to trust strangers to recommend you "protection" is a little disingenuous. You still use the hospital system controlled by the government.

You must find a different way to survive because your arguments are going to destroy you.

I also find it very interesting those in the anti vaccine world have no problem going in and getting surgery..

You don't trust the vaccines but you are willing to be unconcious under the knife..


You don't trust the vaccines but you are willing to get injected by with b twelve shots. Or g c m a f.

You don't trust the vaccines, but you'll pop vitamins and supplements like they're candy. and buy s*** over the internet you have no idea if it's safe or not by some stranger in mexico Or China.

or you are a medical tourist getting surgery done in 3rd world countries.

Are you kidding me?

Oh, that's right they sold you a great sales pitch..

The seller promised you pleasure and paradise.

You don't trust the pharmaceuticals industry or the vaccines but you're willing to take something like ivermectin Or some concoction you found in a facebook group.. Given out by strangers.

You're willing to put your life in the hands of strangers..

But you don't trust the vaccines.

I'm not saying should trust the vaccines

But I think your alternatives are just as bad if not worse..

And you lose credibility.

Face it.

If you can't handle food pain or suffering..

It won't matter what you do..

Every alternative will be just as bad if not worse.

So you might as well just admit you have no idea what the hell you are doing. You might as well go see your doctor.. Because you're going to see them anyways eventually.

And then you'll justify it.

Everybody does in the anti vaccine world.. Or they just die suddenly ..

The rape of the body mind and spirit doesn't discriminate.. Because you've been taking pills/weed to force your body to produce hormones or constrict blood vessels or force them open, isn't any better.

I find it interesting that those who don't trust the government and the environmental protection agency will trust supplements and operations from the government. And they're also anti vaccine.

If you think the chemtrails are poisoned but you're willing to take supplements. You're willing to smoke pot..

There is a major disconnect

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