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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

Intend to be at the top of the food chain. Or else you will be food for somebody else. There's also a food chain in humanity.. You can see who's at the top of the food chain in your community.. They have the ability to evolve and change.. And they stop resisting change.. They strategize their survival ..

When you resist somebody else.. They are strategizing your take do w n.. Through indirect means..

Be careful resisting other people who have absolutely nothing to do with you. We all have been duped..

Now it's time to survive..

By the way, ask me no questions. I'll tell you no lies and it will not be anyone's guru.. As soon as you start answering people's questions about anything. Your being set up to be someone savior or satan.

I won't be forced in that position. And I will chase the way trolls who put me in that position. My information that I put out there is strictly for just consideration.. I'm giving you my representation. But I won't be admonished by those who have to convert people and tell them how they should live and react and act on their own facebook page .

Your world is your freedom too self express within community standards..

And when you have to ask people questions about anything even opinions.. What's your intention.

If you have to answer people's questions about anything.. What's your intention..

I won't be your satan or savior.. That's how you get set up to fail.

And you'll watch groups out there and people intending to answer people's questions about everything and also ask questions.. To other people.. Intending to be an authority on something in someone else's world. Or asking for someone else to be an authority in their world

I'm not the one .. Be your own authority and work within the confines of the system..

Other people's opinions about anything is irrelevant.. It's none of your business what peoples opinion is about anything.

If they volunteer information take it.. If they don't volunteer information don't ask questions.

You don't know me that well.. You don't know me that way.. Personal friends and family in the presence of people. I might answer a question or two. I might even ask questions. It's because I know you personally and we're in the physical presence of each other..

Strangers on facebook.. Be careful how you interact.. Be careful who you defend..

watch people on facebook announce their departure.. suffering from so much pain and suffering.. looking for remedies, etc.. etc

Just like trolls who announce their departure from your belief system on your page.. Just like people who leave groups announcing their departure with as much fanfare as possible.

Watch people announce their departure all over facebook. But it's in the form of pain suffering major resistance depression and look at their food mitigation diets..

They're so proud of their starvation and anorexia.

And look at all their kids who will take their place one day..

That's another form of announcing their departure..

Everything is hidden in plain sight..

when people troll you, thank them for announcing their departures, aka resistance to evolution (de) a@th and block them..

their resistance will cause them to cellf impl0de.. let them do it to themselves..

they will.. their resistance to you, will make you stronger..and them weaker..

Trolls always made people stronger.. But if you sink to their level you will become weaker through that resistance..

Learn how to use other people's energy to your benefit. But don't let them take energy from you..

We are in the microbial Olympics, hunger games, and gladiators..

And it is a fight to the death that you're not even aware of until you have to bury somebody or they have to bury you.

That's the deception of wealth. It burns a hole in everything.

And people are announcing their departures left and write/right all over facebook if you just listen..

But hey they had a good time.. They have so many memories all over facebook.. See what they did . See they're bragging they're better than you.

I'm glad you had a good time.. You deserve it.. You worked hard for many years for the system and deserve to have good time..

There's a price to pay for everything..

We thank you for your service.

In my opinion if you can.. Quit while you're ahead and save your ass

Gambling.. It's dangerous when you didn't build the house..

The house always wins.. People hedge their bets and they don't win, they lose..

In sports betting, hedging a bet means you make an additional wager different from or perhaps even the exact opposite of an already existing wager to reduce the risk of a net loss or guarantee a net profit.

Hollywood and performance artists and religious folk who want to be in your presence tempt those who have money/energy to burn to be out there making the viruses stronger in people..

that is what they get paid for..

the final takedown..

Some people have to stay in their small circles because they need the company and I understand..

I stay on my own because I don't need the company.. My husband is company enough.. And then I'm prepared for what I have to deal with when I go out there in mixed company.. It will be a bitch to release that demon from that experience..

But I do not go out there and hang out for long periods of time in diverse company..

That's three+ days of sickness that I have to deal with releasing that demon.. So it doesn't destroy me later on ..

I have already experienced that last summer..

I'm a one trial learner..

And i'm not a glutton for punishment. I hate being sick but it's also payment for that time of hanging out with people.. I pay my dues And I don't defer payment..

