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You Have 7 Years to Reprogram ~You Are in Genetic Wars with Your Families

Families develop lambs.


Is when fracturing humans is socially acceptable.. The women get fractured and mangled..

And the children, it's anybody's guess if they survive the environment.. And people stand by this belief, destroying their daughters and sons lives, especially in this environment.. Encouraging them to have children and big families in this environment..

Grandmothers who don't give a shit because they want what they want.. They don't care about the current situation. All they care about is what they think the future is. They may not even be around. But they want their grandchildren and children and grandchildren to have great grandchildren..

I can only sit back and watch the world burn.. And it sucks. But nothing I can do about it except air my frustrations on facebook. Maybe one grandmother might be the difference in her family.. Even if her sons and daughters don't listen to her. She did her part. If she's even fucking aware

It's brutal out there when you finally wake up to the systems intentions.. You didn't even know it because it was before your time in the nineteen forties and fifties..

Boomers were the major experiments..

 Gen x was another major experimental age..

We are now in the x times.. The variables.. Who's it gonna be.. Who's going to win in the race of genetics..

Xmen.. Who's the new superhero..

 think about 4 children/siblings..

There's always the strongest one in that duo x2..

Second oldest

Second to the last youngest

Three children/siblings

There is only one who is the strongest..

Two children/siblings..Only one is the strongest..

Twins.. There's always a stronger twin..

The single child.. In this environment. It's anybody's guess how they will survive. If they are strong enough.. Single children get everything.. They are surrounded by love and adults.. So much love. They get loved to death..

 Single children with no siblings gets spoiled to death..

Then you get in diverse company.. You can see which one is stronger microbially..

The circle of life..

Every single time you fracture a whole it becomes weaker and weaker and weaker .

You didn't know this because the environment was not as aggressive and the system kept treating your disease.. And you had a longer time you between each diagnosable issue .

We're not in the same world.. The world has changed.

There are strategies to surviving this, but parents would have to face that they're not in the same world as before.. but I think most parents are in denial.. They want their children to have the same type of life they had and it's impossible.. You can try.

Many kids are falling apart.. Because their battery it's going crazy in this environment and it's winding down faster.. Even the bigger kids are being winded down faster..

Obviously the smaller kids are being winded down faster..

This is why parents need to wake the fuck up but you know they wont. So many are in still denial ..

My arms were so sore this weekend.. If my arms are sore this weekend.. Because my immune system is pushing my alter ego out.. I can only imagine what these kids are experiencing inside..

Am I projecting.. Absolutely. I'm not fucking special. I'm just in tune with the environment..

Watch stranger things.. The children are all pretty skinny.. Except for a few..

When you're skinny, that programming is cemented in and has no room to evolve .. Gaining the pressure and the fat to build an army against that demon within takes time. Do you have the time.

Bigger people with fat and muscle would have to go through the pain of kicking out that demon in their body..

Who's going to be the strongest willow in the wind..

I'm in the battle of my life every single day.. I feel it.. I'm not the only one..

7 years of deprogramming

7 years of reprogramming

14 years Of evolution..


5 books of moses

50 times to redouble itself


5 is a power number.

Between now and 2030 ish

Many many many changes..

 Your clones.. The strongest clones are going to win..

It's a race against time and a race of the strongest most adaptable in your family. Who has a better chance? The strongest most adaptable person in your family.

Even your alter ego.. Which one will win. Will you win. Or will your alter ego win. And some people don't survive their alter ego.. They are too much in resistance.

That's the my co plasma

If you have a family.. Clones..

Which one is the strongest..

 If you're in a nuclear family.. If the parents aren't too far gone.. Most likely they'll be stronger than their children.. The children have yet to build up a strong immune system. They are still in development.

Kids are breaking bones in this environment because their body is falling apart.. They're trying to keep up with traditions they cannot afford to keep up with..

Their parents are strong but parents project . They don't realize every single time they procreate the offspring is weaker..

If grandparents are in the picture.. Most likely the grandparents are not strong enough. Even some grandparents are falling apart..

 Grandparents and grandchildren are two sides of the same coin if they're both still living in the same household.

Unless a parent is fighting a major diagnosable condition.. And if the grandparent is extremely strong, they could even outlive their own children and grandchildren.

The next seven years.. Is poignant..

I feel it.

This is when you can't pretend that you can beat the new world order

You're in a fight against your own genetics. It's a fight between everybody and their family and friends..

That's why it's imperative you understand diverse company will destroy you.. Especially if you're not strong enough and you don't even know it.. I'm not even strong enough to be a diverse company for long periods of time because the fight is fucking astronomical.. I can survive it.. But who wants to be in survival mode all the time.. I'll pick and choose since i'm straddling both worlds..

