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Your animal's friends and family and lifestyle are cannibalizing you at the immune system level..

Main takeaway.. Your animal's friends and family and lifestyle are cannibalizing you at the immune system level..

I have to release my demons when I see my husband and we don't always do it.. Simply being in the presence of someone or PET in this environment, it's a fight to the death..

At the immune system level.

If you think you're special over somebody else because of your politics, your religion or science dogma, and you put yourself in a category as a guru. Or a spiritual healer..

You're choosing to be a martyr for the system.

You won't survive your own belief system or your following.. Addictions to love and social capital cannibalizes a person.

And those who want big families have exactly that type of mentality.. Which is why traditionalists who want children.. Who want their children have children.. Won't survive..

If one must have a bunch of animals.. Because one is so lonely.. How do you survive the attacks daily from those animals in your immune system.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If you must be around people all the time.. The war is exhausting. Internally and externally.

That's why I don't want to be loved.. That's why I could give a s*** if I have insulted you. Because i'm not talking to you i'm talking to everyone like you.. I would rather be hated with boundaries..

Than be loved with no boundaries..

People who must be loved by everyone do not have boundaries.. Which is why they run in groups.

There are no boundaries when you're running groups. And that's all politics religion and science dogmas and spiritual healing energy healing world..

Pretty much everybody.

Yeah I was raised jewish.. I don't claim flags or any kind of gang..

I understand the order..

I choose not to be an extremist or take any sides against anyone or anything..

I choose to live in balance and harmony.. And that means being on my own more than not..

Because when you hang out with people there are no boundaries..

My husband is the only person I really entertain on a weekly basis.. I can pretty much handle his microbes..

If life changes and I must entertain more diversity I will strategize that survival.

What we have been doing.. Has been happening for thousand two years..

If you are looking to survive. Maybe it's time to evolve.

And that means setting so many boundaries that you don't have right now.. Yes there are relative boundaries.

But again.. People who must be loved and need remedies.. Don't have any boundaries in their body of mind or spirit. People who are in religions politics or science dogmas.. Have very little boundaries in their body mind and spirit.

And that's why they're dying suddenly.. And right now these children have no choice because parents overstep boundaries because they have to..

The parent are cannibilizing their own children. Simply being in the same presence.. And if a parent is weaker than thec child.. That child will cannibilize that parent very quickly.. Especially in this environment..

Not much you can do when you have been socialized in this way.. I just observe it.

That's why I like being alone.. That's why you haven't seen me blown up so much. I don't hang out with too many people causing that type of offspring of diversity.. That I must spit out the next morning..

And there you have it.. Women and men need to regain their substance and intelligence. So that way the future generations don't become completely caveman or not even survive

Hey right wing traditionalists.. Give your daughters a chance... Don't push her into marriage Or having children.. Don't turn her into someone who produces a litter of kids so you get social capital..

You're taking away her life force..

Hey left wing sexualized people.. Maybe you should keep your sperm and eggs and sexual juices to yourself.. To gain more intelligence

And yes more life force..

Once you actually get your life back.. You'll be more responsible with your cells in your body and your bank account.

And maybe life won't be as disposable as it is right now..

Because right now people think of life as disposable.. And they behave as such..

Heads up

Remember the scale down..

China will be our scape goat

They have a billion expendable people they can use.. One billion people.

Obviously we're out numbered..

You can't fight frequency..

It's built into your infrastructure..

The system is telling you.. Curb your travel habits. Unless you absolutely have to..

Prepare for infrastructure breakdown..

I'm not saying it's gonna happen..

Anything is possible..

Just expect the unexpected..

I always assume the worst.. imo, i would rather mentally and psychologically prepare

Regarding china..

Remember the one child policy.. And then the families naturally kept the boys around.. discarded the girls or used them as slaves..

Now there's such an upside down trend of more boys than girls..

Maybe that was intentional.. Or somebody will use that "unintended" consequence to their advantage..

China will be the world's policeman.. They have a billion people ..

So many men..

So many men..

Right now the world is playing a game of chess with each other..

And you're the pawns..

You better know your place..

