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  • Jillian Epperly

Sugar's Back Story

**Sugar, my dog, is now bottle feeding/eating close to 2 quarts of thick blended meat/milk/veggies/carbs/fruits a day...before it was barely 1 quart.. but, we triggered her immune system to work correctly.. and here we are..

The back story.. Prior to 2015, Sugar was surgically treated With either a scalpel and/or aspiration needles to drain fluid and cut off tumors.. This was way before I adopted her..

Through this climate change her body finally got rid of all the antibiotics anti inflammatories that stopped her body natural processes od healing and growing and releasing.. And so now she is finally healing the correct way from surgeries 9 or so years ago in this climate change As well as constant draining out the fluid through needles..

Past Significant medical trauma is why she is dealing with a cyst right now and it's scabbing as if she just underwent another operation and she didn't..

You want a second chance at life you have to pay back the Piper for all the violence you committed against your body and Disabling your immune system to work the way it's supposed to through therapies and medical holistic trauma..

So sugar's cyster is starting to scab up..

Yep she is revisiting the past.. And when that scab dries up and falls off that's how her Sis will disappear at some point.. And you can see the scab forming layers as it's raised higher protruding out of the sister.. And then I clean it daily with salt and water and Olive oil to get the omega threes.

Food is the best defense mechanism rest and do not attack anything that is foreign in the body.. You have an immune system and you must let it work the way it's supposed to. Don't interfere with mother nature with remedies natural or otherwise.. Natural immune system is when you don't interfere with natural remedies.. Or even synthetic remedies..

All food feeds the body the proteins that it needs to fight infection

Scabs form as a defense against infection, blood loss, and debris.

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