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Using the Medical/Holistic Energy Healing World of Remedies Programs the Immune System to Attack You

developing an enemy called cancer in your body happens in a 3 step process:

1. exposure to antigen or the public, your family, and pets

2. Primary Antibodies develop and the body wants to push them out, called pain

3. The remedies have a two pronged approach:

    a. they trap the antibodies in (pain mitigation) called attacking one's immune system

    b. thus developing secondary antibodies against you, called disease and cancer..

then the system must develop another therapy or antigen to attack the antibodies attacking you, but the pain of release is so much, the person takes another therapy trapping those antibodies in and so now we have people with hundreds of antibodies working against them...

called the aging process and death.

we did it to ourselves.

before you point the finger.. look at your socializing lifestyle and ways to remedy disease, even using MY juice to cure the poop in your body..

you did it.

Using the Medical/Holistic Energy Healing World of Remedies Programs the Immune System to Attack You

When you attack your body with anything in the remedy's medical holistic surgery industry, it will develop antibodies to attack you and destroy you..

That's called disease. Your body's trying to push out the enemy and your holding it in.. Attacking your body..

And then people look for the enemy.. When it was them all along attacking themselves.. Causing the body to defend itself by attacking you.. And then overtime destroy you by developing cancer to protect itself from you..

You are the enemy to yourself.. And when you allow people to give you remedies and surgeries and herbs and extracts against your body's defense system . You allowed the vampire into your world.. And it will suck the life out of you.

That's why we have so many y chromosomes and y antibodies acting like defenders when they are actually predators against themselves and the world..

The body can switch from being a police officer to a gang member just like that..

Because the body converted itself from being a defender to a predator..

This got so much press for a reason..

Nothing is coincidental

Mycoplasma pneumonia is the flood.. along with el nino..

Climate change frequency will make it very aggressive..

And people are falling apart..

Which is why I stay home.. And I feed my husband when he is sick.. I do not recommend remedies to him or tell him to stay away from food.. He will make his own choices..

And I refuse to treat disease.. I'm not making that beast any more stronger than it has to be.. Because I have to release it every morning and every night.

And that beast was a bitch yesterday.. I had to release so much last night. My system is working exactly the way it's supposed to.

What's remarkable is surviving a adulthood not having a bunch of children..

Because if adults are not surviving in this environment what chances do your children have.

And this pneumonia is formidable..

Every civilization had to do a reset.. There was always going to be some desperate/despot that was going to try to clean up the world. And every single time they did that, it led to another world war even a major takeover of a civilization..

For example, the middle east.. Go further back 1k thousand years ago.. Even during the Ottoman Empire and before that, Babylon..

Progress was lost developing into despair anger intense emotions and even monsters were developed and created.. and of course constant wars.

But now we have a coexisting type of belief system that will be implemented across the world.. We will not give so much emphasis to one religion or group of people over another..

The Rosicrucian Order represents every single one of you.. And both sides of the equation.. Life and death..

You are being given a choice.. If you even understand the choices presented to you..

How do you clean up the world without losing so much intelligence and how does one justify it with people's permission?

Use the disease as the remedy.. Hitler was a disease back in 1945 and now you're watching almost everybody on your facebook become a hitler.. A then used as a tool to get you to use more remedies to build up that beast inside.. While blaming someone else in a controlled circumstance..

And there are rules of engagement when you're doing something like this..

That's why the fda approved protocols..

Not only does it protect you as a consumer.. Because of immediate reactions.. It also protects the person trying to sell you something who doesn't know any better..

And then every person who goes through the system to take their remedies has acknowledged nothing is absolute.. They gave their permission for everything.. The people were already primed in a slower frequency environment..

So when climate change happens people are already conditioned to remedy their disease..

Fucking strategic..

Again I have to hand it to the system..

World war two will never happen again..

We will ask for your permission for you to sacrifice yourself for the system..

All the while instilling fear into you.. So you always use a professional..

Write the fuck on..

As far as encouraging your children to have children.. That will be a world of hurt now in the future..

Because, as you can see, almost anybody who has are relatively calm childhood and background with a few hiccups can do well in school.. It's not that remarkable to have children. Or have those children to be relatively a smart in a society that gives them everything..