I am just so glad I had all my experiences of traveling and what have you the last fifty years..

I don't have that syndrome of the fear of missing out.. Because that's what will destroy people.. Their fear of missing out.. They become the human sacrifice.

But the system must weigh out how much life insurance they have to pay out versus how much they can bleed from you when you're still alive.

Sometimes is better to bleed people than have them die outright..

Some of you are being bled dry.. By your children your friends and your family.. And then will be taken out quicker.. Unless you have a huge life insurance policy.. then the system might keep you alive longer.. They don't want to pay a huge lump sum.. Especially if they can bleed you dry

Everything's about money dollars and sense.. Some of you don't understand how everything works because you live in your fantasy world..

When you are poorly in health and pour/poor in money you'll be taken out.. Faster.. Starvation kills people faster..

When you have more money and more body the system will bleed you dry.. Everything is about synchronicity. And what's worth taking out and worth keeping around for a certain amount of time..

So prince William and princess catherine are staying out of the limelight and maybe not coming out until april.. Princess catherine had to get stomach surgery... King charles had to go get prostate operation..

They're not immune to frequency and disease and people's demons..

They need to stay home and stay safe and it's interesting how april is the time they have projected to be out there again..

Their kids need to stay home and stay safe so they are not fighting the publics demons out there.. they need the time to catch up and become strong with all the food they have access to.

I hope they play it smart and be a good representation for all of you..

In my opinion the royal family needs to eat a whole lot more in this environment.. Because it is very deadly right now.

The weather is so extreme and so aggressive that major diagnosable disease is incubating in people.. And if you can't feel it you don't know it.. Until it happens and hopefully you survive..

That's why you have to wake up the demons within on your own if you can.. If you wait for them to wake up on their own, you may not survive it.

But I can't tell you you should do that.. But that's why people are dying suddenly..

They're waiting for shit to happen.. But they may not have the time.

Sickness saved my ass literally.. And I welcome every discomfort that goes on. Because it means my immune system is working correctly.. I won't die suddenly. I cough sneeze and blow my nose.. And I don't tempt fate out there. I don't resist the environment or my immune system.

And i'm not distracted by bullshit.

So if you have been taken down several notches because of sickness or operations and disease.. Think of that as a welcome sign to start changing the way you do shit literally.

That might be the only sign you'll get to save your own ass.

But if you wait for this system to take you down.. It will be questionable if you survive..

Your sickness and operations and diagnosable conditions were the indicators to start changing the way you do stuff.. You resist those indicators..

Mother nature will call in the loan .. The devil takes his due.

Because you were greedy.

The palace announced on Wednesday that the Princess of Wales, 42, underwent a "planned abdominal surgery" at The London Clinic the day prior and that Kate would remain hospitalized for 10 to 14 days following the successful procedure.

I equate what's going on with all these frequencies of died suddenly as the outcome of stranger things..

The dead world and the waking world are in contact with each other more often than not.. People hanging out together are making it more aggressive.. Feeding that little demon inside which was dart turned into a demogorgon influenced by the mindflayer controlled by vecna, the ancestors

And people are trying to run away from the devil but the devil is within.. And the devil will tell you to hang out together all the time.. In large groups.. Making it stronger turning it into a mind flayer

People's demons are destroying each other.. And they're not getting ahead of releasing them..

So it's taking them down progressively..

Until one day.. Died suddenly.

But why aren't some circles experiencing it more than others.. Because the system isn't ready to completely destroy some parts of the infrastructure.. People who have money still are viable enough to drain their finances through remedies and surgeries and trips and distractions..

The poor will be compromised first because they have no money.. What's the point keeping them around. There's nothing to drain.

But that's how people operate anyways.. The poor are disposable to even friends and family.. If you don't have money or something they can use you're nothing..

So the system acts accordingly.. But you could be bankrupt biologically with money in the bank and you couldnt survive frequencies..

People with money and energy to burn will consume.. And desire to be consumed.. The system knows this.. They will give you what you want. Until you are completely bankrupt..

Again i've seen people resist the stay home stay safe the last three years.. They were showing everybody they were hiking the canyons out there in the west.. Come to find out they had to get an operation.. Then they had a blood clot And now on blood thinners..

