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Immune system = WHOLE BODY

Immune system = WHOLE BODY

When you get therapies surgeries taking out organs or putting in transplants and implants you are disabling many aspects of the immune system causing a chain reaction of events that will then be looked at as a tool and a platform for you to blame someone or something later on down the road when all the conditions are right..

When you're tired of suffering you wanna blame someone it's because you allowed someone to commandeer your body.

That includes herbal remedies tinctures and concoctions to disable your body's ability to release because you don't want to cough sneeze or blow your nose or poop or pee or experience diarrhea when it's necessary or throw up when it's necessary.. Or sweat when it's necessary..

You don't want your body to feel anything you just want to be plasticized and cured until the body can't handle it and then it revolts against you..

Then it's aggressive therapy because you were aggressive against your body for decades..

Then when you get cancer you attack your evolution which are the cancer cells with aggressive direct energy weapons and then the body has no choice but to revolt against you even more so.. Then potentially a died suddenly, and/or aggressive aging during climate change.

Everything in the health and wellness world is a factor of why you're suffering from obesity cancer disease chronic illness and the lack of evolution.. When you can't take in new information it's like taking a cough suppressant like pineapple juice so your body does not release the demons.. Now you just trapped damage cells in the body and you wonder why people are getting aggressive exotic diseases..

In my book it says sexual orientation comes from a closed system of so much damage cells fornicating within causing all different types of sexual proclivities.. If you have to identify yourself as anything sexual you live within a closed system..

Some sexual orientation are more acceptable than others but it doesn't mean that they're all not working from the same background of diversity in the body that was not allowed to be released.. Because they all are that's why you're dropping babies allowing things to catastrophize inside the body whether it's cancer or a child.. Either way it's new life it's new..

Some are more organized than others.

Nation building came from the medicine world because they closed up your system systematically causing you to be fertile.. Then infected then dropping babies.. And that's why you get so many new viruses in the population because it's new life from all the different microbes fornicating in the environment as well as internally in people's bodies..

You can't get away from viruses because people are the virus.. Their mucus is what's causing people to have offspring a different viral offshoots..

Some babies are awesome other babies are serial killers because of medical/chemical trauma they went through in their childhood and adulthood and they had no place to release properly..

Now you see why they want to guide reproduction carefully in the future..

The georgia guidestones was developed for a reason..

You have a chance to redirect but you have to stop resisting the environment and the changes in the climate and economy..

Resistance is futile even I know this

Redirect not resist..

Your immune system can heal everything.. You just gotta give it all the food and rest and release..

You were told your immune system needed therapies, drugs, medicine, die(t)s and remedies and it didn't.

they just made s*** worse and it made you addicted. And dependent.. And now you're suffering and you want the world to suffer with you.. Misery is desperate for company.. That is the definition of a Cult.

Some people found a way out and they're working on themselves and I commend them.

In the meantime you are starving yourself which means you have a eating disorder because you're over capacity or you can't handle the food supply because of your own internal damaged immune system.

Even your politics around eating meat was a psychological operation.. Which is why Bill Gates is developing lab created meats so that way you don't have that image of Factory farms..

People have been traumatized into starvation in so many ways.. You are a commodity.. The medical system and the holistic system are not A charity or benevolent.. Everything you do is worth trillions of dollars..

Again some people will find their way out of that system and still survive despite everyone trying to bring them back into it..

Once you get taste of freedom you don't want to be a caged bird anymore dependent on strangers..

If we're gonna blame anyone

blame imhotep

From 57゚ to 25゚

Climate change erratic swings in the temperatures.. The outside temperatures and changes will definitely influence the internal immune system..

Your immune system is your whole body.. It's not just one specific place..

Your external immune system can handle the changes because skin can be resilient but some people have extremely sensitive skin and so you see bruising and other colors on the skin from internal damage.. past and present.

The kicker is when your body goes through changes and then you're seeing past injuries come up.. It's like examining ice cores.. You see the history of that person... The medical trauma history of that person.

Medicine can only cover so much.. Chemistry can only hide the damage for so long..

Cures don't last forever

When you start feeling stuff that's the cure wearing off..

You shouldn't be going to get another cure because you're just compounding the issue and then the monster will become extremely formidable..

Anyone recommending you to get a cure for something is giving you medical advice and that's not for them to do.. I only gave medical advice in my book by saying go see a doctor because I know the split in the world that I live in..

Those who don't want to do what I'm doing will go see a doctor and so we know they're not going to just not do something.. they won't do what I'm doing, So their only resort is to have somebody else tell them how to do stuff..

Very very very few people in the jj world will understand what I'm doing..

They've been keeping up with my information.. And they have evolved with me..

They are the gifts that keep on giving

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