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Love, Family and Sex Was Used for Consent to Destroy

Love, Family and Sex Was Used for Consent to Destroy

Violence and self destruction takes consent.

Sex Love and the Family, was used in lieu of violence to destroy people.. And the system had your consent.. You signed on the dotted line..

When you were taken down several notches, the medical and holistic system was used as consent.. To finish off the person.. All transactions are consent to destroy.. Especially when it's an exchange for your life with the procedures.

You just hope you live long enough to realize your bucket list if you believe in that .

You traded money for your life ...

That's the hospital system.. That's the holistic system.. That's religion making it okay . That's politics developing a system around it . That's science.. Giving you one side of the story.

Your family and friend and public exposure just lays the groundwork.. Peoples lives are out of control.. That's why they're turning to remedies and died suddenly. People cannot handle the life they have. And they can't afford the life they're taking in their own body. And they really cannot afford children. Maybe they can afford them financially, but not biophysically. But you can't tell them this.. They were conditioned for the life they have.

When I give permission to my husband to love me the way he knows how.. I will let him evolve me.. But not to death..

My relationship with him is of consent of which I will manage the evolution on my own..

Everything is about consent.. And everything is about negotiating your life in that relationship..

The difference between love and respect.. Love requires nothing more than hormonal release..

Respect requires intellectual capability and intelligence..

It's very easy to love something when you have triggers around you.. Hot women hot men.. Sexuality.. Animals and children.. Friends and family drugs alcohol..

And people are so bitter about those who hurt them through love.. You see it in their posts.. Even in the people they choose as a mate..

You can see how easily love turns into hate. I've even experienced that in the j world..

Love will turn into hate if you don't fit within a paradigm..

People who love you could just as easily hate you when given the opportunity..

Respect is harder to earn from everybody..

Some people go to love.. Cause they don't even respect themselves. And they will find a way to hate.. To channel that unrequited love..

When people would rather love you than respect you.. That says a lot..

Now you see why society is so violent.. People lack respect for each other but they love each other so much..

Go figure..

That's why society is doomed like it was supposed to be..

The resistance to respecting people but oh my gosh everyone wants to love each other..

Now you know why we are in this predicament..

Major programming..

Conditioning took many generations..

You're watching it unfold right now..

Love is a drug.. It has the same characteristics of a drug.. Addiction..

Respect is deeper.. Respect requires deeper understanding of the other person..

Many people lack respect for themselves or other people..

So they love themselves and other people to death..




a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

What is love..

Love is a combination of emotions and behaviors that can vary in intensity and change over time. It can be defined as:

A strong or constant feeling of affection for another person or thing

A deep feeling of sexual attraction and desire

A deep affection and care for someone or something

The act of caring and giving to someone else

Having someone's best interest and wellbeing as a priority in your life..

People who struggle with addictive behavior report that they struggled expressing their feelings and internalizing them from a very young age. Guilt, shame, fear, abandonment, and a sense of not belonging, are some of the most common, but not a complete list of, negative emotions we see.

Emotional addiction is a state where there is a dependency, as the name indicates, on some emotions – or more specifically, on the chemicals produced by the brain when particular emotions are triggered, better referred to as “hit emotions.” This chemical reaction to certain emotions gives our brain a similar “reward” ...Jan 10, 2023

The most prominent feature of drug addiction is that the reward system is drastically altered by acute and/or chronic exposure to the substance(s) of use, resulting in compulsive drug-seeking behavior in vulnerable individuals.

Now you see the programming.. Sex love and family all go hand in hand.. Even all sexual orientations..

Nobody is better than the other person when everything is channeled through sex..

It's just a powerful spell.. And cher was part of casting those love and sex spells onto the population..

Woven into the fabric of society..

Most entertainers are used as a tool.. And they don't know it because their life is their life..

If I can't get your respect then you will love or hate me to death..

I already saw it the last seven years..

I won't let anyone love me or hate me to death.

Love yourself first because you give yourself permission to evolve, to transition between dying and reproducing without actually dying.. And sometimes people love themselves to death.. And so they give themselves permission to die at their own hand.. Exactly what the system wants.. You give yourself permission to pass away..

When you love other people you cast spells on them. But many people expect that.. When you say you love someone.. You're invoking death and reproduction on them.. Without their permission..

However, if they give you permission to love them.. This is where spells get out of control..

Everything is about consent.. or casting spells on everyone around you..

