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The gender wars were all about resistance..

The rise of the charismatics in deficit attempting to gain so much following. And of course they want your money.. They want your soul

Get your popcorn out..


The gender wars was all about resistance..

Those in deficit will always depend upon a following to fund their life.. That's the ponzi games.. charismatics who need your money to survive.. Promising you freedom while you work yourself to death and treat women like garbage.

That was how the system controlled life.. Through resistance and cures and sexuality..

If you wanted to enjoy your peers and family, you had to resist their microbial advances or else be completely overwhelmed..

You had to resist.

And resistance is futile..

Given that I'm a blood type O I can survive temporary resistance. And then I have to stop resisting and let disease go through..

Which means I can handle temporary situations of social interaction with diverse groups of people..

Other blood types like a and b those situations will tax them literally.. They don't have enough interest and so social situations take away from the principle. Called aging. Then a potentially died suddenly situation..

You have to change your lifestyle to save yourself.. But nobody is making you..

Blood type o, sometimes you are over extended with so much life. You have to release and that's called sickness.. Blood type o are liquid if they can convert that energy into survival.

If your blood type a and b or a skinny blood type o..

I question if you'll survive your lifestyle.

Women were never the enemy... Neither were the men..

Men and women trying to assimilate to each other was always the war..

While men had the "strength and freedom" in their corner, women had the brains, if she was allowed to use them. As you can see in male dominated, societies and household women are not allowed to think for themselves.. They always must refer to the man to give her permission to exist..

That's how girls get victimized because they were taught never to defend themselves. Only to acquiesce to the most domineering situation usually by an aggressive woman or a domineering man.

Now, the system is leveling the playing field and women are allowed to use their brain and men do NOT have to be physically strong to be a "man"..

Extinction was all about dominance and overpowering people via body, mind and spirit...

Universe 25 (the rat colony experiment) was all about the procreation of extinction via resistance..

The gender wars were never for longevity.. they were to see who was strong enough for their peers, mind control and sexual dominance..

Take away obvious predation and disease, being cured and staying cured was a resistance you could not see until the person developed breakthrough infection or died suddenly..

When people resist their own evolution they can become monsters in our society..

They're fighting for their own existence and they think the enemy is out there..

arrogance is when you purposely step onto another person's page and insult them.

I do not mind friendly debates, but even then, what is the intention, and I do tolerate some "resistance".. however, now, in this environment, resistance becomes a tool for someone else to dominate another person, place or thing..

When I stopped resisting my peers, my body, my mind, my spirit, my government, even the environment, I saw things I was not able to see before. Why is that? Because I had give. I had substance the universe could work with. I had allowance, reserves, or I was liquid.. Interesting how financial terms correlate to the human body.

Walking away from wars and disease is not easy. Facing disease is not easy and one must have the biological, financial and psychological infrastructure to face disease and win the war, even if it means walking away..

Hitler was a man who overstepped his boundaries and perpetrated a war against a people he felt threatened by. He was a man who seemed incapable of evolving, changing or walking away from disease. He cultivated disease, he developed disease, and he fostered disease and then tried to destroy disease vs face it in his own mind.

In my experience, destroying disease leads to never-ending wars and eventual extinction of one or both parties in that altercation.

Resistance was never the answer. Resisting someone as a guest in their house is declaring war on another person, and resisting someone who never came into your house is declaring war on someone else...

If you want to win the wars of life by sidestepping death, reconsider your resistance against cancer, disease, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders or your "opponents", and release the "demons" without attacking them, feed them and then release them, and or walk away..

It is easier said than done.. You may understand this info at the intellectual level, but putting ideologies such as mine into real world practice, is much harder..

There are many men in this world who deem themselves the ultimate resistance.. Even women who think they're the ultimate huntress.. Fighter.. Warrior..

When you feel you're constantly must go to battle against an enemy you can't see.. That enemy will wear you down until you completely annihilate yourself..

Who is the enemy.. The enemy are the people closest to you such as friends and family and social lifestyles..

Your friends and family are wearing you down.

But again you can't tell that to people.. Because in the old world the enemy was outside their circles of influence..

But now their circles of influence are activating their immune system and people don't survive their society..

The answer was never continuously fighting the wars within your body, mind and spirit and your peers..

 That was a way to break you..

People are breaking themselves and they're not surviving..

But if you don't have a lot of give to you.. And you're pretty much cured, with a lot more muscle than fat, changing how you look at wars and resistance and opponents will be very difficult if not, impossible..

Fat is the immune system..

Too much fat you're overprotected and it taxes your vital organs..

