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That's why it's eve's rebellion..She is tired

That's why it's eve's rebellion..

She's tired.


#KlausSchwab is trying to free mankind from their own self inflicted slavery of hell.. and YOU get choices after you were shown them..

But she must understand the war she is in or she will be destroyed by everyone around her..

when you are constipated into a belief, it will be extremely hard to reach you..

High frequency environments have a lobotomizing effect and people just act out their programming and you just have to watch it..

 They're not releasing those demons and they have no intention to..

So just get out your popcorn and watch the fireworks.

Oh joy.

Blood type O belong together.. Just make sure you understand how much they feed on you so you can put down boundaries..

Blood types a and b cannibilize each other and others. And they can't afford to. But blood type a and b can also feed off a blood type o until blood type o says stop you are sucking the life out of me..

I've seen that happen.

And that's why my husband and I are evenly matched He's physically strong and intellectually capable when he finds it appropriate.. He's cunning he's also extremely strategic.. I'm just as cunning.. To survive in this world, you have to have cunning ability or else you'll be eaten alive..

So don't intend to misunderstand my choice of words.. Survival requires undersdanding how to conquer everything.. That does take cunning ability..

So before you say that your ex wife or ex girlfriend is cunning and bad . Make sure you acknowledge your part in your lack of discernment.. Lack of protecting yourself. Wanting the dream. There's a price to pay when you want company so bad ..

 I hope you can afford the price.. Some people can't and they get taken .. They get taken for everything ..

Be very careful being desperate for a relationship.. Learn how to relate to yourself first.. Then maybe you will realiz you don't really need anyone ..

 Men have it a lot better than women. Because they have strength and knowledge of mechanical things that women some women do not..

It's their sexual urges is what's their downfall.. If men can control their sexual urges they can rule the world.. But that is their downfall.

 And men get taken all the time because they can't control their sexual urges.. And so they manifest it through facebook.. It's better than victimizing some women. Or being taken by some woman who knows your weaknesses.

As far as naive men and women out there.. Living over the rainbow in a fantasy land kind of a lobotomized..

We have so many little lambs running around our world being eaten alive by the predators out there. Because they didn't understand the world they lived in.. And in order to survive a predatory world, you have to have some portion of you very predatory. Or else you'll walk right into a trap. People do all the time.. Because they are so naive .. That's why girls get human trafficked all the time.. Their insipid mother puts them on display.. And wonders why all the boys are knocking on the door.. And wonder why she's pregnant five times over before she's twenty.

But I digress..

 I am Physically strong in my own right and strategic.. Very intellectually capable.. And with the same blood type we won't destroy each other..

I'm intellectually aware that I won't be conquered or consumed by him.. And he won't let me intellectually overwhelm him.. I know my boundaries he knows his boundaries..

That's how we're able to make it work.. And we've had to go through some fucking hell to get here.

But everything came out in the wash.. Because I understand myself.. And I had to make sure he understood what was going on in this world. I'm sure he understands himself to some degree..

Men and women destroy each other when they don't know their own power.. And then blame it on someone else. Or each other.. Not taking personal responsibility for what they did to the other person.

That's why high divorce rates out there..

Your blood type is everything.. You better know your blood type.. Because you could be a predatory to someone at the micro level and destroy them and not even know it..

And when you put it out there, people will make choices whether or not they should be out there in mixed company with everybody.

It's like the warning on the back of the bottle..

I'm intellectually predatory don't fuck with me intellectually . I was never made to be physically predatory against anyone. Women have been sexualized so they can be sexually predatory.

But I even released that demon .

So now i'm intellectually predatory and I will conquer all information.

And to temper women. They not only made them very sexual, but also encourage them to have children to dilute the blood line.. But then also developed little predators out there Consuming everything.. And society and children destroy the woman and the mother.. But not before the system can take her resources..

That's why you give women another chance in life.. She needs to use her brain.. She needs intellectual capacity or everyone will feed off of her. She will be the human sacrifice.. To everyone..

Unfortunately, it's not possible for some religions and families. So the girls and the mothers will be the human sacrifice.. And forced into marriage and have a bunch of children.. While she's getting mangled on the inside.. And you hope the children survive the environment they are in.

And even if she goes to college, you know how influential her peers are and her loins.. And if her hormones are stronger than her intellectual capacity she willl end up being a young mother and potentially even single in the future.. Looking for another baby daddy.