I'm still married to superman right now.. And he doesn't feel hardly a thing. Even if it does he doesn't say it..

I know you don't want to think about this . But it's better to know this than be caught unaware and traumatized.

The last three years brought up my predisposed issue of vision issues.. I never thought I would face that.. It doesn't get in the way of my life and I can see just fine in my house and even when i'm driving. But I notice I avoid driving at night..

During these significant mutations of my DNA my lifestyle must CHANGE..

That's called evolution and survival.. I'm not resisting anything..

 I can't afford to.

When you turn fifty and before in this environment. Gen X knows. People will either die suddenly because they don't feel anything... Or they are one of the two million+ in the USA and the West who are diagnosed with cancer in 2024.. Because they failed to see danger for what it is.. They thought there were immune. They thought they could beat everything and everybody..

Wait till your body starts falling apart.. And you treat disease every single time it happens..

You'll just make the sandman come quicker.. And people don't wake up..

The next seven years are so important.. You had a taste the last three years of what it will be like.. Some of you have a lot more substance than me. And if you change something today you might stand a future..

Some of you are just riding the wave of being asymptomatic.. And you think i'm crazy.. People don't like to listen to warning.s They think they're above all the danger..

 it's just a matter of time before you wind that clock down.

That's why this environment is so deceptive.. You're being given energy you don't know you couldnt afford..

Like a poor person who gets a million dollars and spends themselves out of existence .

That's what's going on right now.. Skinny girls given so much energy they spend themselves out of existence.. Big burly men who think they can beat everything spend themselves out of existence..

A windfall..

People are falling to the wind..



an apple or other fruit blown down from a tree or bush by the wind.

a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves receiving a large amount of money.

"windfall profits"


Maturity doesn't have to be a death sentence.

Histamine and prostaglandin E2 up-regulate the production of Th2-attracting chemokines (CCL17 and CCL22) and down-regulate IFN-γ-induced CXCL10 production by immature human dendritic cells

Which is why I don't take anti histamine or anti anything. . I feed all sickness.. I feed all reactions..

I also release all demons..

Immature d cells tolerate cancer which means they promote it.

Which is why immature people have more children in a slower frequency environment.. In a slow frequency environment, younger people get pregnant more often with no regulation.. People who are relatively mature have a hard time getting pregnant..

Cancer is destructive.. Biologically the system views offspring as destructive if not regulated and programmed correctly..

If you want to survive you must mature but not deteriorate.

You want mature cells regulating immature cells.

Remember the movies are all about children destroying everything and consuming everything.. Some adults act like children.. Because inside they have not matured.. Taking a lot of remedies develops a lot of offspring.. Those offspring turn into cancer..

And in this environment turbo cancer because of people's practices of resisting maturity and evolution..

To become mature in this world, you must release those demons those offspring.. And then maturity comes wisdom and longevity, if you can survive the children or the offspring..

Maturity doesn't have to be death sentence.

Immature DCs facilitate tolerance toward cancer cells (observed for many apoptotic inducers) while fully mature DCs can strongly promote anticancer immunity if they secrete the correct combinations of cytokines [observed when DCs interact with cancer cells undergoing immunogenic cell death (ICD)].Dec 11, 2013

pretty rough weekend but I survived it..

I couldn't even say I was sick with anything particular..

Just bloated tired a few heart palpitations and some hives.. A little hot but that's about it.. And my eyes are changing..

So the military tested me in 1993 and found a type of depth perception situation.. But i've always passed my dmv vision tests..

My last dmv vision test was in 2020.. Passed it with flying colors..

The last two years.. Was freaking insane.. Major changes. So many changes..

I can still see.. I could see even further away but small print, far away is a little double vision..

So I will see what lenscrafters has to say.. But I won't really need to wear glasses unless i'm driving.. Which is probably why I don't like driving at night..

That makes a lot of sense..

But until the frequencies and everything calms down. I'll just have to sit with the changes.. And just keep eating.. And releasing those demons..

It will be a battle..

I'm ready for it..


There is a visible twin and the invisible twin..

Danny devito and arnold schwarzenegger is (singular/alter ego) symbolic to your invisible twin visible..

May the strongest twin survive..

Double Vision

Vegans are more likely to have nutrient deficiencies and low BMI, both of which can increase the risk of fractures.

But when you have disciplined yourself and conditioned yourself to starve, people will justify their own destruction..

“The virus can infect the eye through nerve tissues at the back of the eye that play a role in the visual aspects of the eye and sending signals for visual purposes,” Prof Mahalingam said.

