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One day you will thank the government for putting you through all this pain and suffering..

Because when you're stronger and you survive and you're not aging out justifying death and destruction..

You'll understand why the system is doing what it's doing.

First you will get mad and then you will get glad.. And you'll stop being so greedy

Even thpugh your children will be weaponized against you.

Even though your family are weaponized against you those who can survive climate change will thank the system for making them to change so they can survive.

Eventually you will thank the system for making you suffer.

Because now you're better for it.

And you will be the new human race.

Who's f******Amazing

And you will be stronger and more adaptive and you won't be taking awayvanyone else's pain in suffering or your own.

And you won't be a savior or satan to anyone selling a lifestyle or a belief system..

You will be an amazing f****** human.

Who is so thankful for an amazing government..

You will thank the new world order for doing what it's doing..

Right now many of you are not there yet.. You're still suffering because you're not sure if you're strong enough for the new world.. Or you are in major denial.. Under the influence.

One day you will understand where i'm coming from..

Many of you in the j world are not there yet..

Many of you will never know where I'm coming from.

Because you can't even survive your own family.. That includes yourself..

I hope somebody understands my world one day..

I look forward to that day.

The zombie apocalypse are your grandchildren and children. Because you decided to keep copying your predecessors.. And so your children are only going to be copying you and destroy themselves and you simultaneously.

Which is why the outcome will be predictable.. You can't stop immigration. You can't stop climate change.

And you lost control of your children

Your children have been weaponized against you.. And you have been weaponized against your own children.

Generation Z


The experimental fall out generation.

They're just copying their parents on steroids literally.. They are copying their grandparents..

Yeah , the 60s 70s and 80s are back through a weaponized generation of youth.

Who think they invented activism.

Who think they invented religion.

Who think they invented politics.

Who think they invented cannabis.

I'm not saying the system hasn't been doing their experiments on a population... The fact they have to deny it means there's something to it and they are doing experiments somewhere.

You literally have to have proof. But here is information.

There might be whistle blowers out there who worked in the industry.. But at this point any time you're in biotechnology. You are doing experiments on people..

If you choose to work in that profession.. You are a complicit.. You literally have to choose which side of the world you stand on..

Knowingly experimenting on a population..

Or just defending yourself in the population..

It might seem like it's nice to get an industry worker revealing trade secrets.. Maybe that person woke up.

If that's the case.. then own up to your part in it. It wasn't like the system was doing right by everybody and then all of a sudden went nefarious.. The system did what it did it does what it does. You decided to work for the system and make money from it.. At some point it wasn't lucrative to you anymore..

And so some people trade sides to make the same money if not more on the other side of the argument..

That's why I have an issue with both the holistic and the medical surgical system.. They are making money on all sides of your suffering and death and destruction. And it's still all experimentation because you can't guarantee the outcome.. But you're definitely selling a purpose and making a claim.

The holistic people may not "give people" cancer like the industries in question are being accused for doing, but they develop an environment for CANCER to foster and proliferate and metastisize.

No one can GUARANTEE anything except for a surgeon who is paid to cut out your spleen.

And to claim your protocols are guaranteed relief and "cleansing" and pain free with NO MENTION OF SIDE EFFECTS AND DEADLY WARNINGS, might be FAR worse than the industries you compete with.

Anyone who recommends any remedies to anyone for any ailment will be blocked on my page.

Your days are over. Your days are numbered. You're not going to infect my world with your bullshit

This is what people are dealing with.. And it is a lot.. And you have to get mad.. Because if you don't how are you going to get it out.

I want you guys to get so fucking mad. Because it's the rage that will push everything out and then you feed that rage. You eat everything. And you rest.

Hugs to you my friend. Audrey Stewart

I have been raging on facebook for the last seven years. And even though you might sound like a monster and upset at everyone.. You have to fucking get it out.. You literally have to get that shit out.. If you don't you are a ticking time bomb and you will self implode.

The people who piss you off.. They are the change agents.. The people who pissed me off. They got me to move very quickly.. And I saved myself.