 But you can't starve yourself. People do through fasting and starvation diets ( I'm watching gurus tell their flock to starve themselves if they feel pain) and their own body is cannibalizing itself and their vital organs..

That's a died suddenly situation just waiting to happen..

 The laws of physics won't let a person survive who starves themselves of food. You can't make something out of nothing..

You can't convert what you don't have..

When you do NOT HAVE enough fat, you're not protected enough and your vital organs bear the brunt of the environment..

And you have to gain weight of fat very slowly. You have to gain the antibody protection very slowly.

 Which is why blood type a and b almost have to get infection to change their blood type if they can even survive that situation..

And it's pretty much impossible to take on that type of infection to change your blood type.. I'm sorry.

Because there's no guarantee you would survive it.. Potentially even changing your blood type could take years if it's even possible.. And you would have to be sick taking on those antibodies.. Which was and is why the vaccines existed.. To give the vulnerable population a leg up..

But in this environment all bets are off..

It's too aggressive out there.. And people are conditioned to be asymptomatic.. Impossible for some people to change..

Some blood types need to change their lifestyle to survive this environment.. But you can't force anyone to do anything.

The enemy was never out there.

The enemy was the battle of your own myco- plasma.. Working against your evolution.. And then people projected the enemy out there.. And resisted themselves to death..

That was how the system got all of us because we didn't know any better.. And we were part of a major experiment that had to happen.

Now you're being given a choice.

But there's no sense in resisting my information. There's no sense in trying to dominate me.

Play those games in your own house.

And by the way.. You will find now in this microbial war, that you were always in but didn't know it, the enemy are and were the people you surrounded yourself with.

Those microbes are and were formidable .

Some people can handle those microbes.. And even though it's wearing them down.. It hasn't gotten in the way of their lifestyle yet..

Once those microbes get in the way of your lifestyle.. You are lucky you didn't die suddenly..

The fact people have to face changing their lifestyle means they are getting a second chance at life.. You are one of the lucky ones.. But you will still have to face changing your lifestyle and there's no guarantee you would survive that change.. Because what kind of change are you implementing.. How do you perceive illness today.. You could change and still be attacking your own body with antibiotics and surgeries.. So just getting sick isn't enough.


If you're not facing that you have to change your lifestyle in order to survive.. That's a died suddenly situation..

Some people are facing that..

But you can't tell them this because their life is their life until it's not.. Until they are forced to change or they die suddenly.

I was lucky I was sick a long time ago.. Because I had to find a way to survive ..

And I did.

Women + positive

Male - negative

Positive times positive equals a positive. If not checked it will turn into a negative..

Negative times a negative equals a positive . If not checked it will turn into a negative..

Negative times a positive equals a negative..

If women/women are not damaging each other with objects.. They could have a long life... if they are not forcing each other to always get pregnant they have a chance..

How do men control their sexual urges.. Regardless of sexual orientation..???

The question of the ages..

Women could survive if they control how much men take from them..

They would have to negotiate the business of their life.. And provide a compelling argument.. Or else she will be manipulated into succumbing to his aggressive urges..

Basically she would have to provide an argument why her life is worth saving.. And if she doesn't understand that sexuality regardless of orientation is deadly.. Because fertility is deadly.. She'll keep taking it until she's dead.. he will keep giving it until he's dead.

Both will procreate themselves to death.. And you don't always have to have a baby.. Procreation is also mixing bodily fluids together.. And some people cannot release and so they develop cancer and disease..

That was how the system got to both men and women.. Through marriage fertility and family..

That was and is the depopulation agenda..

Men and women would have to fight for their own life in their own relationships behind close doors.

And if you stated this to your significant other, who doesn't give a shit.. They love you but don't respect you..

And that's many relationships out there..

That's why marriage is a negotiable contract..

You are negotiating your survival in that relationship..

People's lives are at stake..

Some people don't survive their marriages.. Or relationships..

The difference between a slave and a free person is..

Slaves resist.

Free people know what situations to walk away from. They do not throw out the baby with the bath water..

If you think you can make it on your own..

Go out into the wilderness naked..

And go back to being a caveman.... Away from civilized society..

Or.. Go live in a real true anarchist community.. Go live in haiti..

Hey westerners.. The government is giving you a break.. You don't have to work yourself to death..

If you are.. You're working for the people around you who are keeping you enslaved..

The government isn't forcing you to work as hard as you are.

Your lifestyle is keeping you a slave.. Your family is.. So are your friends..

You want to know who the slaves are.. The ones who have to work so hard to keep up their lifestyle.

Which is why I put my money where my mouth is..