Litter of children

Litter of puppies

Kitty litter

Don't throw litter on the ground

Do you see a pattern here?

Do you understand whats going on, literally (litter- rally)

Litter is disposable..

When you're breeding a litter of puppies and kitties.. You're basically making them disposable..

When you are breeding children you have no intention to keep alive.. Because you professed to end up dead someday mom.. But in the meantime, you're going to sell your daughters and sons and animals on the open market to the highest bidder

Yeah you think life is disposable..

Essentially that is human and animal trafficking..

They are also disposable to you..

Right now our society is living on litter.. Litter of children animals and garbage in our basement.

The system is cleaning everything up..

Remember idiocracy..

Maybe watch it again.. After reading about my rabbit theory regarding large litters of children.. short lifespans.. And the breakdown of our society.. As people's bodies are breaking down from so much rampant reproduction.. And heavy sexuality.

Married with lack of vision..

Turn your back on mother nature..

all for freedom and for pleasure..

Was it worth it..

Read the lyrics..

I remember my mother once told me.. If you seriously want to change something even the outcome..

One must make behavioral changes.. Belief is not enough.. Not even making a declaration.. Religion and spirituality are based purely on belief but not behavioral changes..

Which is why the new age movement and religion are basically two sides of the same coin..

They say, "If I just sit here and believe, everything will change.."

Yeah, okay nothing's magic..

Hello mcfly..

Of course not replace one addiction with another.. Not replace one man for another.. Not replace one child for another..

If one seriously wants to change the outcome of their trajectory..

Your behaviors around everything must change and potentially even go completely opposite.. And it's not something you can put off like scarlet ohara did in Gone With the Wind

It starts today..

It starts now..

Tomorrow is already here..

Yesterday was already done with..

Today is just another version of tomorrow..

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"Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Welcome to your life

There's no turning back

Even while we sleep

We will find you

Acting on your best behaviour

Turn your back on mother nature

Everybody wants to rule the world

It's my own design

When the system finally tells you what's going on in an indirect way, giving you a loop hole.. So you don't have to be stuck with one truth.. So you have another storyline to go by..

It's already too late..

You're seeing the promotion of what's to come..

Stevie Jay You hit that nail on the head.. We're seeing a promotion of what's to come..

Yeah when the system has control over electricity/frequencies, those electric cars are useless..

Animals and humans are also influenced by frequencies and yes electricity..

When the climate changes.. Everything glitches.. Even electric cars..

They glitch..

I wouldn't be doing anything as far as mass transit next year.. My husband is a professional driver he can handle himself..

But I would not trust anything electrical out there, And I would not trust and put my life in somebody else's hand..

The press of this movie is really aggressive

Extremely aggressive..

They are warning you..

I've been warning you but hey i'm just stupid jillian.

I said I wasn't going to warn you. Because it's going to fall on deaf ears anyways.. Right now i'm just warning myself.. Cause I have no guarantee anyone's going to read this.. And i'm not targeting this towards any one specifically..

I'm just airing out my frustrations..

Why are you frustrated jillian. Well I am actually not.. Part of me is taking a little bit of "pleasure". Because i've suffered so much the last seven years.. Yeah even the last forty ninety years.

But then that pleasure is very short lived.. Because there are real people involved right now.. And it's not looking good for a lot of people

Before you hate me.

Remember, I tried to warn you the last seven years what was going on..

And many of you made fun of me.. Rejected me..

Many said I was stupid.. Told your sons and daughters don't ever listen to this stupid person..

Some of you taught your kids to hate me..

The system was showing you and showing me.. Just how intolerant this world is..

Some of you will have a chance to redirect..

Others it's too late..

I really tried.

And I knew the medical and holistic system was working against all of you and me..

There was no collaboration between me and the medical system or the holistic system..

It was very black and white..

That's why i'm by myself working with nobody.. Except for my husband.

And now you know why Instagram only fans and YouTube always has hot chicks showing you everything so men and women, non bins blow their load on them.. Their bank account as well as their body..

Which is also why marriage is so encouraged as well as having a boyfriend or a girlfriend.. You must have consent of course..

Everyone is blowing their load on each other..