Just remember who's in your corner

HOLISTIC/MEDICAL/SURGICAL 50 years ago (lambs)

HOLISTIC/MEDICAL/SURGICAL during climate change. (wolves)

Vaccines 50 years ago (lambs)

Vaccines during climate change. (wolves)

And just so you know correlation doesn't always mean causation. Unless you can prove what the system knew and when they knew it.

And so every ritual out there has a delayed reaction. So you can never make the connection unless you can prove correlation equals causation.

That was the ecliptic apocalypse.

And since things didn't happen right away.. People dismissed people's warnings about everything.

That's also the vaccines and all the remedies and the Surgeries and oncology and your diet regimes

Prove it that the system knew all therapies would be deadly during this time.. During climate change.

You can't.

That's how the system out smarted all of us..

So I just take care of myself...

Because that's all you can do.

The saviours will destroy society.. And they will destroy themselves.

The walking dead told you.

Influential ALGORITHMS manipulating microbes to hybridize animal/human and invade.

If you are starving and can't release.. And you're always treating disease with the latest holistic remedy.

Good luck.

Remedies develop weaponized OFFSPRING

Weaponized youth.


Drug dealers don't always look like the cliches..

Sometimes most times DRUG DEALERS are your friends and family and strangers on the internet claiming feeling so beautiful and wonderful and energetic from all of their drugs or supplements tea leaves, etc

Supplement Salesmen are a kinder version of calling somebody a drug dealer.

You're selling hormone manipulation. And then develop a religion around it.

Selling supplements and spiritual healing and BEAUTY to boot

Love bombing the shit out of you

And they're not saving your life. Misery loves company.

But they are employed to take you down as humanely as possible under the influence..

And they get paid very well for it.

I'm not fooled..

Even if you're fooling everyone around you, you're not fooling me


Song by The Cranberries

If major american cities and UNIVERSITIES must be destroyed because of what's going on in the gaza then I guess that's what was intended to happen.

If the system must use people as a tool to destroy america..

We did it to ourselves..

We never stood a chance..

You can only save yourself.

Because no matter what you vote into office..

They can't stop what's already here..

The system is a master of perception.

skinny starving women

And this is why america is falling.

Because we encouraged this.

Child exploitation happens first in the family. And then predators pick up on that.


=died suddenly

Man, those teen beauty standards are something else.

And I see so many girls following these beauty starvation standards. Adolescent Adults are forced to follow this trend so they can be accepted by their peers. They don't even know they have a choice in the matter because this is all they know. And their mothers encouraged it because their child is capital. Their child gives them entrance to pleasure and paradise and social capital.

That's child exploitation.

And this happens in the family first.

The students and the youth get weaponized against everything.

Ignorant adults also get weaponized against everything.

Some adults are still adolescents.. And

they encourage families on top of that

And most likely will stay that way..

They've also been weaponized against society.

There's the hope and change.

Which is why I only hang out with very few people if that.

Most people will not mature enough to save themselves.

And so the immature are weaponized against themselves.

The zombie apocalypse.

Everyone's being gas lit to predictably react with destruction to themselves, their community, and their whole way of life..

That's the hope and change.

Good luck out there.

Take care of your own backyard.

You can't save anyone.. Some people can BARELY save themselves..

What does being gaslit mean during climate change.

1. Temperatures rise and fall aggressively causing immunological disturbances. People react with oncology and remedies.. Thus turning into died suddenly and diagnosible conditions.

2. Certain countries get attacked by another country and then protest because of political gas lighting .

3. Democrats are attacked by republicans.

4. Republicans are attacked by democrats.

5. The system plays every opposing force off each other to get them to destroy each other.

Your reactions are their power.

Your savior and satan attitude has become the destruction of your family and your friends and your politics religion and science

Your ignorance is their power..

We have adolescent adults.. We have adolescents And we have a young generation who can't wait to go to war with everyone.

That's the zombie apocalypse.







Radicalized "IGNORANT YOUTH"

Radicalized adolescent adults!!!




Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, iGen, Gen Edge, the New Greatest Generation, and the “Snowflake” generation, is said to be the generation that will change the world as we know it. They are known for their strong sense of social justice and promoting diversity. They use their voices and platforms to advocate for marginalized communities and push for change.

The Greatest Generation is a term for Americans born between 1901 and 1927. They are also known as the G.I. Generation and the World War II Generation.

As of 2023, Generation Z (Gen Z) is between the ages of 11 and 26, having been born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Z is often referred to as the first generation that is "digitally native" because they grew up with social media and smartphones.



In Jerusalem, Gerry encounters Jurgen Warmbrunn, a high-ranking Mossad official, who informs him about intercepted communications revealing that Indian troops are fighting zombies. Jerusalem has managed to protect itself by constructing a massive wall and allowing refugees to seek shelter within the city. However, the loud celebrations of the refugees attract zombies, leading to breaches in the wall.

Apocalyptic Aztec Demolition took 5 Years


Frequency/Energy/ULF triggers VIRAL PANDEMICS

NATURAL ULF (volcanoes,hurricanes, tornadoes)

SYNTHETIC (energy harnessing causing "natural" or synthetic)

Between 500 and 1500 CE, the use of hydro power increased across Asia and Europe. The waterwheel designs remained the same, but were modified and adapted for new environments. The main energy sources in the Middle Ages were firewood, charcoal, animals, and human muscle power.

The eclipse was a mass ritual beause look what is going on in the middle of america And in many colleges..

generation z is going off the deep in these colleges..

Pretty apocalyptic when you have an F5 tornado go through nebraska and iowa and texas..

Pretty devastating that these colleges are closing down because they can't trust the students to be mature enough to know they can't stop things that go on overseas but they can definitely control themselves..

They think they're back in the 1960s.

This is not the vietnam war.

Yeah, I would say the eclipse was pretty apocalyptic and a mass ritual.

So all of you rolling your eyes at me the last few weeks around the eclipse..

Apocalyptic isn't always what it looks like in the movies..

It was like I fucking told you.. weather warfare.

Weaponizing the youth.

Exploiting children for political game/gain

Weaponizing ignorance.

Because ignorance is fucking deadly..

ostriches sticking their head in the sand is deadly..

The total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 will pass through 13 US states:










New York


New Hampshire


NASA Science

The eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024 at 1:53 PM, and will cover around 80% of the sun over Lincoln. The sky will become dark, and weather permitting, people along the path of totality will see the Sun's corona, or outer atmosphere.

Nebraska Total Solar Eclipse Chasers will host a Solar Social celebration to celebrate the eclipse, which will include:

A “Sun Salutation Yoga” session from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. on the Meier Commons north of the Nebraska Union


Ice cream for purchase

Educational booths

The 2024 solar eclipse will be visible in eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa, with the path of totality south of the local area. Lincoln and Omaha will be along the 80% totality line.

If you're going to reward the poor you might as well reward the educated

When did it become appropriate to use kids as a political tool for your issue with government.

You become just another ADULT who uses a child as a tool.

Adults who exploit children for political game/gain are turning into the very thing they say they are against.

You might as well bring in Greta to promote your politics.

Both the liberals and the conservatives exploit children for their own political game.

Both sides are two sides of the same coin.

Right now I can't tell the difference between the two party system..

Welcome to the new world order.

When republicans become liberal and liberals become republicans.

I don't exploit children.

Regardless if women have children or not the mother's life is the most important..

Because if the mother is weak who's going to raise those children.

If mother can't afford food.. Who is going to buy food for her children..

If the mother is sick and dying .. Who's going to be there for her children.

If the mother is ignorant the children will have to be extraordinary to surpass the parents. Those are very rare situationa.

Your politics around lunches and student loans are asinine.

Stop trying so hard certain republicans.. You're turning into a democrat.

Why don't you become neither.

But I guess if you're okay with the school system raising your children then you have just negated every single argument in the republican party.

You have just become a democrat with your politics and arguments.

Now you understand where we're coming from.

Who is we.

The system..

The system will show the republicans how much they need the community.. How much they need government.. Then the liberals can stop whining.

