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The Holistic Holocaust

The Holistic Holocaust

 It's the full destruction of the mind body and spirit.

And you have little hitlers all around you bullying/loving you into death and destruction.

And of course starvation and herbs.

And they call their remedies life and healing.

Making money off you hand over fist.

So you could have a case against the vaccine industry if you can prove correlation equals causation as far as the growth and the combination of bacteria attracted to each other. Especially if you've been told to take drugs that vasoconstrict or vasodilate. Especially if you're under the influence of cannabis or whatever else.. Because you were told that was the only thing. But at this point it doesn't matter..

You have to condition to live and you have not been conditioned to live. And during climate change you have been conditioned to pass away and die and resist change.

But it still doesn't change the fact that you won't survive even winning a court case.. Because it was never about the money.. The system can give you all the money in the world and if you don't take care of your body you won't survive to spend it.. You can't eat money.

Even millionaires are not even surviving their own protocols they develop on their own ..

Lots of money does not equal wealth or longevity.. It's just a faster way to die. Because you think you can buy life.. No you can only buy death.

The system used tools for the system to make you think money and wealth and power and prestige is the way to go..

Yeah the way to an early death ..

The system made you think looking hot and sexual was the way to be with a lot of friends and family..

 Yeah that's an early grave.

The laws were built for the system not for you.. Because even if you could afford to break the law you will still do yourself in because you're not conditioned to live.

You have been conditioned to resist and die. Court cases and lawsuits don't matter..

That's just closure for the system. And throwing money at any problem doesn't fix it.

Just like you're seeing all the different lawsuits against data breeches. Yes there are laws. But if you can afford to break them you'll just pay people off.. And you got what you intended.. People's information..

And the amount of money you make off people's information was worth more than the pittance of judgments against you..

If you make three billion dollars off somebody and you were charged one hundred million dollars for data breeches. It's worth it.. It's business.

So even if you win any money for anything if you can prove correlation equals causation.. People are dying no matter what .

People are dying with all of their winnings.. And they also attract parasites people who are desperate for money..

Having lots of money has more problems than it does solutions.

The system made money extremely hypnotizing.. And they sexualized death.. They sexualized destruction.. And they used tools of the system to lure you into addictions and everything else. And distractions of course.

major trigger alert..

the holistic world is to H/itler like big pharma is to those who SCAPEGOATED big pharma to blame using the holistic system as a platform against big pharma..

Phonetically. holistic sounds like holocaust.

 many times i've done talk to text and holistic came out to be holocaust..

The holistic world is operation paper clip.

Hippies.. Spiritual people.. Religious fanatics.. We did it to ourselves.

how many children have died because mom and dad were against big pharma using supplements and elderberry syrup?

why did 6 million j/ews die in the h/olocaust and no one stopped it? Because when hilter rose to power, he promised them pleasure and paradise and justice and found a scapegoat..

what do you think all the gurus in the mommy and me groups are promising their flock of followers..

justice, pleasure, and paradise.

There is no such thing as justice only closure.. Sometimes death is closure

But you can't choose that for somebody else. People have to choose closure themselves.. Or the justice system will determine if they deserve the death penalty.. Closure.

Children right now are like the 6 million jews in the h.olocaust.. and parents are justifying herbal treatments and treatments in general in the name of resisting big pharma, their nemesis, their scape goat.

And when N/azi Germany rose to power, all death was justified in the name of germany's reputation.. that is why no one stopped the holocaust..

people felt justified.. which is why people expect to pass away someday.. they feel justified ending their own suffering and their children's suffering in the name of peace..

starvation, herbal remedies and oncology and getting your head shaved is reminiscent of ww2.

I have read too many book and saw too many pictures of concentration camp victims.. skinny, starving, head shaved and devoid of life..

it kills me watching humans repeat history, voluntarily..

"fluoride in the water to concentration camp people" is like cannabis to ailing/alien people..

I've seen that comparison that fluoride is like drugging the population into submission..

What the fuck do you think cannabis does to you.

What the hell do you think salt caves due to your kid's mucus.. What the hell do you think all those remedies and surgeries do to your children.

What do you think of starvation is doing to your children.. When they're so skinny and nutritionally devoid..

