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Frequency, Imagery, and Chemistry and Programming Humans

This environment is conditioning those who are strong enough to deal with it and who are also intellectually smart...

The change in frequency and fluctuation is making sure that their heart can handle stress..

And if you are morally opposed to strengthening your body with food and resources and releasing demons.. You will either exercise/work/play/reproduce yourself to death or starve yourself to death .

Who will be left..

Those who are strong enough in body regardless of intellectual capacity..

Frequency imagery and chemistry The system programmed people through specific images they wanted reproduced back into the population.. fre·quen·cy the rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample. "an increase in the frequency of accidents due to increased overtime" im·age·ry /ˈiməj(ə)rē/ noun visually descriptive or figurative language,

five sens·es /ˌfīv ˈsensəz/ noun the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. When someone is either missing one or more of their 5 senses or different aspects of their five senses may not be as strong, they will have strength in specific areas with obvious weaknesses..

Does having a strength in one area develop a weakness in another area.

It just depends on how you would measure the possible potential versus the actual potential..

Is being conventionally beautiful make you more peaceful..

When you are "beautiful" what are you making up for.. Lack of extreme intelligence, maybe..

An example of the opposite: For instance Stephen Hawking..

A Beautiful Mind, an Ugly Possibility Forty-one years with Lou Gehrig’s disease ha

s left famous physicist Stephen Hawking’s body utterly vulnerable.

The suffering is when you capitalize on your strengths and a ignore your weaknesses.. What happens is people's weaknesses become their strength of suffering and they destroy themselves by focusing so much on their weaknesses.. That's a double edged sword..

Because those strengths can only produce so long before they even break down..

Weaknesses are indicators that there is deficiency and capitalizing on strengths won't last forever..

When you figure out your strengths and weaknesses you realize you have a lot of work to do to build up your weaknesses to become balanced working in conjunction with what is already conditioned or perceived as a strength..

Then you won't even need to use the word strength.. Strength is a spell influencing people to capitalize on what is socially acceptable.. And then ride that wave until destruction.. Conditional (negentropy)

con·di·tion·al 1. subject to one or more conditions or requirements being met; Unconditional (entropy) not subject to any conditions. If everyone was beautiful.. There would be no competition.. No war.. Because beautiful women and men would be a dime a dozen .. There would be no misery or mystery..

Except for the deterioration process.. Once someone was beautiful conventionally beautiful and then they became decrepit..

That's misery.. Even justifying deterioration as a subculture to make it okay is misery and suffering..

If everyone was beautiful.. People would be having MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF sex with each other all the time..

Releasing not only their demons but destroying themselves.. But in the process they would producing some potentially questionable children relative to what demons were at the surface at the time..

However!! if they were always having sex not producing children then they will be using up many resources inevitably causing senescence.. Or deterioration.. And then death.. Developing wars on their way out the door..

Is there a happy medium between being conventionally beautiful balanced symmetrical and extremely intelligent..

That's what my j world needs to discover.. Not everyone was programmed to be beautiful in their prior world.. I mean conventionally beautiful..

And so I even need to check my biases as far as balance.. But I don't want anyone thinking that they've made it, even myself..

Because we have a long way to go to discover how this environment will affect our evolution and increasement of our intelligence

When the frequencies are up I turn to my reels to slow down my energy and i'm eating food to make the most of the energy..

Everything is in harmony..

If you are dealing with pain.. Here's how you can use your environment to your benefit without destroying yourself..

You can't control the frequencies that come up and that is predominantly the issue during this climate change..

Now you must learn how to react to them so they don't destroy you and you don't inadvertently destroy yourself in the process..

When the frequencies are up..

So yes you can control your hormones based upon reactions to things out of your control using music frequency, food, leaving highly energetic situations or lessening them, napping, or finding something low key to watch on netflix or youtube..

If you're using food make sure it is something like vegetables, meat, cream, sugars, and fruits and nuts fats Carbs..

Not alcohol spices herbs cannabis extracts tinctures or anything remedy like..

Go to facebook and find the samples of loops that are low key and while you're eating listen to the low key music.. You must have a smartphone and understand how to use facebook reels.

I've made several reels that are low key.. Beautiful pictures.. And relatively calming..

Be kind to yourself.. And release the demons when necessary without using aggressive elements..

You don't need highly ionic elements to release demons.. Right now climate change is highly ionic that's free energy you've been given.. Use it wisely..

Milk is not highly ionic.. Cream is not highly ionic.. But when your body needs to produce the proteins to release demons and give you substance. You will be ionic until your body gets too relative equilibrium..

You're always constantly adjusting.. Make sure you understand how to do that so you survive this..

They had the frequencies shift in the afternoon or late morning yesterday on friday, we just had a major frequency shift in the late afternoon, Saturday..

The system is forcing instability and so those who are completely weak to the instability are phased out..

Keep feeding the energy and release those demons..

Too much salt and water foods will cure you and cause eventual starvation, aka entropy (over time, relative to BMI), severely underweight. (entropy)

Not enough salt and water with foods, and proper release by a conditioned alimentary canal will cause morbid obesity and the diverse life will be at war with each other and you and the aggressive life will shut down the host/you.. (negentropy)

electrolytes regulate the life in the body, mind and spirit.

COW Milk/Cream is LIFE AND YOU NEED COMPLETE PROTEINS and you need the grains/fats/all fats and allow the body to release/express itself without being in fear of another remedy/surgery or oncology traumatizing it..

the J juice was to show you life sprang from salt waters and regulates life..which is why tropical rain forests are full of fresh water, yes, but so much diverse life that may also be poisonous to humans.

The beaches of the oceans have life, but not the same type of life found in the Amazon rainforest..

understand the ocean/salt water regulates life..




We appreciate your contribution.

Understand Memorial Day and Weekend...

what is death if it does not mean something like human advancement..

memorial weekend is not just remembering those from all the wars.. those wars were for a reason to understand all human, affect a lifestyle, belief system, and human experimentation.. those wars encourage economies, energy, capitalism, holidays, "freedom", and innovation..

make Memorial Day mean something besides a meme... what will you do to make their death mean something to your life.

Let me tell you all the veterans of foreign wars didn't die for you to have a ten thousand square foot house.. They didn't die for you to go and travel everywhere.. They didn't die for you to become a drug addict and alcoholic with different diseases.. They didn't die for you to worship them like you are worshipping people of the past who are dead.

They didn't die for you to die in other wars..

They died so you can live and carry on the human spirit..

They died fighting another man's war to advance humans and socio geopolitical politics..

They died fighting biological wars.. That includes those who didn't fight in foreign wars or even domestic wars.. Because when you think about it civilians are dying in domestic wars

The fact people lost their lives to cancer disease chronic illness and accidents..

They did not survive the war in their body or in their environment or community..

If anyone has died in your life regardless of where they died.. And who they fought for..

They died in a war...

When will you make that death mean something.. So that others may live..

Everyone who is in a battle right now is a veteran..

If you die.. That's what this holiday is all about..

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