The republicans joined their party. You guys can finally work together and play nice in the sand box.

And pay off all the student loans so everybody can buy lunch for their children.

Laugh out loud. Some people will just go on trips and buy big trucks and big cars and and go on major vacations..

It won't matter if the government pays for all the lunches or pays for all the student loans if the parents aren't even responsible with their money..

So yeah governments' going to have to basically take care of everybody..

And so you just proved my point.

If we have to pay off everyone's school lunches , we might as well pay off Student loans.

Because many parents are paying student loans.. And FREE school lunches are not enough.

What happens when that kid goes home and there's no food on the table.

And mommy's putting all the money up her nose and daddy's off somewhere in the background..

Have you even thought about that.

kids need more than just a free school lunch..

I think that's pretty insulting to the children..

Here's a free school lunch

ONE free school lunch a day is not enough..

Not in a society that has absolutely no value and respect for life or money

improve your arguments because they are crap once again..

But at least a parent went to school.. At least they showed some kind of drive.

Not all parents have gone to school or have student loans.. But some do..

They deserve a break on both sides..

If you're going to reward the poor you might as well reward the educated

The slavery system is when you force your body to do things against its will and ignore indicators of distress.

And then you drug it to silence it. And you disfigure it to punish it..

And then you starve it because you don't want it to enjoy anything..

That's how you treat your children your animals and your family and friends.

Death from natural causes is when the body finally strikes back and destroys you.

The body could not withstand any more abuse.

Your body has been raped and pillaged by you and the people you surround yourself with for too long.

It finally wants to rest in peace..

It has been starved.

It has been carved up.

It has been disfigured.

It has been stabbed.

It has been tortured.

It has been roofied

It has been drugged.

It has been forced to produce hormones.

It has endured so much abuse.. It has even been forced to be drunk..

It will finally give out on you.

Your body can't walk away from you.

So it will destroy you..

The empire strikes back.

nano technology is using plant based therapies causing hormonal dopamine/serotonin responses.

nano technology are microbes with intentions to turn on/off hormones at a person's discretion based upon their intention to feel or not feel or to look socially acceptable.

There is a price to pay when you rape your body mind and spirit and force it to produce for you under duress and against its will.

And torturing your body, so you look/act/feel socially acceptable will have aggressive deadly reprocussions later..

The body does rebel against you. Some people don't survive their own body rebelling against itself.

Just like when someone is hurting you and you're backed into a corner and you hit back.

And you hit back hard. To get away from the situation .. Sometimes your defense systems are deadly.. Especially if you've been taking abuse from someone in your life and then finally you snap.

Your body will snap. And it will destroy you

Your body can't leave you.. So it strikes back and sometimes it's deadly..

People's defense systems have been weaponized against them..

Because people keep torturing their own body and the body strikes back.

The empire strikes back.

And this goes for everyone in the surgical system.. In the holistic medical system. In the food mitigation system.

You have tortured your body for years.

Your body is going to rebel against you.

I hope you survive the rebellion.

Can you embrace change. And it doesn't matter what it is.

embracing chemtrails/vaccines/geoengineering is not resistance.

making changes to survive chemtrails/vaccines/geoengineering is survival.

making changes to your world so your black hair stays black (dye or eating all the food in your dyet/diet )not all silver is not resistance, it is hope and change.

only YOU know your intentions.. and the outcome will be the proof, over time.

evolution to live means you must change almost everything you do and believe in.

Evolution to die means you are NOT in resistance to anything or you are in resistance to everything.. you will let the environment take you out as humanely as possible.

I evolve to live through lifestyle and belief system changes and I also am not in resistance..

I also characterize everything based upon my intention and beliefs.

If I believe life is sacred, I will change and characterize everything as another evolution to support and survive, not resist.

If I believed life was disposable, I would be part of the medical/holistic supplements drug dealing world and assume everyone is trying to "kill" me with air food and water. And then I would be drunk all the time and under the influence partying and always trying to look for pleasure and paradise.

And I don't blame you..

If you can't handle pain , I don't blame you've being under the influence 24/7.

But there is another way..