So what's remarkable..

Surviving maturity and not dying from natural causes and bad decisions..

That's not something these kids are going to be given the option for most likely unless they're really lucky.

It's you the adult the system wants to stay alive.. They already put the work into you..

And men.. It's time to soften your rhetoric.. my guess is, some of you are proving why this system is doing what it's doing..

Don't become a hitler and start scape goating a person place or a thing . Because I can see people are teetering on that precipice.. Many of them are men.. With women supporters.

Women I think it is time you reconsider who you follow..

Some of you need to take your power back. Because you've given it away to almost everybody..

But that's just my opinion..

But again everything is your choice.. Even if it's not..

I fought to live.. I fought for my position in this world.. And no i'm not popular.. People actually hate me..

Sometimes that's required.. And you build up your defenses and you stay alive..

Some women are trapped because they have to be liked in their profession.. They have to be liked by their friends and family.. They're not allowed to put boundaries down.

Don't envy those women..

When you have to be liked by everybody.. You're trapped in a jail . And when a caged tiger is trapped they are mean and bitter.. But try to put off an image like they're not.. But then you see them follow a religion or a belief system attacking somebody else.. Because they are trapped..

So that movie #leavetheworldbehind was a warning to the world..

No different than the movie white noise and the TRAIN derailments

And julia roberts grabbing her ears means that there are frequencies that you don't realize that will make you fall apart waking up the beast inside that you have developed over so many years of remedies..

I spent seven years releasing that beast.. That beast is formidable.. Everybody has that Beast inside because everybody has practiced some form of remedies pharmaceuticals herbal detoxes.. And they also try to stop the pain which is the body trying to release..

Even children..

And that's why i'm saying parents save yourself.. I'm not warning you to do it

 i'm just telling you why I said it..

Not because I don't like kids.. Kids are cool they are fun until they are not..

It's because the system has woken up the beast inside..

 And that Beast is on the move.

And that's why you're in pain trying to stop the body from releasing to such a deadly detriment..

That beast was programmed to attack your immune system.. With your permission..

You already said yes, because you actually left your house and received the remedies and protocols done to you by licensed professionals..

You gave your john hancock to everything..

The difference between nineteen forty five and twenty twenty five..

You're giving the permission.

We apologized to the black population a few years ago..

Maybe it's time for men to apologize or at least change the behavior.. Sometimes going back and apologizing might open up the can of worms they don't want..

What's done is done..

The world is divided into three types of people on the internet.

We have writers

We have speakers

We have socializers

Some people can only socialize in the presence of the people in their world.. And they can't speak or write to anyone on the internet unless you're with them personally..

Some people are writers and speakers.. And socializers on the internet..

But during climate change socializing in the presence of people is taxing..

So then you have to understand why it's so important to be a writer and a speaker

another awakening today.. I'm okay with people suffering with the choices they make in their own life.. Before it would tear me me up inside because I would want to stop the suffering.

If I felt something had an injustice to it, I was angry..

But I realize even the strongest person will have to deal with the suffering of the choices they've made in their life..

I have come to terms with it even with my own family... My own husband.. I hate to see anyone suffer for any choices they've made.. And there's no way I can protect them.. I can advise people if they're looking for advice

But even if they're not looking for advice..

I'm okay with suffering so as long as it's not deadly or too long term..

And so when you're okay with yourself suffering because you know you'll survive it.. And you're okay with other people suffering because it was never your fault to begin with, and it is out of your hands..

Then that's a freedom and an awakening like no other..

The most extraordinary suffering is watching the suffering from a loved one who has made certain choices in their life..

And they will have to strategize their way out of it.

Because if myself or anyone comes in and swoops down to save them, that's another nail in both people's coffins.. In my coffin as well as theirs..

Our ancestors cursed us with a notion that we can save other people from their own suffering and still live..

We never could..

And the only way we did it was if we put them in the morgue as humanely as possible..

And the only way you could do that safely was to develop a religion around death and suffering.. Through law and order, not the law of the jungle..

That's why i'm not religious or spiritual..

I'm not justifying destroying someone else to end their suffering.

