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When Will You Finally Speak For Yourself, Humans?

Major take away Those who learn how to speak for themselves will save themselves

You will get a choice.. You are being given a choice right now..

Parents.. Your children are government property.. Try to find a way to balance out saving yourself and make sure your kids survive the system until they are eighteen and make their own choices.. Some wont survive the systems choices.. But don't let that get in the way of you saving yourself..

And it's like having both of you in a river drowning. Will you save yourself or save your child and sacrifice yourself.. Sometimes both the parent and the child go over the cliff together because the parent isn't strong enough to save their own child.. And the parent can't save themselves..

That's what parents are facing today.. I hope it never gets to that.. But it might..


3am almost I'm wide awake. Pretty energetic. Body is going through an energy of conversion. Woke up to my face sweating but that's about it.. Everything is working correctly. The way it's supposed to.

More accidents i'm reading about in different local crime groups. It's pretty much not only daily but probably every few hours somebody's getting into an accident.. When people don't know what the issue is or who's fault it is they are given a scape goat..

They don't realize that it's been a generational combination of lifestyle belief system politics religion and science pounded literally and figuratively into the community and family genetic line People are literally falling apart and tearing and breaking things that easily in this environment..

Schaefer shared that her foot slid out from beneath her while stepping over a row of bushes, leading to her hamstring being completely torn from the pelvic bone — a rare injury. This was taken from a new article off of the internet..

Food allergies.. They will also be on steroids in this environment.. F****** insane

Food allergies are from using food as medicine.. The body builds a defense system against the proteins and you have to now condition the body to handle nutrition.. That is a transition.. People do die from food allergies in this environment.

When I said don't let anyone speak for you unless you're absolutely have to like a lawyer.. Anyone else who speaks for you will find a way to spin it to their interest not yours..

When you employ a mercenary they are speaking for you and they will make sure they will spin what they're doing for you to their best interest.

Business is not about the customer.. When you think about it.. It's about the vendor.. You hope there is a relatively equal relationship but nothing is ever equal when you don't speak for yourself.. Insurance is different because you can't control the world out there..

But when you hire someone to speak for you.. Speak for your body your mind and your spirit.. Your thoughts are not your own..

Which is why at some point humans must learn how to speak for themselves around their own body mind and spirit.. No one else represents who they are.. Humans don't even know who they are because they've adopted somebody else's way..

One day they will speak for themselves in their own words not somebody else's.

People who are in politics religion and science dogmas have allowed someone to speak for them for generations.

If you claim any religion any political process.. Or fear campaign, Or scientific dogma..

You've allowed somebody else who's dead or even alive speak for you..

One day You might speak for yourself or not.. Maybe you will never speak for yourself and maybe you will never let your children speak for themselves because you will speak for them.

And they will copy you. That's what the system wants they want clones.. So that way they can destroy you when it's necessary..

Those who learn how to speak for themselves will save themselves.

You will get a choice.. You are being given a choice right now..

Meme about cancer and accidents.

There's nothing else to say.. I just keep eating and feeding and releasing..

And I stay out of everyone's way and mind my own business..

The weather is insane and it's going to be hotter.. Next week is going to be even more so and the heat will bring up so much b******* in people.

I said this was going to happen.

Higher frequencies.. particle acceleration and the summer heat.. Recipe for insanity..

When temperatures hover significantly above the normal range for a region, people experience reduced positive emotions like joy and happiness, and an increase in stress, anger, and fatigue. The resulting increase in feelings of hostility and aggressive thoughts can result in a generally more irate public.

Also in this environment people who are full of oxytocin will act out those hormones..

People who are a violent will be more violent..

People who are sick will become sicker.

People who are smart will become smarter..

The maturation rate in children will be accelerated and the aging process in adults will also be accelerated..

Just look at your Social Media accounts.. Everything is accelerated..

You will see an acceleration of people's personalities come out in this environment.

This is why you must mind your own business.. You don't know who you will trigger in the public square..

This is also why you're seen an acceleration of crime and violence.. Animal attacks.. And everything under the sun..

It is extremely unpredictable out there.. And it will be more so.. Which is why diverse company is probably not a good idea.. You don't know who you will trigger..

This is why they have everything mostly virtual.. Stay home stay safe.. If you must go out find something secluded.. Not crowded..

Everybody's intentions and personalities and proclivities will be extremely accelerated.. Unless you're willing to do something different..

You literally need a slow down and I don't mean take downers..

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