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Viruses are the Ghosts_Ectoplasm_Possession_Disease_Cancer_Growths

The viruses are the ghosts.. That's what you're fighting.. You're fighting a possession of entities .. Sometimes they come out as cancer.. Sometimes they come out as disease.. They are the aging process.. And these possession of demons and enemies within you also trigger all sexual orientation and offspring like children..

All of us are offspring from somebody else's indulgent life .. .. Now.. How are you programming the offspring.

The evil dead.. Are no different than the evil alive people..

You had to understand everything on its own. And now it's time to put it all together..

The world is not what you think....

When people recommend people remedies, they are actually intend to trap those possessive enemies inside the person.. Most people are too far gone so I don't say it damn word..

Died suddenly are when you've trapped those beasts inside and they destroy you from the inside.

And if you're skinny, you don't have enough reserves to release that demon and get your life back.

If you're super obese, it will take time to release those demons to get your life back..

Everything is about balance.

The new world order is not as bad as you think. Because everything is finally coming together and connecting the dots.

You had to understand everything when it was on its own. You had to learn the basics..

Now you are seeing everything put together..

I don't like being compartmentalized..

There's always a connection to everything..

And since viruses are not alive the DNA they hold within project like a film. That's why you see entities and spirits in haunted houses.. That's why high energy areas you can see ghosts project themselves.. That's why those who are high energy can conjure up spirits in their environment. And interact with them

And so a person's soul is a piece of particle of d n a that left the body and is intelligent looking for something to invade..

That's why the catholic church knows exactly what's going on.. Viruses are the dead. And they ride those particles of energy looking for a host to inhabit.

They invade small particles.. And they commandeer them like little spaceships.

The world is not what you think..

You're not just fighting the alive world out there. Trying to stay alive and survive your peers..

You're also defending yourself against the dead world. And they're trying to get in.. And the energy and the environment is giving them that ability.. That's why the turbo cancers..

Viruses are spirits.. They are the ghosts.. That's why they're not alive.. That's why they need a host..


Viruses are not considered alive. They are tiny infectious particles that can only reproduce by infecting a host cell. Viruses don't have the ability to replicate their own genes or synthesize all their proteins. They also don't use their own energy to grow or respond to their surroundings.

And since virus is not alive the DNA they hold within project like a film. That's why you see entities and spirits in haunted houses..

 And so a person's soul is a piece of particle of d n a that left the body and is intelligent looking for something to invade..

Viruses are what invade people who then have to develop defense systems. And when you release those demons especially when it's an aggressive infection.. If you are aware.. You will feel a presence of that spirit being released from you..

And it takes years for those dominating spirits to be released.. Because they develop offspring to invade you and keep a reserve until you can release those demons..

That's why people play with the occult.. They play with the demons in people's bodies..

And I would say people who are RH negative have the ability to conjure up spirits more than someone who is a positive..

That's why you don't want to close up your body and use remedies to stop your body from releasing.. People are trying to release these parasitic entities and the medical and holistic system intends to trap them in people's bodies and people get tortured by these demons.. Then it turns into cancer and growth and or mental issues..

Or even a baby..

That's what the holistic world doesn't tell you because they don't know any better.

That's why alchemy is very dangerous because alchemy can develop some very aggressive dangerous spirits in people..

That's why I don't mess with any of the herbalists out there. That's why I don't take medication..

That's why I feed myself all food and release the demons the way I do..

The world is not what you think..

The world is not what you think.

Hydra give them a place to live and be programmed..

You need water to live..

Hydra and tardigrades give us the infrastructure to live and program whatever we want..

But we have programmed some very evil people out there who are now in the dead world as well as the live world.

That's why you have to reinforce your temple. So you don't get invaded by the evil dead..

That's why I released the demons..

And I have to do it daily.. Because the environment is that aggressive.

But I don't get tortured too much like I did before.. But if i'm in mixed company. My immune system activates my defense systems activate so none of that evilness can invade me and possess me.

And then I look very swollen..

You see how easily people are programmed.. Just look at them worshipping a cup.


I remember in the conspiracy world studying the opening ceremonies of the 2012 olympics

Even if I believed this.... Which I did at one point.. Because I didn't know what caused all of the issues in people.

 They planned to use the vaccine campaign as a scapegoat.. They knew when they activated the environment and people's immune systems were on the move. They would have to link some kind of therapy to give people something to blame. Because people would not understand what's going on..

How do you tell humans that if they didn't hang out with each other, they wouldn't get invaded through the microbes from each other and then get activation of the immune system from the energy..

But if they decided to stay home, they still had to deal with every single person's microbe they ever came in contact with that was still in their body trying to possess the person.. And the weather would activate what was inside of them already until they could release those demons..

How do you tell humans that once they release those demons, every single time they are around people, they will get invaded again and they have to release again.. But maybe you won't be as bad once they took care of the residual past possession..

How do you tell people that the surgical system was because you were possessed by invading forces from your friends and family who are trying to take you over and you had to cut out that D. N. A from them out of you..

How do you tell the men they have so many offspring of microbes that makes them just as "pregnant" and fertile as a woman when she has them all organized into a fetus..

The difference with dad bod bellies is they can use that information in their belly to make them stronger.. Women with temp dad bod bellies, that fetus destroys them overtime. That's why mothers are sacrificed..

The world's changing so women don't have to be sacrificed to populate the planet.. The system is trying to save the women out there.. And the women are resisting.

How do you tell people that all this rampant sex with strangers was to cause so much aggressive fertility and possession and then ultimate destruction of that person.. And people..

How do you even approach that with a perfect stranger or even someone you know.. It's not something you can just tell somebody cold turkey with no exposure to you or the information.

How do you tell humans they are programmed.. How do you tell them that the enemy is not the government.. The medical system was just in reaction to humans invading each other through the microbes. Controlling the branching off called cancer and disease..

How do you tell humans that their cancer and disease are just pieces of their friends and family and strangers trying to take them over and invade them..


How do you tell humans the world is not what they think.. How do you tell humans the dead are just on the other side and all it takes is a bunch of energy to bring them to surface. And some of the dead are very evil.. Just like some of the living out there

How do you tell the humans there's so many other worlds out there aside from their own .. Parallel universes. The thin veil between the living and the dead. Electricity brings out what you can't see..

How do you tell humans that..

You can't..

Some people cannot handle that kind of information. So you give them a story they can buy into.

It's very clever.. And I understand..

The system is prepared for people to wake up.. Some people will not survive actually waking up.. And they have an infrastructure to support those who cannot handle the awakening process..

Believe me.. I was in mourning when I first discovered the conspiracy world..

Because I knew the world that I knew at the time was over..

And when you mourn the old world.. Even if you had to go through several different layers of programming to get to the ultimate truth..

It's still a shocking as it was the first time, the first time I discovered a different storyline..

I hope you can handle the next wave of stories coming out of you..coming at you..

Because now you will be deluged with storylines and people can't handle that much energy and they super nova.. Make sure you can handle this next world..

Some people will not be able to..

When you overfeed your pet snake.. Now you are the food..


When you release those demons.. Make sure you feed yourself.. Not starve yourself.. People starve themselves and the snake is basically the opposing forces in your body devouring you.

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