What do you think will happen when ebola comes around.

People's minds are being fileted as we speak..


produces consciousness and mental phenomena. It's often defined as a person's set of intellectual or mental faculties.


noun One who strips off the skin.


People are feeding their own demogorgens

 resisting the body's immune system..


The demon in control taking you back to the ancestors..

You are stranger things..

Remember the four humors.. I'm phlegmatic..

He maintained that types O and B were active (aggressive, progressive, positive)

 while types A and AB were passive (conservative, defensive, negative).

Furukawa (1930) found that a majority of blood Type O individuals chose temperamental characteristics such as being optimistic, sociable and strong-willed (phlegmatic).

Why is california soft on crime..

Because parents are soft on their kids..

No one should be putting their hands on anyone.. But parents do not know how to control their children's behaviors and they keep bailing them out..

So california is showing you what happens when you let kids get out of control and do whatever the fuck they want.. Giving them entertainment and paradise and baubles and toys every single time they ask for it.

Never holding their children accountable for what they do to themselves and other people..

California.. Crime.. Is the outcome..

Why should the government be the nanny state.. Parents didn't do their job.. Now you're seeing it all over california.. All over the big cities..

And people wonder why their kids have issues with the law and everyone else.. No one held them accountable.. And so they couldn't learn.. And they won't learn..

The other side of it the academic children who never had to feel sick a day in their life.. Who out performed their peers, will have to deal with climate they can't handle coming to them.

There's something for everybody..

And then where do you think these kids are going to end up.. In a self consenting slavery system.. Until they cannot adapt to the next climate change..

Climate change is k!/cking people's @$$es

And the earth sneezed..

That was the great reset..

seeing as how I am blood type o, the system had to come down on me harder than a type a/b, potentially.. i could handle a lot more pain and suffering as a blood type o vs my counterparts a/b ab..

i see how the programming was administered.. they did it correctly..

The system had to conquer my blood type in order to get me to perform later on a life the way they wanted me to perform..

And they did a damn good job. Through that pain and suffering regardless of where it came from.. out came the innovation. My own survival..

That's why i'm not mad at the system. That's why I'm really glad they came down on me really hard a couple years ago..

I found a way to work within the laws and the rules of our society.. And get out of harm's way.. Because people's demons are formidable.. You don't want to be in those kind of entanglements..

The system saved my ass.

But you see I could take it.. Others can't.. Many people succumb to adversity..

Blood type o can take a lot.. They must recognize their capacity for pain and suffering.

And save themselves.

I hope and pray blood types a b in the j world can handle the pain and suffering of survival..

I hope you can strategize your way. You have a head start above most people.. You've been in my information for many years and you didn't really resist it.. Even if you did I wasn't aware of it..

I just hope the strategy of staying home and staying safe is enough to save your ass.. Eating all food slowly and transitioning to build the pressure of immunity.. I hope that's enough.. Only you can determine how much you can handle.. Taking on a little bit of infection at a time.. So you have a chance to release it.. And keep increasing the pressure of immunity..

Slavery is now condoned by the family.

These poor girls and boys don't stand a chance.. Their parents pimped them out.. And now they are teen mothers.. Because nowadays who really wants to raise a family.. Come on.. It's hard enough to take care of yourself. People don't survive their own families.

Pets are being dropped up at the shelter because people can't take care of them..

It's that bad out there right now..

Especially in this environment.. Put emphasis on the brain.. It's tough to watch people pimp out their children.

The left wing is not as bad as you think.. People in the right wing world . Reconsider what you are resisting.. Your girls are being destroyed by your belief system..

However I do not believe in sexualizing everything in everybody.. I'm not left or right.. I understand diversity.. But I don't want everyone sexualized to death.

Understand the merits of both sides.. Save yourself and maybe give your kids a chance.

The reason why the thirteenth amendment exists because people were not consenting to their slavery..

Now people are consenting to slavery because they don't even recognize that's what it is.. That's how the system was able to get you.. By your consent.

Children are slaves to their parents and the system because they are being starved and told what to do and how to do it.. And some don't even survive their slave owners like their parents and society. And strangers can be very predatory..

Children don't get any choices.. They are the slaves and victims of our society..