 Then they get cancer and then have to shave their heads so they can go through the treatments.

But this time you do it to yourself in your family... No one is doing a damn thing to you..

You guys are choosing to end your suffering through starvation and treatments and radiation and direct energy weapons using the energy healing world.

And then you fucking justify it and blame somebody else for your own disaster of a life.. And your children repeat the same mistakes that you did..

I see even some jewish people repeat the same mistakes to their own family..

Somebody has to break the cycle..

It doesn't matter if you are a jew or a gentile.

The hospital system is one huge large experiment..

Break the cycle if you want to survive..

Or the system will reward you handsomely for being part of the depopulation agenda.. You will make money hand over fist and even be worshipped for your part in it..

I want no part of it.

So, while the system played both sides of the fence, you always had a choice..

even today, at the 11th hour, you still have a choice.. if you are still alive..

once you are dead..

no more choices.

Virus frequency.

And the bacteria who are attracted to each other.

Developing growth and yes spiritual awareness..

I'll be using AIDS virus as an example..

But every virus out there is a combination of bacteria's when replicating cause disease influenced by different frequencies and environment And the person's lifestyle.

And they are not inherently bad because are part of your GENOME, however.. When they're out of control you have to find something neutral like salt to influence the immune system to break up the clumps.. If you start using bacteria's against bacteria's you'll develop a monster inside.. But if you overdo salt you'll freeze those monsters inside and they will become bigger And deadlier.

That's why you don't turn to detoxes or the holistic market..

You feed the body and released the demons..

But if you're taking herbs and so many different things to stop the body from releasing trapping those demons within those bacteries become so huge they destroy the person and then the person is forced to go under the knife and be tortured by the medical holistic system.

Then the person is forced to be under the influence for the rest of their life until they check out a hundred per cent.

You never attack anything... Your intent is never to kill any life in your body because it will definitely kill you eventually..

Yes, all the herbal/allopathic/supplemental treatments children and sick people get during this particle acceleration climate change, are speeding up turbo cancers.

Speeding up died suddenly.

It wasn't noticed in long wave lengths.. Or in slower frequency times like fifty years ago.

But it's definitely noticeable with shorter wavelengths.. Higher frequencies.. And you don't have time to turn shit around..

That's why food is the only answer if you want to prolong your life.. And if you have issues with food.. You're done no matter what. You need as much food as you can get in without triggering some aggressive condition.. Because will you have what it takes to deal with that aggressive condition even with the food you have issues with.

I think people are finally realizing and making the connections it's not just the public health therapies that are speeding up all the different growths called cancers and whatever else.. But it's all types of treatments.. And if you don't have enough body to you to potentially redirect.. Cancer will ravage a person to death..

This is a different kind of war.. This is a war at your own hand. This is a war of your belief systems.. And then people project the blame..

And since this is a frequency war.. Some places get more than others.. Other places think people in other places are crazy.. Until they start seeing frequency happen in their world..

By that time it's too late.. They never listened to indicators across the world.. They did not think it would happen to them..

Until it did.

No different than the poem about not standing up for different types of people..

First they came for the Communists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews

And I did not speak out

Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me

And there was no one left

To speak out for me

But you can't speak for anyone else.. That's the difference in this war..

You have to speak up for yourself.. You had to see who were afflicted by the cancers and realize your next if you don't change.. You're watching people die suddenly.. And if you don't speak up for yourself and take care of yourself.. And redirect the situation.. And notice patterns outside of what somebody gave you..

 Youre next.

And IF you won't speak up yourself no one around you will speak up for you because they are also dead as well.

And so when the cancer ravages a person .. Despite all their treatments..

you only hope they have enough body to redirect the situation.

And that's been the main issue is people did not have enough body to them to redirect the situation or survive the aggressive treatments they were under as soon as they were diagnosed.

 Because the treatments also disabled the person's immune system to work effectively.. The person had really nothing working for them. And so that's why they go very fast in this environment.

 Of course the diets and the pharmaceuticals and medications made it even more difficult for the immune system to work for the person.. So the environment took the person out even when the cancer is under remission.. Because the person did not have enough immune system to push out a blood clot..

That's died suddenly..