I cut down my expenses..

So I don't work my husband to death.. He will work himself to death..

He doesn't have to.. But he chooses to..

Will he listen to me... Many men do not listen to their wives..

They listen to and follow other men..

That's their downfall..

That's why they said the Y chromosome is disappearing..

Evolution escapes the men..

And no matter what.. Men are run by aggressive sexuality regardless of orientation..

Women have choices..

But Men are subject to aggressive sexuality..

And I just figure that out today because I noticed in all different orientations,

men can take it just as much as they can give it..

Women can give it but it doesn't have to deplete them.. But when men give it they to deplete themselves..

When Men can give and take that's double whammy against them..

Women could walk away from the whole situation..

 If they're allowed to..

Or women can control how much men take from them.

 And if that's the case she'd better not spend him out of existence..

Butt in a male male situation...

Both men are taking from each other.. Continuously.. Especially with those direct injections..

In this environment the flu can kill people..

Infection can happen that quick..

The downfall of men is they must follow other men not women..

A strong woman is a threat to a man who's trying to find his strength..

That's why men will have an issue with evolution in the future if not now.

Men don't even follow themselves.. They have to follow somebody else..

But if they're going to follow someone why not a woman..

Some men have issues with women..

It's quite apparent.

Some men are afraid to hang out with women.. Some men are.. Because they will think it's ga/y..

Some men will screw women.. some men will chase after women. Some men will have an issue with taking advice from a woman unless she is in a very specific political party that is geared towards the man.

It's very interesting watching the dynamics out there...

Which is why some of the females will outlive the males.. And why they project that men won't exist in the future..

They will take each other down.. either sexually or by the advice they give to each other..

The best thing a man can do is listen to the advice of women.. And make choices..

All women have something to offer to every single man out there, as far as advice.

Consider all of their thoughts and feelings about everything..

You don't have to take the advice but consider it..

Know all of your options out there..

You have options as far as advice..

Women.. It's your time..

It was a man's world in the old world..

But women will have to carry on the human race.. And it doesn't have to be through her uterus..

 Her brain..

So many men underestimate women's brains.. And so they screw her brains out.. Or find a way to be dominant in that situation..

What a waste..

Pride is a man's downfall..

a sucker is born every minute..

my advice, do not become the sucker.

To all my anti-govt people..

Yes, govt exists because your peers will take advantage of you, when possible..

And they do.. They do every single day.

Your peers will find the angles to make so much money off of you based upon your fears, desires and wanting to become something..

Your peers also have issues with boundaries, ie why law enforcement exists..

Why is it a sucker is born everyday, because YOUR peers told you to develop or influence so many people for MLM's and ponzi schemes, thus lining their pockets, not yours, while you are left holding the bag..

Now, is the time to get smart and realize, the dreams you hold cannot be given to you by anyone else...

You will make or break yourself.


Subprime mortgages are mortgages/ideas offered to borrowers with low credit ratings/fearful people.

 Subprime mortgages are viewed as a greater risk to the lender and, therefore, come with higher interest rates.

People go bankrupt.. We have plenty of evidence to show..

the govt will give you just enough rope...

And people do it to themselves when they want the shortcuts..

That's why I don't follow anyone.. I don't look up to anyone..

I develop my own game plan.. And I just sell a book that you don't even have to buy..

There is nothing to sell in my world.

There are no shortcuts in my world..

You work for your own life..

Or you pay to end your life slowly but surely through fda approved protocols..

There is a pro government sanctioned way to resist..

And there is an anti government sanctioned way to resist.

The government always wins..

The house always wins..

I stopped resisting..

I win.

Some people fail to realize their own peers will find a way to sell you something, a dream, a bauble, an idea... they are not benevolent..

if they are selling you a dream for you, the reality is, they are selling you their dreams to make themselves money and have you turn to them as a guide.... like the fox guarding the henhouse..

MLM's and Ponzi's are a dime a dozen and the motivational speakers shapeshift into the most pleasing representation base upon your desires, deficiencies and need to become "something".. get rich quick, etc..

I have watched MLM's and Ponzi representatives die and reproduce since 2008..

 the only difference is, the reps are hotter and more aggressive.. the packages they sell are based upon the current desires AND FEARS in the market today.. and the environment is so aggressively fertile with energy..

People cannot seem to teach themselves, or entertain themselves, so people are ripe for someone to give them that "head start"..


now you see why and how easy it is to reinvent the wheel with a whole new audience.. Why generations of people get taken time and time again..

it takes work to be something... it takes work to understand why the system is constructed the way it is..

resistance to the system was never a winning venture..

revolutions are like wheels.. it keeps turning when the players are new, but the system is old and experienced...

groundhog day..