Oh the system knows exactly what the fuck they were doing..

That's why the porn industry is a trillion dollar industry. So many men and women who are willing to drain their bank account and their life force because they have addictions to sex. Drugs rock and roll. And hot chicks

And then they will die suddenly.. When there's nothing left.. And they are spent.

Oh I guess they had a great life..

We all assume..

Remember the obituaries said they died peacefully surrounded by friends and family..

I just bet they were..

I just bet they were..

Nowadays people who die suddenly.. Were and are surrounded by a lot of people.. Not just friends and family.. They were surrounded by strangers.

Given rabbits have so many predators and are highly sexual.. We have 1 to 9 years to cull the masses.. The lifespan of a wild rabbit..


We've only just begun..

I dare the panel of men who aim to save you from the new world order will even mention this..

Remember, women are supposed to be burying/bearing many babies barefoot and pregnant and highly sexual.. Oh I listened to some of these right-wing channels. And you hear these fathers say they expect their daughters to get married and have a bunch of grandchildren..

The right wing men will not dare touch this information..

The left wing don't even know what to fucking say..

I'm unto an island all on my own.. Yet again.

Because both sides don't even know what the fucking say.. Except to blame each other. And of course smothers you with their viscous mucacy love.

Completely distracted in the blame game..

All by design.. As their bodies and their kid's bodies are falling apart..

And the movie that just came out

was just in time to let you know..

It's too fucking late..

So even the sexual revolution for the women back in the nineteen sixties was a load of bullshit..

No different than the traditional family..

The sexual revolution and the drug revolution was all about culling the masses through pleasure. And sexuality and family.. And playing them off each other..

And women every single time you must get off and also have a load of children.. You age yourself. And your body starts falling apart.

And so men, every single time you blow your load. You blow a litter of your own life force and you age yourself. And you also start falling apart.

The system modeled your whole family and the women and the men after this little guy..

Mister bug's bunny.. Peter rabbit..

short life

large litters

easily expendable..

And highly sexual.

Follow the white rabbit and the playboy bunny was the symbols.

Yeah the matrix was telling you.

The system promoted a big family because it takes years off everybody's life.. Everybody in that family..

Especially the mother..

And so yeah you wanna be right wing and so traditional.. Forcing your daughters to get married and have a bunch of children.. Even left wing people.. Who must have lots of sex.. Developing so much offspring..

She will have a shorter lifespan..

There's something for everybody.

Do not assume because I post this, what currently is going on is because of the jewish people or even israel..

The system wants you to scape goat them yet again..

And people can't wait to do so.. Just watch everyone out there..

The order borrows from all different religions.. And schools of thought..

How did the system differentiate between the first born and the second born..

The first born are always the oldest and YOUNGEST..


your parents


Your grandbaby or child..

Anyone that's born is the first born in that moment... Nobody is born exactly the same time ..

We all are first born..

So it's the weakest child and adult

Everything is relative..

The first born could be an adult or child who can't handle the environment..

Now look at all that died suddenlies out there..

I told you


Thx Audrey Stewart for this comment

Saying you’re not watchin that film cos you don’t want to manifest it into reality. It is already happening. I can feel it, hear it, smell it every single day. Hard cringe at all of you calling yourselves too ‘awake’ to watch a fuckin film.

I said

Because I also hear people say What you read what you listen to is also a diet.. It's nice to be ignorant isn't it..

But then again that's the beauty of dying suddenly there is no suffering.. And you can close your ears to the indicators..

Fucking phenomenal..

The system knows every frequency every single human and animal lives on and what runs them

You don't want to be out there in the public..

Unless you absolutely have to..

So what frequency makes them stand still..?

the public is now the pubic region... lol incubating diseases

and you are breathing it all in...

everything is in plain sight..

i hope you get stronger from the pub/l/ic incubation of diseases, not weaker.

I only take in what is necessary and I go home..

And I release that baby of disease..