“The result of this retinal inflammation was a reduction in depth perception due to blurred vision.”

According to the investigators, this blurred vision does appear to be symptomatic only, not a permanent degeneration of the eye tissue.

It is also only likely to affect a very small number of people.

Estrogenic programming

Then..around 50, the testosterone balances the depleting estrogen and looks matronly, mature, wise, and infertile, potentially "balanced" if she does not resist..

Fertility is deadly, but can be temporarily beautiful, highly sexualized and "predatorily" programmed.

Youth is fleeting..

When one finally matures, will it be the "end" or a new beginning??


Stranger things explains died suddenly and CERN in allegory. .. Yep.


Vecna lives in the Upside Down and preys on people's past traumas and guilt. The monster curses its victims, making them relive their trauma in progressively more gruesome ways until it violently kills them. (And we mean, like, really violently.)Jun 8, 2022

That's the died suddenly.. You're living in stranger things..

All of you who are suffering even myself through OUR own predisposed issues are facing VECNA

I released mine for the most part the last 3-7 years.. I might have a ways to go.. Plus whatever I pick up. I know my eyes are another trauma from who knows when I have to deal with..

Serpent God

Kundalini possession

The whole died suddenly.. People were getting warnings and indicators.. Just like Max and the kids who were taken by Vecna.. They were seeing visions of a clock ticking down.. They were seeing visions of Vecna.. Vecna was symbolic of the mycoplasma on the move.. Once they started seeing visions and and dreaming crazy dreams.. Pulled into the upside down briefly.. It wasn't too long before they died suddenly..

The system is telling you. The system is telling you if you only fucking listen.

I've been dealing with this shit last three and seven years. I'm surviving each battle but it's becoming even more aggressive.

The more aggressive it is I know how bad it will be for many.

The release process I went through this morning was fucking aggressive. And I'm not even sick. But oh I feel the body pushing out whatever it needs to push out through my whole system. Even my armpits are open.. My lymph nodes are open.

If you don't give birth to yourself every single day.. Like what I do.. If you can handle it.. What you keep inside.. What you hold inside and trap inside.

 Will destroy you.

Every morning my body gets my a** up at 4 or before and I have to release those demons.

If not it's very uncomfortable.

We're in some fucked up times.

It's only going to get worse

if men could control their sexual urges, they could rule the world..

if women could control her sexual urges for family and friends, she could rule the world..

men and women could rule the world together, peacefully and productively if they both could control their sexual urges..

but they don't.. so, endless wars of mutually assured destruction the system figured out how to channel..

And now you see, people are slave to their sexual urges and a slave to their family..

Because the system figured out how to get to you and they got you..

They have you between a rock and a hard place.. And your friends and family will keep you under their thumb through the culture and belief..

That's how the system got you. That's how they controlled you through your children and relatives.

If you can't see it you will constantly punch air until you die

Hopefully you have a good life.

when you are constipated into a belief, it will be extremely hard to reach you..

High frequency environments have a lobotomizing effect and people just act out their programming and you just have to watch it..

 They're not releasing those demons and they have no intention to..

So just get out your popcorn and watch the fireworks.

Oh joy.

college can attract predators like bundy, and muller, and women going to college in this environment are like lambs being led to slaughter, esp if they do not know the ways of the world..

being led to slaughter ie marriage to violent predators who look good on paper/peaceful predators looking for big families./violent boyfriends, etc..

many lambs in our society.. which is why i stay on my facebook.. instinctively, i eat lambs .. All of us do not many admit it.. We've all been taught how to vampire on other people.. Some are more socially acceptable than others..

I know my own predatory behaviours and I do not pretend I am not. All of us are predatory.. Some are just honest enough to admit it.. Some people don't pretend they are do gooders hiding behind faith family and whatever..

 Because your predatory behavior will come through your religion politics and science..

Saviours are also predators, manifested in their perspective of justice.. sheltered by their own hero perspective of saving the world.. lol, which is also why I do not claim to save anyone or "defend" people from strangers..

myob.. on my facebook.. cross boundaries you might get eaten..

How many of you will admit you are predatory in nature.. Can you even see it?

The system is watching you.. That's why you live in george orwell's world..

Some of you don't even know your own predatory behavior.. But so quick to point the finger

remember, sexuality and big families channel predatory behaviors and attempts to dilute the intentions, however, if children are not channeled correctly they become so predatory, new agencies and detectives must figure them out psychologically and throw the book at them..

humans are predatory in nature.. how are you channeling your predatory urges??? sex, love, having babies, animals, drugs, alcohol, parties, music, job?

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