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The Y Chromosome and Y Shaped Antibody Defense or Predator?

Antibodies and the Y-chromosome can be predator or defender, and the both could be interchangeable and out of control in both men and women Binaries or non binaries..

When humans have a balance of hormones they won't be so predatory or on defence..

The antigen antibody programming has everything to do with gender and sexuality..

Could we develop humans who aren't so predatory with defense against something that isn't actually attacking them..

Which is why you want to have a balance of both testosterone and estrogen in a person so they don't turn into predators..

When you have a balance of defenders and predators in your body.. You won't need to have a person defending you or attacking you out there..

Because you can defend yourself with your own predatory instincts that don't hurt anyone else.

Why people die.. Because their defense system became predatory against them.. Their own immune system attacked them.. The y chromosome or the antibodies attacked them.

And the person succumbed to the war.. Because they didn't release the demons..

Oh wow

They say no one's pulling the strings..

But that's just another storyline..

Come what may.

Julia Roberts

Kevin Bacon

Ethan Hawke

One lesser known actor in the house of cards

3 unknown actors

Friends theme..creepy

Yeah, the ending.. like perry.. drowning in water/mucus

Are we to end up like matt perry..drowning in water or mucus.

Hence the friends theme song..


Mycoplasma pneumonia

Teeth falling out..people falling apart..

Fertility at the micro level turn into fertility at the macro level when it becomes out of control..

When the immune system encounters bacteria, it triggers an immune response to help the body fight the infection. This response includes:

White blood cells: The body produces white blood cells to fight the infection. These cells identify the germ and produce antibodies to fight it.

Complement proteins

: These proteins attack the bacteria.

Cytokines: Macrophages release cytokines that increase the permeability of blood vessels, allowing fluid and proteins to pass into the tissues.

Since people have sluggish immune systems, they harbor all of these different antibodies in conflict with each other until it triggers sexual reproduction..

And so a compilation of everything above turns into a child once the host finds something to inseminate or be inseminated..

Why do antibodies look like the Y chromosome..

Maybe they are very similar.. With similar intention..

Now you see how predatory people can be when they're looking to infect somebody with their body mind spirit religion, whatever.. ANTIGEN

Antibodies are defense mechanism.. And when women have a stronger defense system, they won't need men to defend them if the y chromosomes are going to go to the wayside.

Everything is connected

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