Give yourself a chance.. Parents save yourself.. Your kids might have a chance

The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is recognized by many as the formal abolition of slavery in the United States. However, it only ended chattel slavery – slavery in which an individual is considered the personal property of another.

However apparents think they own their children And therein lies problem.. And people are afraid of their government..

It's a messed up situation for children all over the place..

When you have children raising children.. Those kids don't have a chance.. and parents who can't evolve are not giving their kids a chance..

And so it becomes the circle of life.. achoo

Back to africa..

The irony does not escape me..

The Soundtrack to 2024 and Disease X

(back to africa_ebola) achoo

The Circle of Life (get it together humans)

Everything is coming full circle, now.. and it is happening extremely fast.

Still looking for proof? You will get it.. I hope you survive the journey to the proof.. or you might be the proof to others..

But, if you have not introduced others to this thought process, the proof hidden in plain sight will be just another died suddenly and your survivors will be blaming the vacc ines, gmo, air, food, water, the va xxed, etc.. Or the latest scapegoat ie i mm i gration.


The circle of life is ALL OVER FACEBOOK

THE CARNIVORES will rule the world.. as you can see the vegan and vegetarians are starving..

food intolerant people are food for the masses.. And everyone is snacking on them.. Remember they are wasting away.. Their own body is cannibalizing itself..

But hey they're hot and sexual so you can consume them.. That's what they bank on that's what they get paid for. .. Men and women want to be consumed when they are starving.. That's why the sex industry is what it is.. And of course yoga and exercise regimes..

Starving people are announcing their departure to everybody . If you listen you'll hear them..

the lion king, and Elton john knew..

Disney knew..

That's the circle of life..

That's why many people have been bred to be somebody else's prey food.. Stepford wives. Or predators.. Even women can be predators.. Or predatory..

if you cannot brag about your brain, or her/his brain everyone oooohs and ahhhhs about their body..

meat market..

really parents.. are you seriously putting your kids up for auction?

meat markets starts in the family and then reinforced via marriage and sexual identity..

parents are taught to focus more on the body vs their children's brains.. esp when the system wants to destroy the excess humans not particularly programmed for anything except maintain the people they ultimately want to destroy..

are you saving yourself? Because when there is NO one left to sell anything to and you have NO customers.. how are you surviving??

so the people systematically destroy each other to maintain their customer base.. greed..

that is how the system got you, again.. you keep your friends and family looping looking for a saviour and satan while you systematically feed on their fears and deficiencies and need for baubles and validation until

died suddenly.

that is why your friends who are selling you remedies and absolution have absolutely no desire to change.. or else, lose their customer base..

see how that works.. your friends and family do NOT want you to change or else they lose their meal ticket.. and of course, they cannot downsize, so they make sure you need them for EVERYTHING..

THE DEMONS have eaten the angels..

remember: I am married yes.. and I can live on almost nothing.. and the men who can afford to be out there in mixed company, can also afford to downsize.. even the women.. but they choose not to..



the 7 deadly sins are the demons within all humans..

And the seven deadly sins are the hardest demons to kick..

 Because you were told to depend on all of them. Because you were told to depend on them to live.. And when you are tempted with paradise and pleasure..

There is a price to pay.

And you see how much temptation is out there.. The system and your friends and family are giving you everything you could possibly want.. To the point of self implosion..

And these high frequencies high energy environment is like giving somebody a million dollars.. They super nova.. That's too much energy at once. People don't know how to handle that much energy.. So they spend themselves out of existence.. And they love it.. Until they die suddenly

sometimes resistance = agreement

This is why you must release your own demons so they do not destroy people on facebook announce their departure.. suffering from so much pain and suffering.. looking for remedies, etc.. etc

Just like trolls who announce their departure from your belief system on your page.. Just like people who leave groups announcing their departure with as much fanfare as possible.

Watch people announce their departure all over facebook. But it's in the form of pain suffering major resistance depression and look at their food mitigation diets..

They're so proud of their starvation and anorexia.

And look at all their kids who will take their place one day..

That's another form of announcing their departure..

Everything is hidden in plain sight..This is why you must release your own demons so they do not destroy you..

sometimes resistance = agreement

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