Get rich quick.. Trying to find an edge over somebody else.. Doesn't end very well.

You become sucked in and taken.. How much money did you lose finding that out again..

how much generational wealth was lost to yet to another "get rich quick scheme" sold to you by yet another man/woman promising you the world..

when you do not dream on your own, you will pay for someone's else's dreams...

the addiction to shortcuts is why we are in a died suddenly world..

signs of the times.. now, on ster oids..


this how you become your "own bank"... it is still within a structurally sound regulated industry of people and a centralized system of checks and balances..

Blood type Os. Can sustain reserves.. Continuously compounding cash value..

Blood type A's and Bs Are constantly taking withdrawals from themselves..

They would actually have to get major infection in order to compound the reserves for cash value..

That's why they must stay home and stay safe and lessen the amount of energy sucking ventures..

Anarchists don't know what they're talking about when it comes to why the government exists..

Someone had an idea and it went viral.. And exaggerated..

And then it took a life of its own.. But they are controlled opposition.

They are controlled by the government..

i am not trying to reinvent the wheel here as those who are anarchists profess to do..

i am NOT an anarchist and i live in a community of people and privileges and laws to abide by..


chaos= death

A personal whole life insurance policy is your own bank.. You fund your own self..

You don't ask people to fund you.. And then get shorted later..

Crypto was for the rich.. Making money off the poor and desperate.

What is the Be Your Own bank concept?

Yes, you can “become your own bank” by borrowing against the cash value of a properly-structured whole life insurance policy. Like an actual bank you must seed first this policy with ample reserves, then borrow as needed against its continuously-compounding cash value rather than depleting it via withdrawals.


Click on this link.. Please don't intend misunderstand me.

everything was meant to evolve... everything..

it was only a matter of time... if one must resist my information, what else are you resisting?


all resistance is futile...

you can walk away from society.. but what are you walking away from and can you really survive on your own?

I guess we will find out..

And that was probably why the system got rid of the giants.. Because the giants were destroying the human race through sex and rape..

Some of these men who are so huge with small women are destroying that woman..

No different than the giants of antiquity..

But if you wanted to control the population and women.. You had to have her consent.

Marriage was that tool.. And you had to give her a chance by not having some giant screw her to death. So they made people relatively uniform in size, to give her a chance to survive..

But the children and the babies would also destroy the woman..

Women have it so much worse than men.. But you can't tell them that.

Their life is their life even if they are screwing themselves to death or being screwed to death by their significant other..

It was their choice..

That's how the system was able to control the population. Through consent ...

Verbal agreements and written agreements..

And they warned you.. I even warned you but who am I..

So good luck.. I hope your kids survive.

Now you know.. Don't blame the messenger..

I knew the game was rigged and the cards were stacked against you..

But you didnt know how it was rigged..

Now you know.

Now you have choices.. I hope you can afford the choices you are making....

The games will always be rigged for the system's favor.. Never yours..

Learn how to play within this system.. You'll survive a rigged system.

You were programmed to procreate death.. Sometimes it was a virus.. Sometimes it was a baby..

what does life mean to me, today..

surviving the transition from the old world to the new world and surviving my community...

Watching all these died suddenly posts out there..

Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have issues and are dying suddenly..

People assume they are vaccinated..

Intolerant people die suddenly because of their lack of assimilation and resistance to food and evolution..

They rely on pain free everything..

And so what does life mean to me today..

Surviving everyone out there.. And it is very painful to survive your community.. Because you have to fight off the microbial demons that lay eggs within you..

Sickness is releasing those eggs of destruction.. And people incubate disease and sickness in them.. Through the remedy system.

What does life mean to me..

Surviving my world and community . Surviving my own family.

If you're not in survival mode. You have accepted your fate.

Thank you for your service.

By the way no ovulation over here..

I don't need to drop eggs anymore.. I am the best copy.. I have proven to mother nature. I don't need to carry on the human race because I am the human race.

If you have to spread your seed all over.. You are just acknowledging that you are not prepared to live longer than what you have in your system.. You're not prepared to survive your environment.. And so that's why men spread their seeds everywhere..

They are acknowledging they don't plan to survive.

That was built into communities that didn't have any other industry except for maintaining the people in that area . So you were programmed to have sex with each other until extinction..

You were programmed like universe 25, to procreate to death..

Academia developed the protocols..

The lay person implemented the protocols..

Government maintained and oversaw the process..

And regulated extremism.. Because we don't want all out extinction..

Only those who were that intolerant..

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