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  • Jillian Epperly

IN the future, those in the medical system will also ask for forgiveness..I can almost see it now..

If you cannot save your significant other and they are dead set in following their path, SAVE YOURSELF. NO REASON WHY BOTH OF YOU SHOULD DIE.

You will carry on your genetic line, their memory and serve the greater purpose of life on Earth. You survived climate change and you have tremendous wisdom to impart to the youth who are destroying the world .. You will make new friends and develop a different path once you account for your past occupations, or continue helping people pass away, but not actually advocating it or converting those on the fence to your hand.

Your second chance at life means if you are in the medical/dental/holistic/allopathic/vet industry, you will finally be honest with your intention because the outcome is the morgue...

You are NOT saving anyone's life, you are prolonging their death and the ones who have enough substance are used as poster children of oncology falsely advertising oncology prolongs your life..

Ask the skinny women/men who have died, if ONCOLOGY saved them.. ohhh wait, they "blamed" the cancer... CONVENIENT.

Once you saved yourself, it is time to come clean.. with everything.. and your part in the system of destruction..

Remember back in 2020 when the Caucasians were apologizing the African American's for their part in discrimination and slavery...

IN the future, those in the medical system will also ask for forgiveness..

I can almost see it now..

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