I respect people.. I don't need to love them.. They need to love themselves..

Love is a powerful weapon that was used in the ancient times.. And it's still used today..

The first written poem ever found was about one very complex emotion: love. Named The Love Song of Shu-Sin, it was discovered during excavations in the Mesopotamian region, in a search for evidence to corroborate the stories of the Old Testament. The poem sat untranslated for a number of years until archaeologist Samuel Noah Kramer came across it while translating ancient texts. In his book, History Begins at Sumer, Kramer describes his experience upon realizing what he discovered.

With how intolerant facebook is to regarding violence and how you speak to people, if you can't nurture violence and intolerance and ignorance out of people.. You let mother nature take care of the rest..

Intolerant people cannot handle the environment regardless.. They can't take on new information.. And they're always blaming.. Or so full of love they will destroy you with that..

So what they did in the nineteen sixties was experiment on those who are violent to turn that violence into sexuality and love.. Now you know why charles manson was so dangerous..

So now.. Those who love you to death.. Would have been violent in a different world.. Dying people are all about love.. And dying people can also be violent.. And very predatory..

But the system figured out how to channel that violence into sexuality..

Sexual orientation.. Extreme diversity..

And then you have to give consent..

So, check your love..

Because you're showing your violence.. And you are letting people know you're dying..

And they also infused that into certain religions all religions. You see many religions are all about love and families too..

Remember we're in the death culture. People only revere life until it wants to evolve.. Then people attack life.. They attack evolution..

That's oncology..

Just look at those who are so religious so full of love.. And they can't wait to meet their maker..

Watch your friends.. Watch what they say about their life.. They already cast a spell of not living for a very long time.. and they use their religion to justify.. And they are so full of love..

And so you see some third world countries so full of hate against the west.. You see the west hate themselves with love.. To the point of harming themselves through plastic surgery.. Starving themselves through diets..

tempting people to look so sexual to be a target for some predator..

And you see politicians, scientists and hollywood stars compromised by sex and love.. And hot girls are a dime a dozen..

That's not a coincidence..

Hugh hefner knew.. Charles manson definitely knew..

Love was the weapon.. In lieu of hate and violence..

And for every violent attack against yourselves you had to give consent..

Called the medical holistic system.. Surgical system..

Very clever.

Now you know why I have been the way I have been around people who love love love everything.

That's how they've been programmed to channel and release their violence..

Love and fertility is very violent..

But is is better than barbarianism. Until love becomes predatory..

No i'm not thrilled with what's going on out there.. But I must survive it..

I'm not running away from a world that I developed.. That I helped develop.. I will face my mistakes.. Meet the challenges..

And do better.. Be better..

And I won't get in the way of someone who also helped develop this f***** u* world, and wants to run away from it.

You had a chance to reconsider everything..

Everything is up to you now..

Btw, all the trauma causes people to channel their energy release into something useful or unuseful to society..

Trauma does develop innovation if it's channeled correctly.

There's a method to all the madness.. Just survive the methods and the madness..

The frequency of died suddenly is the difference

blood type O, you must be quite aware how to take on substance and release substance without starvation or going too fast, thus causing breakage from lack of conditioning..

it will be easier for blood type O to take on substance, and harder to release unless you learn about the two activation points in your immune system.

Blood type A/B, you must be quite aware how to take on substance and how hard it will be take on substance ... and one must also release demons while taking on substance using the two activation points, which means, being extremely careful around so much energy sucking situations thus working against you...

it is all thermodynamics... entropy....

right now.. people are under so much pressure.. this is what is happens.. and if you do not progressively release or gain pressure, people's life force is diminishing..

which is why those two activation points in your lower/upper immune system must be conditioned to release progressively....

a transition process...

which is also why the public and diverse company will work against many people ...

knowing your blood types are so important...

blood type O can take on substance faster for energy conversion vs a blood type a/b.. taking on pressure is gradual..

blood type a/b lose substance faster and it will be harder to take on the pressure of life to give substance for energy conversion..

everything is painful for those out of balance..

the medical/holistic system does not know how the environment has interfered with the remedies causing all cures to be short lived and useless, which is why doctors and nurses are perplexed as to why the therapies are not working the way they were intended..

the medical system and holistic system failed to connect the dots when it came to climate change...

everything is relative...

and of course starvation from fear of food and food allergies will also work against people...

we all were set up to fail...

watch my last video...

no one to blame, so one much change, or died suddenly.

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