That's why I milk and cream loaded myself two years ago. That's why I was eating so much pork chops and steak for a few months

Basically every single day. Now I just eat red meat and pork once in a while.. At least once a week...

I was catching up.. I was giving my body the fuel and resources to deal with climate change.. I took naps and I slept and I ate and I eliminated and helped my body eliminate without forcing it to do anything.. I used my immune system called my respiratory system to leverage the pressure to push out stuff..

 But I did not force my body to do things against its will or what it was not conditioned to do.

I had the last 3 years to condition my body for release and retention.. And it was fucking brutal.

By the way , even those who didn't get vaccinated are dealing with turbot cancers.. But you would never know this because you don't know people's medical records..

But yes, if you are in a died suddenly group that just blames the public health therapies, you could say public health therapies are one major factor of excessive growth in particle acceleration and climate change.

 But the holistic system is also to blame. They just exchanged one drug for another.

Before climate change, we were playing musical chairs walking to the music

Now, the music has stopped and everyone is fighting over the chairs, bumping each other off..

The system sexualized death so it became desirable.

And so the system told you.. The medical and holistic system means to end your suffering..

Not save your life.

First responders risk their life to save yours..

But the health and wellness vet system world means to end your life as humanely as possible..

I've been trying to say it this way for the last seven years

I'm trying to psychologically give you access to all food.

Your friends and family are psychologically and intellectually trying to take food away from you.. Sometimes.

Even physically.

That's the difference between myself and the world..

It's your family and friends and religions who are starving you.. And since they're suffering.. They will end your life.. through their own psychological operations

Then they will tell you food is poison that's why you're suffering..

But they will never admit their own starvation is what caused their suffering to begin with..

Yes, I have liberated myself from astronomical suffering and I will let the licensed professionals like holistic/allopathic liberate others who are suffering...

if that means died suddenly, you asked the system to end your suffering and treat your disease.. and you said food was poison, so please starve me.

this was the message I was trying to say since 2016... the system forced you to be accountable for what you intended..

and you kept demonizing me.. and I was trying to feed you, even after I got away from the holistic system, but I knew you had to deal with certain amounts of pain and suffering, but if you could not, you had to be humanely put down, called HOSPICE or died suddenly via treatments and starvation/diets.

And you can't make that decision for somebody else.. You can't force them to suffer.. And you can't take away their life because you're suffering.

You can only offer information... And give people the choice .



Women are the hope for the future.. Not just because they hold the power of life between their legs.. Because they have the power to evolve and change and even potentially survive it.

Men are so strong nobody challenges them so they throw their weight around and you cant tell them anything..

They have no reason to change.. They won't. Until they're forced to. And their simpering wives just support whatever the hell they want..

Because the wife can't even challenge her own husband. She's not supposed to. She is just along for the ride. She is a passenger and observer.. an observer in her own life. And then she becomes a human sacrifice later.. And everybody worships her falling to the sword of assimilation, even if it was beyond her capacity

That's women sacrificing another woman..

women are the evolution because the men never had to be.. The reason why the men were bread winners in the beginning because they were consistent and they were reliable. They didn't have children or have evolutionary issues like pms or pre menstrual disorder.

the women could be hope to other women, but the men won't be the hope, because they never had to change..

the men were given the gift of power, privilege, ability and even consistency that women will use drugs/operations to keep up with her man/men..

women will make or break themselves and their children.

 the men will just break themselves until they are forced to change. And you hope your man survives the changes in the environment.

The issue with women trying to be like men and keeping up with them with operations and whatever is the fact they will have children who will be monsters in the future..

When we have developed such extremes in our society how do you develop a middle ground when you keep going to extremes and try to keep up with other people.

People disfigure themselves and harm themselves to keep up with their mate.

And the people around them..

And that's why you have monsters in our society and predators.. People forced to conform even when they don't have the capacity to..

if you cannot face "ugly", you do not deserve "beauty"..

That's why i'm not a toxic positive.. Or a pessimist.

I face the f***** u* s*** in our world. And I talk about it. I don't pretend bad shit doesn't exist.

And I protect myself..

And I observe people who are so oblivious living in toxic positivity or a consummate pessimist.

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