Your way is not the only way..

And of course my way isn't the only way either.

Oh looky you get a choice.

You are privileged enough to be given choices..

some people in third world countries get no choice.

Many children do not get the choice.

Many adults don't get the choice.

Some of you are lucky enough to choose.

And if you're in my world..

You're so fucking lucky

You get the choice..

But remember if you want to be 100% pain free.

That's called rest in peace.

Relative equilibrium buys you time to figure out a game plan..

But that won't last forever .

Eventually you're going to have to pay the piper for your lifestyle and beliefs.

You're going to have to suffer to live and survive..

Those are the choices presented to you..

Or you can cure yourself to death.

And then eventually die suddenly..

I had to suffer on and off the last seven years and some of it was very brutal.

It's not over yet for some of you..

The journey has just begun..

We have an aggressive rise in the barometric pressure today and it will be seventy one degrees all the way down from thirty degrees and I feel my heart beating very fast.

That's climate change.

That's also a case for died suddenly in some people.

If you can't keep up with the environment these climate changes will destroy you.

And I can feel every bit of the climate change that's going on. Some of you are not even getting sick but you are aging out..

And that's dangerous.. If you can't feel a damn thing.

how you characterize a person, place or thing is the difference between tolerance and intolerance and evolution and regression.

If you cannot provide two opposing valid and succinct argument to characterize a person, place or thing,

you do not deserve even promote one argument..


you earn your right to believe your beliefs by honoring both sides and still have your own opinion.

I can provide an argument for the holistic holocaust.

If you want to contribute to population control given to you by your govt, by all means, go pop that pill, smoke that pot, go on that diet and be painfree forever.

no one is stopping you.. if anything everyone will sell you their protocol of cures and drugs.

See I can play both sides of the fence just like my government..

And I can still save myself

And I earned the right to have my damn opinion.

Believe me I understand why people get surgeries.. They developed a major case for it and they had no choice at the time.. But after surgery you have a choice.. Continue to get more surgeries or find a way to endure the pain and release the demons and eat the food..

But you can't sell that to someone..

Most people cant handle pain and suffering..

So I understand the holistic holocaust.

I can provide an argument for it..

People are too far gone. And they know what they can handle or cannot handle..

And I can still have my opinion.. My choices.. My lifestyle..

And I can still understand why people do what they do.

But could they understand my point of view..

That's the issue.

Do you understand my world that I live in.

Most don't even care to.

And so they purposely mischaracterize ..

But that's not my problem. They have to live with their own choices.

Group think is the premise of a disposable society.

america was based on group think and we are the representation of the world.

It's in your politics.

It's in every single religion and spiritual belief.

It's in all the science.

dogmatic scientists.

I have observed most people in the world i came from the last 10 years barely made any changes for the better.. Who can't even provide an argument that is opposite of their own.

Actually they refuse to develop An opposing argument. They refused to make waves even in their own circles.. I don't mean confronting people.

I mean , actually making waves on your facebook with a different way of articulating the world out there..

You don't need to confront people to make waves. You don't need to confront people to evolve.

Just be yourself.. And that even question yourself Which in turn questions everyone around you

People can't do that.

So they are relegated to group think.

it is ok to outgrow the arguments presented to you 12 years ago..

survival is the ability to outgrow everyone around you, change your arguments, lifestyles, belief systems and still survive..

if you cannot out grow your friends and family, i question your ability to survive.. most likely you will become a drug addict .. actually, you will become a drug addict trying to stay the same.

Only you won't call yourself a drug addict, you will call yourself a spiritual healer.. lol

lack of growth and change to evolve and survive is facing your personal pain and suffering and changing the way you do things and adapt to climate/economic/intellectual changes.

If you cannot adapt, you will sell a lifestyle and be addicted to drug/alcohol, supplements, sex, family, friends, pets, pleasure and paradise until the body gives out.

that is your future, if you cannot change to survive and adapt..

very predictable.

The picture below is a representation of those who have lack of ability to change and so they have justified spirituality

And of course misery likes company..

Group think is the premise of a disposable society.

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