I want people to learn from their own mistakes..

I won't be the one to take away a lesson from them..

That's why I walked away from society..

It's too painful watching people repeat the same mistakes over again because someone in their world kept saving them from the lessons they should have learned fifteen years ago.

And then it feels so nice to be an island unto yourself.. With as little drama as possible as people, keep making the same mistakes over again, expecting somebody else to save them..

And releasing that demon is a bitch.. And it's not always possible for people to release that demon..

So they become destroyers.. Through love and hate.. And some of them work with the government with their medical holistic licenses..

State sanctioned euthanasia.

And we thank them for their service.. Because I can't imagine living around that type of world watching people die every day..

We thank you for your service..

It's still very difficult for me once i realized this knowing that's the world I live in..

But it's necessary.. If I want a peaceful world..

So thank you..

All of you out there for your service.. So I can live in peace.. Without rest in peace..

Just don't take offense if I don't hang out with anybody..

I must be representation for the ideals I believe in.. I am not trying to convert anyone.. ans I don't want anyone trying to convert me..

That's the battle of the j world.. Finally walking away..

I just wish people understood this that the internet is the immortality..

You can be friends with people on the internet even if you know them in real life..

But not everybody relates to people the same way..

It is what it is..

But you can be friendly with people without ever have to physically seeing them in your presence. But if you don't understand them, it's difficult to be friendly with people even on the internet.. What do you say to them.. There are writers and there are speakers and there are socializers

Some people can write and socialize.. While others can only write.. And others can only socialize in physical presence of somebody else..

What if we all learned how to write.. And then learn how to socialize..

Then we could understand each other.. And we don't have to be in the same room..

So when I see these gurus who smoke tons of pot say everyone should get off the internet and start hanging out together because the internet's frying their brain.. Speak for yourself buddy.

The internet is the safest way to relay information without catching your demons. And if your demons do cross boundaries I'll block and delete you..

Internal and external biological conversion is

antigen can become antobodies and antibodies can become antigen

The host determines the role its immune system plays..

Every single reaction the host makes towards its own aymptoms will determine how their own immune system will help them or hurt them..

I spent 7 years releasing that demon that was going to destroy me because of my practices in the health and wellness world as well as my lifestyle..

My prior lifestyle..

And of course, hanging out with so many people who were using remedies against themselves sharing their immune system with me..

That was pretty much everybody in the world..

Until I walked away..

To do what I am doing, one must condition themselves to be on their own, most of the time..

The fact I get sick tells me and the world that I'm releasing that demon. I'm not harboring it later on for it to destroy me or any one else..

The fact I became sick after doctor phil from traveling was because I was releasing those demons.. Other people were harboring them inside their body..

That's why getting sick is an immune system response to releasing demons.. Another reason why I don't treat anything.. I'm not trying to attack my body yet again..

But again, not everybody is conditioned to be sick. Which is why this new world may not be for everybody..

This new world is the old world on steroids..

Stay home and stay safe.. If you must be out there. I hope you're strong enough. And I hope you have time to recoup the resources lost..

omg.. it took me 7 years to convert my system to keep me alive vs destroy me..

All the remedies and surgeries and even prior relationships trained me to destroy myself and trained my immune system to destroy myself..

I had to reteach it self preservation..

That's why I stayed home and stayed safe..

It took me three years to see the most aggressive portion of it. AND YES climate change was an accelerant.. It sped up my intentions..

That's why you see died suddenly out there. People have trained their immune systems to attack themselves, and the environment has sped up people's intentions..

It took me 7 years.. To realize the full potential..

if I were to start over again in this environment doing what I did.. i could have happened faster.. i would have really had to have hammer down on the milk and meat, cheese, eggs along with pulling out the demons, and of course, scale down public exposures..

the pain was pretty much manageable given my conditioning process prior to COVID 19..

Now, I really get how out of my hands it really is..

People have trained their immune systems to attack itself.. You can't convert people who've already converted themselves to die some day..

And that's in all politics religion and science dogmas..

Just like you can't convince a domestic violence victim to leave her partner or his partner..

They have to want to redirect on their own.. If they even have the capacity.