I'm not going to be incubating any demons.

feed the "beast"... the allegory..

releasing the "beast" is not for the faint of heart.

then it becomes Beauty and the Beast.., taming the "beast"..


people worship the programmed beasts inside... sports, etc..

which is also why domestic violence is prevalent when men are programmed to be offenders in sports, on defense or defenders in war or Law Enforcement, sometimes in offense (George Floyd)..

it is bad out there. .. very bad..

be mindful now..

ironic I live right down the street from the Football Hall of Fame lol oh boy

yes.. sports does cultivate beast mode.. war war war.. yeah. sigh.

however, i am NOT knocking sports as it was my outlet when I was younger. In this environment if you are using sports, politics religion or science to destroy an "enemy"..

the environment will destroy you..

the religion of religion and politics, sports and athletics have built in a remedies system along with food fears and pain as well as pain mitigation protocols..

the system is changing.. which is why soooo many people are dying suddenly..

the poles have shifted... aggressively.

climate change=pole flips

if you do not change.. the winners will become losers and the losers will become winners..

people thought i was a LOSER the last 49 years.. and now all the "winners" in the old world are dying suddenly..

I was programmed for the new world.. not the old world..

i suffered from the lack of acceptance but that was also my saving grace...

as I am acclimating to this new environment many athletes and pretty people and influencers are dropping like flies.. even some of my haters..

i tried to warn the world.. not that it did me any good except to help me survive and clarify a few misconceptions..

i was never meant to save any of you.. all of us were and are in a domestic violence relationship with our own immune systems.

I was too.. until I completely did the opposite of what the world is doing right now..

however, not everyone can do what I am doing.. some are too far gone and they need their friends and family for company or to blame..

i do what I do, so NO one mischaracterizes me or my info.. and I do what I do so I understand the motives and the reasons behind people's behaviors..

and i remember wondering in the past what was the reason behind serial killers..

Now, I know.. mostly men (some abused women) full of trapped antibodies shown images of violence thrashed by their parents or someone in authority looking for the enemy or opportunistic in their searches for satisfaction and violent outlet.. which is why it is dangerous in this environment to have children.. because, what are you breeding? Future serial killers looking for a sexual outlet who looks good on paper?

which is also why it is dangerous to marry your daughters off to some of these boys out there.. you have NO idea what they have seen or experienced.. but, you could have a clue once you explore the mother's background and the fathers violent tendencies.. and those goes for both men and women.. as the sexual orientation become an outlet for violence, etc..

learn words so you do not use your fists or drugs or liquor

developing an enemy called cancer in your body happens in a 3 step process:

1. exposure to antigen or the public, your family, and pets

2. Primary Antibodies develop and the body wants to push them out, called pain

3. People are not conditioned for pain so they use remedies and the remedies have a two pronged approach:

a. they trap the antibodies in (pain mitigation) called attacking one's immune system

b. thus developing secondary antibodies against you, called disease and cancer..

then the system must develop another therapy or antigen to attack the antibodies attacking you, but the pain of release is so much, the person takes another therapy trapping those antibodies in and so now we have people with hundreds of antibodies working against them...

called the aging process and death.

we did it to ourselves.

before you point the finger.. look at your socializing lifestyle and ways to remedy disease, even using MY juice to cure the poop in your body.. And then listening to starvation gurus who starve you from food..

you did it.

We did it to ourselves..

If we developd the enemy against us. We must now convert our immune system to work for us..

There is no enemy or hero out there..

I don't worship a person place or thing. There are no men or women who are the ultimate prototype.

Just people programmed to take your ass down.

If you want to live, you've got to see through the psychological programming of giving you someone to worship.. Some ultimate male or female .

No.. They are the distractions.

There are no ultimate males or females. Just people used as a tool for this system..

Until you wake your ass up.

germline cells and its cabinet of somatic cells all have different programming, but you as a host must be the one to program the germline cells and the somatic cells to keep working for you, NOT against you...

however, your practices in the medical and holistic world/energy healing world have programmed the cultures of germline/somatic cells to work against you, NOT for you, hence not only the aging process but also the died suddenlies and diagnosable conditions..

all with your permission..

no on one forced that herb or otc or drug into your body..

you did it.

you starved yourself and you took the remedies and you said all food was poison.

it was


IT is not the system programming your immune system to attack you..

YOU programmed your immune system to attack you...


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