Surviving the Carnage of Pregnancy

When you encourage your daughters and sons to have children.. Think of what you're living on today and cut that in half.. And try to live your life meant for a full income with only half your income..

People weaken their family and their kids encouraging them to have children..

Look at the kids today.. Intolerant.

When you have intolerant children.. Weak grandchildren..

Still born great grandchildren..

That's kind of how it works..

We are at that point.

And then on top of reconsidering pregnancy and having a family..

 Reconsider aggressive sexuality Even non aggressive sexuality..

 question sexuality period That's a hard demon to kick out.. That's a slavery system in of itself even to yourself.. Men suffer because of that.. I don't think circumcision helped to them. I don't think porn helped them either.

I think that's too soon jillian..

Well eventually..

Eventually Infertility will happen in the future and reproduction will be guided carefully.. And people who actually live through that and survive it will find it is a freedom..

When you're not responsible for anyone but yourself.. And you can come and go as you please and eat and get up and do what you want without answering to something or somebody except for your government minimally..

That's a freedom people don't even know because they have been pulled into the slavery system for centuries..

Remember we have girls that were getting pregnant at fourteen and fifteen and never knew freedom. They were taking care of everybody and then became the human sacrifice.. Even siblings were taking care of each other.. And mothers taking care of their grandchildren.. Even women girls encouraged to go into babysitting or becoming somebody's nanny.. I know from experience.. Babysitting and or a nanny even worse a surrogate for somebody else..

It still happens today.. People fight for their enslavement..

And you see it's all over hollywood..

The system is trying to free the women.. But the women don't even understand what freedom is..

And they're not supposed to wish that they were free of their children..

They're not supposed to wish for freedom..

Women are held under such a tight thumb..

 Sometimes it's not even women it's the girls in the family..

Even tyler perry was trying to show you that in some of the movies. Show you what women go through when they are slave to a man as well as children and siblings.

That's how slavery is so pervasive in the family..

 The men are allowed to walk away and sometimes i'm glad they did..

Women are not supposed to walk away..

That's how fucked up it is for women.

To even think like this women will attack me..

They already do in their mind..

Because they have become so accustomed to their slavery system.. It became a religion. And of course they get acceptance and positive reinforcement from everyone around them.. keeping them in line.

That's your slavery system.

When my dog died.. I felt so free..

But I also worked SO hard to be that slave for her. I even suffered the attacks of my peers who wanted her to die. Wanted me to treat her to death.

Even I fought for my own enslavement for my animal.

But once she passed away.. I felt so free. I mean I had to pay a mercenary of the system to put her down.. Because she was still alive in my house.. I never killed my dog.. The system did. I wanted to keep her alive..

 But once I allowed the system to destroy her, a feeling came over me.

It was a feeling I never knew existed..

 I was 8 years deep in that relationship with my dog. Taking care of her every need every single fucking day.

You love the animal and so you do everything you can.. You love your children to the point of self destruction.. You love your animals to the point of self destruction.

That's how love can be self destructive.. The depopulation agenda.

When you are the only thing you need to take care of. When there is no one else to take care of..

You might finally take care of yourself.

Maybe that must happen..

Maybe the system will take away everything that needs to be taken care of and those who cannot handle it, will die..

 And those who survive their friends and family will finally take care of themselves

or die with them

In ancient Egypt, “[w]omen in reproductive age were maybe not constantly pregnant, but every few years they would have been pregnant,” he says to Insider’s Marianne Guenot.

 constantly being pregnant dilutes the genetic line

People way back when were probably living longer than a hundred years like maybe a hundred and fifty, ie moses, so they didn't have to get pregnant so often.. People had children so they can work on the farm and the homestead.. Slaves.

Which was probably why the human race was stronger way back when.. But constant reproduction weakens the genetic line.. People are dying suddenly because they have so much reproduction called cancer and disease. They don't know how to manage the life in their body.

That's why you see so many diseases.. People are full of demons and not enough infrastructure..

Just like today so much evolution and reproduction especially mucus, people are dying from diseases.. Too much reproduction not enough support and infrastructure.. Died suddenly.

Add pregnancy on top of that.. Died suddenly exponentially.

Parents and those on the fence thinking about parenthood. Save yourself.. As soon as you develop a baby taking resources away from the mother and father, everyone is compromised..

At least the couple has a chance to save themself..

High frequency environments also have a lobotomizing effect..

Sometimes people's personalities change or their current personality is so entrenched there's no give..

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