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Musical Frequencies Can Be Converted into Chemo and Cannabis

The laws of the Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed only converted..

You can convert a song or a type of music into radiation and chemotherapy.. That's how energy can be converted and people don't realize this..

You could be literally frequencing yourself out of existence.. Simply by how much music you play and what you're using it for..

Any kind of medicine will work against anyone even if it's a frequency.. That was the energy healing world using direct energy weapons against a person's evolution.. Rife machines or chakra manipulations.. Oh my god..

That's not any better..

That's no different than giving someone a pill to cause a frequency in the body.. You're not doing anything different it's just semantics because you don't understand words..

Even music can be too much for people.. Realize what you're using music and frequencies for.

If music is therapy then you are already on a death trajectory..

I even limit to how much music I listen to and I don't listen to a lot of music except for very occasional and there's specific frequencies ilook for and it is very occasional..

Because musical frequencies can also cannibalize someone..

Which is why I have a hard time with too much electronic or hard metal.. It actually is a music of destruction.. Even if you have to feed your body to keep up with it? What's the point of even doing it if you have to keep feeding the body to keep up with it..

So I understand how frequency can be used against you.. And used for medicine and therapy with the outcome of destruction..

When music frequency is like five g and particle acceleration..

Then you see how s*** works

Why do you think the 1960s And seventies had such amazing music come out of it.. The drugs and the frequencies and the dying and reproducing and the sexualization of everything..

I'm telling you stuff goes deep.. Very deep..

This is also why I don't go to concerts or musical venues very often if at all.. Nowadays people are off the hook and will get highly triggered because of the music..

Some DONT survive the musical frequencies given they are highly electrified giving off a destructive frequency..

And they die from heart attacks and strokes..

The rage/RAVE generation also became part of that ... Using ecstasy and everything else..

The world is not what you think.. Mom and dad you have to be smarter than everyone around you..

There is such thing as noise pollution..

Compromised kids and adults ARE listening to frequencies that are destructive


Be careful what your kids listen to..

It's not just the lyrics..

It's also the frequencies that are destroying them..

And if your kid is compromised with health issues.. The frequencies in the environment and what you expose them to will finish them off..

All by design.. Then yet people like Hollywood stars promoting all of her d j and frequency stuff..

Now you see how this world works..

Which is why I live a quiet lifestyle.. I don't need to be entertained by anyone..

The world is not what you think..

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