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It suck to be ignorant.. In the old world we paid for the light the knowledge the genius..

Cheri response to that activist post.. and YOU are right.

Thought provoking.. I think about the j world.. And what you would have to deal with.. It makes me sad that humans can't handle any kind of evolution or handle pain.. The fact that we are not conditioned to deal with evolution.. Will make it very easy to give people remedies to death.

Main take away.. It suck to be ignorant.. In the old world We paid for the light the knowledge the genius.. We paid to be smarter than other people..

Now with so much knowledge and genius at your fingertips.. People are paying to go back to sleep even if it's for 8hours.. The internet is too bright and social media is too much for some people..

People are paying to have the pain be taken away.

They can't handle this much light knowledge genius life..

I used to binge eat meat carbs and sleep to survive in between bouts of p m d d..

I still sleep and binge eat meat milk and carbs to survive the frequencies the bouts in between each frequency shift.

Now I realized.. My life of PMDD was a conditioning process for this time.. Pain is the ticket to the next world.. the next world will be amazing You are the unique identifier...

Boycotting companies will not do anything but show how scared you are to be brought too light.. What's in a dark will always come delight.. to light..

Using cache, cash, phone, ssn is another way to hide nefarious activity... How many people defrauded each other.. Using cash phone s s n..

Your dna.. Facial recognition.. Fingerprints..

What's in the dark will always come delight.. to light..

If you're not doing anything wrong.. There's nothing to hide..


But what about privacy... Nothing was ever private...

And if everything had to be private, what were you doing that you were so ashamed..

What was the big secret..?

People who hide behind fake accounts keeping large secrets.. But nothing is secret on the internet.. Even if you think you're well hidden.. There's always back doors.. Even the ones you don't know about..

VPN's can only go so far..

We know why people keep "secrets"..

They're doing something wrong..

And they know it.. And they don't want to be identified.. Because they are not proud of themselves.. That's pretty obvious..

I mean.. Everyone who's on facebook you have no reason to claim privacy.. You spill your guts every day..

Even if you are just copying and pasting that "legal statement" facebook can't use your pictures..

Yes, they can..

While users own the rights to their content, they gave Facebook license to do certain things with that content when they signed up and agreed to the company’s terms of service:

When you share, post, or upload content that is covered by intellectual property rights on or in connection with our Products, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content (consistent with your privacy and application settings)."

Are you serious.. You pay for internet..

If you want to be verified you can pay for that service..

Those who are off of facebook somebody else is keeping tabs on them..

Or they have something to hide..

If you're concerned about safety....

Put down boundaries in your personal world and virtual world..

You can still take part in society without becoming a victim...

If you're so worried about becoming a victim..

Don't be a perpetrator...

Have a good day..

BTW With knowledge.. You mourn the times you were ignorant..

You had to grow up at some point.. America...

After watching that movie...

Why do you think the system promotes the second amendment and has not challenged it really.. They take away high capacity magazine so you don't hurt somebody else.. That's logical..

But they don't take away individual g*ns.. Because in essence you're/they are protecting other people from you as well as protecting yourself from other people..

This is why it's paramount to understand why I don't mix with diverse company..

People are off the f****** hook and it will be even more so in the future..

We're heading into an extremely stormy season and the particles will be accelerating astronomically..

Be careful out there..

I thought I would be Napping today..

Nope the atmosphere is ignited.. I will have to eat to go to sleep.. You're going to find that being awake is going to be a curse...

You will try to save people/animals/children to death and or develop awareness to the point of depletion...

You must learn how to manage that energy...

Being awake is one thing... But remember when you don't fall asleep some time.. Being awake will destroy you..

Good luck

Just look at your friends and family in the mainstream and the activist world..

Many have not even saved themselves but they think they can save other people..

And save is all relative to your politics religion and science..

You are witnessing people curing themselves to death.. Working/Activisting/resisting themselves to death.. playing with the world to death

Traveling themselves to death..

The key thing is know when to quit when you're ahead so you can recoup the resources..

If you don't take the time to be sick.. to sleep.. to be on your own..

Mother nature will take the time for you..

She will take the time away from you....

Because you keep abusing your energy and the world's energy.

It's not enough to be awake.. But you were asleep for such a long time.. You found a new drug called being awake..

Look at your timeline.. People are abusing the drug of being woke..

Orb flew by the pictures around 46:20 and beyond

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