Enjoy your life.. It was never your fault.. You were born into a system of slavery..

Thank you so much for everything, for your service..

I had to figure it out.. I had to see how much power I had in this..

I only have power in myself.. My suffering is watching the world realize they don't have the power within themselves.. And they are stuck with this information.. Because I can't help them..

They can only help themselves..

Again i'm not the enemy..

I'm just representation..

I knew all of this about the medical holistic world. I just didn't know how to say it..

The demons in people's bodies are not only let loose but they have been activated. And they are in the public square.. In every gathering you're in.. Every gathering you go to..

It is crazy..

Which is why when I go and hang out with people for long periods of time. I blow up with a defense system.. My body is actually working for me not against me..

I trained it to work for me not against me..

cancer is a fast moving growth developed by you to destroy you due to your immune suppressing protocols and harm via the voluntary surgery system..

cancer is the body defending itself from you.....

disease is the body attempting to push out the enemy, and then cancer comes from the body developing an enemy against you..

auto-immune disorders are the body's defense system against your immune suppressing protocols and acts of harm in drugs, alcohol, sex and remedies and high risk lifestyles..

and hanging out with people right now will accelerate your immune system to work against you faster as everyone's demons are attacking each other..

Remember, people have already trained their immune system to attack itself and everyone it is in close contact with..

oh boy..

pandora's box opened in 2019..

i am finally able to characterize what is going on, correctly...

people's defense systems are on the attack right now.. omg.

which is why.. i stay home and stay safe..

now you know why..

my gut knew..

my home is my kingdom of peace and life.. who wants to be on defense daily.. it is exhausting..

which is why i respect the phuck out of my husband, battling people's demons daily, as well as his own..

It was Eve who made Adam because Eve was under attack..and the Y antibodies developed into the Y chromosome and out popped Adam, blaming Eve for everything.. and did Eve allow herself to be attacked? and if she did, she is learning her lessons..

women need to learn how to be a strong defender of Herself, lest she develops an army to destroy everything, including her..

When you're in a domestic violence situation against yourself.. You can only save yourself..

be careful of who you follow as a "defender" against an invisible enemy or stranger on fb or in Hollywood, politics, religion and science.. you could be taking their advice of remedies and surgeries and supplements attacking the body as the body attacks itself defending against you, trying to save itself from you.. hence, died suddenly..

cancer was the body's defense system against your practices in the medical holistic world and it had the intention to destroy you.. however, attacking it, vs releasing it is why people do not survive the culture of the medical holistic system..

the body can only endure so many self induced attacks and then using the medical system/holistic system to finish you off.

good luck out there...

no more warnings from me.. it is too late for many of you.. now.. you have choices..

choose well for yourself..

again, i was NEVER the enemy.. i just saw the playbook... and I am telling you..

I am not defending myself anymore.. no one is attacking me.. If I am outside I will be on defense, but at home, I am NOT in danger, therefore will not use the medical system or holistic system to attack my own immune system from doing what it is supposed to do..

so.. any warnings I give you lol, will most likely land on deaf ears and the ones who get it, do not need my warnings.. they get it..

The system understood the psychology of microbes and nature and nurture.. And they understood the power of fear.. And fear has a grip on so many people in politics religion and in science..

I'm not some left wing liberal nut wanting you to destroy your family.

What you don't realize is your family is destroying you. Your politics, religion and science and family and friends are destroying you as you have allowed them to destroy you..

But i'm not the one to save you..

When you're in a domestic violence situation against yourself.. You can only save yourself..

alpha males are the "predators" and the beta males are "defenders"..

google the alpha and beta generation given these kids will be under attack in utero via the medical holistic system

The generation of people born between 2010 and 2025 is called Generation Alpha. This generation follows Generation Z. (under attack via climate change and the holistic remedies system and surgery oncology)

Generation Beta is the generation that will follow Generation Alpha. They are expected to be born between 2025 and 2039.

 Their parents are either late Millennials, Gen Zs, and early Gen Alphas. They are also the younger siblings of mid to late Gen Alphas and older siblings of early Gen Gammas.

are you using your sons and daughters as attack dogs??

We are watching Universe 25 on Facebook in some people..

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